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Starting School


All our new Foundation Stage children have started this week in Amber, Ruby and Emerald Class.

The children in Foundation Stage have been learning inside and outside this week in many different ways.  We have been mark making using chalks, paints, pens, crayons and pencils.  We have been creative with painting, playdoh, collage and glue.  We have been active with our bikes, balancing equipment, throwing and catching as well as bouncing on our hoppers.  We have looked at numbers through counting, matching numbers to objects, using computer games and singing counting rhymes.  We have read stories about starting school as well as our favourite stories.  We have made train tracks, farms, houses.  We have role played in the house, with dinosaurs, as doctors, as humpty dumpty and using stories.  We have enjoyed eating snack and drinking our milk.

It has been a great first week at school.  We have loved our school dinners.



Here are some of the things that the children have said about their first week at school.

“I like to play on the bikes and pedal with my friends” – Emily

“I like to slide down the hill and race on the bikes, but my wheel goes out of control so I have to slow down.” – Tyler

“My favourite thing is outside playing with the sand.” – Aaryan

“I like to do writing and play with the dinosaurs.” – Rianna

“I love the bikes, the sandpit and playing in the water.” – Raymond

“I love being at school and at home.” - Georgia