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Mathletics Mania Final Results!


The final results are in and this term’s Mathletics Mania has proven to be the closest and most exciting yet! It seemed like whenever one class gained a certificate, so did their rivals. There were late flurries of activity, with classes appearing to come from nowhere to mount a challenge for the trophy. In total, an amazing 196 certificates have been achieved over the two week competition!

Firstly, congratulations to Coral class, who tirelessly continued to earn a steady stream of certificates throughout the competition. By the end, they managed to build up a good lead despite the fantastic work from Crystal and Garnet classes.


Amazing results in the Years 3 and 4 contest. These six classes were so close that only five certificates separated Onyx in first, with Diamond in sixth. In fact it was so close that three classes share third spot in our final results table. Well done to Onyx!

Titanium made a late bid for victory, earning a whopping seventeen certificates in the last week of the competition! That was enough to see them squeak past the other classes to claim top spot in the Years 5 and 6 table. Congratulations to everyone in Upper Key Stage 2 for earning such an enormous number of certificates over two weeks!

Coral, Onyx and Titanium get to keep their special trophies in their classrooms to remind them of their fantastic achievements until the next Mathletics Mania event in Term 2.