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Volcanic Activity in Year 5


As part of our topic for the term, Year 5 have been fascinated to learn about volcanoes. We were intrigued to look at maps showing where volcanoes occur around the world, discovering that most are located where two tectonic plates meet.

We took inspiration from an artist called Margaret Godfrey who uses a combination of painting and gluing paper to make striking images; we were especially interested in her work showing volcanic eruptions! Take a look at some of our fine creations:


We have also embarked on an ambitious project to learn some of the Disney song ‘Lava’ on the ukulele! Great fun is being had learning how to strum a ukulele; we are even starting to move on to chords. Everyone is so proud of how hard the children are practising.

Thank you also to all of the children who have brought in their amazing volcano homework already; many have chosen to build excellent lava-laden models: