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Westie’s Champions: The First


‘Westie’s Champion’ is a title reserved only for those who show exemplary attitude towards any physical activity, inside or outside school. The Champions’ photos will be displayed outside the school hall and they will receive a certificate and a badge as a reward. Children become ‘Champions’ after nomination by their peers or teachers.

Molly-Mae and Nicole were nominated by two teachers, Mrs Collins and Mrs Brooks due to their outstanding attitude during swimming lessons and their brilliant technique.

Molly-Mae and Nicole were interviewed by Mrs Brooks:

“We went swimming and Molly and I showed Mr Cannon how fast we could swim. I could do dolphin without a life jacket!

Then Molly and I started to have races and I won eight and Molly won 7. So we actually got to stay in the pool when the others got out.

Later, we even got to swim in the 3, 4, 5 and 6 pool bit! My friend Nicola and me went to the end of the pool because we swam really well so we got to move our names up!”

Well done to both our Champions! We encourage all children to aim to be the next Westie Champion!