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My Park Run Experience


Park run is when you run 5k with lots of other people. It is tiring because you need to run two whole laps! It happens every Saturday morning.

On the 25th of February, it was the park run’s 1st birthday and there were 230 people running. It was cold but not for long as I soon warmed up. Whilst you run, you get clapped by volunteer marshals. I ran at Milton creek Country Park because it’s near where I live, it is fun and everyone is really friendly. It also helps me with my training at the Swale Combined Athletics club.

The creek starts at the gate and finishes by the playground. You can even bring your dog! I enjoy going home to see my results online, when I receive my results it boosts me to beat my last personal best. You need to have paper tickets for them to scan at the end. When we get home we do are stretches.

When we got to the end we received chocolate. I came 135th and 4th out of my age category finishing at 30minutes, 58 seconds. To see the results visit this link

Park Run

By Ewan, Year 4.