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Year 1 – A Super Start!


Year 1 are settling back into school very well. We are especially proud of the wonderful smiling faces that greet us on the gate each morning!

We have been looking around our school and learning the routines for our classrooms. The children have especially enjoyed the role play and book corner areas along with a wide range of free flow activities.

We have also been completing some mathematics and writing in our very own books! Grown-ups will be able to see our books and all of our hard work at parents evening!


We have been exploring our school and walking around to find different places and where each year group is based


We have been role playing in our very own toy shop!


The children were finding one more than the number shown.
Linking chains! That’s one more than 12!


Look at how many rockets Oliver worked out. Wow! I can find one more.


We are looking forward to many more fun activities throughout the term!

Well done Year 1!



Miss Huggens, Miss Rayner, Mrs Williams