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Taekwondo exhibit


Today we were lucky enough to have Gary and Lita from TSA Taekwondo in to demonstrate their amazing skills. The children got to watch a variety of impressive kicks, punches and acrobatics!

“There was really cool examples of how to protect yourself if ever you were in danger.” Giedre, Onyx class.

“I think that it was cool because we got to see all of the equipment.” Cariz, Onyx class.

“ I enjoyed the demonstration because we got to see the cool kicks!” Mae, Quartz class.

With lots of “Ooohs!” and “Ahhhs!” from the children, the demonstration had them all hooked. We hope your children tell you all about it and give Taekwondo a go!


Coming home tonight will be a leaflet advertising their club here in Sittingbourne. For more information visit