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Mathletics – What’s next?


Mathletics Mania may be over for the term, but there are still lots of reasons to keep logging on and earning points. Mathletics is a fun way to practise the skills that we teach in lessons. As a result it can help immensely in increasing confidence and fluency in maths.

As well as Mathletics Mania, there are three other ways that we can recognise everyone’s hard work on Mathletics over the year:


Golden Heroes:

Each pupil can earn one certificate for gaining 1 000 points a week. Most of these certificates are bronze, but the 5th, 10th and 15th are silver. The 20th certificate is a gold! That means that a gold certificate can be achieved after only twenty weeks of Mathletics activity. Last year we had five children reach this milestone, but I am confident that many, many more will do it this time around. The good news is that any certificates received last year roll over, so someone with five last year would only need to gain another fifteen, for example. Will we see our first ever double gold winner?


Points Marathon:

Mathletics keeps a record of every single point earned. Who will have the most at the end of the year? The number of points you can gain in a week is unlimited so those who dedicate the most time to Mathletics will be celebrated in Term 6. Well done to these children who currently have the most points:

Tolowa (Quartz) and Millie (Argent) have over 10 000 points each so far this year!

Amazingly, Ayse (Tourmaline) has managed to earn a whopping 19 528 points and we are still only in Term 1.

 Abbie (Tourmaline) has generated a jaw-dropping 46 626 points to date; imagine her final total if she can keep up her outstanding work!


Class Award:

Mathletics also keeps track of how many certificates a class gains over the whole year. Last year, Opal Class achieved a respectable 126 certificates. Without a doubt, that record will be beaten this year. Only a few weeks in, many classes are well on the way to overcoming that total. Current high scores are:

Tourmaline        33 certificates

Argent and Platinum       27 certificates

Titanium              26 certificates

Onyx                     23 certificates