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Marvellous Mathletics Day for Year 5!


Early in the freezing morning we went for a brisk walk to the brilliant Highsted Grammar School for a day filled with challenging maths activities. We (Ruby, Kris, Summer, Lana, Abby, Connor, Penny, Christian, Erin, Lewis, Alisha and Chanelle from Year 5) were all very excited.

After our arrival, we were sent to the Pod where two other schools were already waiting and we were put into groups of four or five children. We called our groups ‘Cells’, ‘Westies’ and ‘Quick Maths’. It was scary as the other schools brought far more children.

The first challenge was not just testing our times table knowledge but also our bravery. A member of each group had to leave the room and we were called back in one by one to answer a mixture of division and multiplication questions (from 0 to 11 and 20) in front of everybody watching.

We spent our break out on their sports court and we made some friends from the other schools, which made us feel better as they were just as nervous and excited as we were.

The second session was hard, and we mean ‘well hard’. Each group was given an envelope with a mixture of reasoning questions, some of which we had never heard off. The additional challenge was to hand over the answers to the Head of Maths; we were only allowed to give him one answer and only one person per group was allowed to line up. AND, if the answer was wrong we had to work it out again. Can you work this out?

...and then it started to snow!

Due to the freezing cold wind we had most of our lunch inside and only the bravest had a quick run-around outside.

In the afternoon we went to the PE Pod and were challenged to throw bean bags into hoops of different values. Easy? Think again! The beanbags had a mind of their own and never landed were we wanted them to. Was there Maths? Oh yes! Averages....Range....Mode....Median....Mean.... for each person and each group.


Following from a very competitive activity and a short break we settled down to our final Quiz: 60 different questions that even had the attending teachers puzzled.

δΊ” What number is this?

What is the name of the number, a 9-year-old boy named Milton Sirotta invented in 1939, that has 100 zeros?

Finally we received our certificates and were awarded our places - we achieved Bronze and Gold. We went home very proud to have mastered Mathletics at Highsted.

Thank you to all the staff at Highsted who made us feel so very welcome.