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Spelling Bee 


On Tuesday 18th July, Westlands Primary took part in a Spelling Bee against Regis Manor. The children were incredibly brave and also showed that they have been learning their spellings amazingly well!

I am pleased to say that Westlands Primary won the overall competition with 77 points to Regis Manor's 51.

The year group winners were:

Year 2 - Oscar, Regis Manor

Year 3 - Rhys, Regis Manor

Year 4 - May , Westlands Primary

Year 5 - Jasper, Westlands Primary

Year 6 - Kian, Westlands Primary


Highest scorer for Westlands  Primary was George in Year 2. The highest scorer in the whole competition was Oscar for Regis Manor. The year 2 spelling was of such a high standard in both schools that I had to give children spellings rom the Year 5 and 6 list! Similarly, Kian in Year 6 had to be given words from the secondary Key stage 3 list!

A huge well done to all of the children who took part.