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Year 1 Lorry Visit


Year 1 have had an exciting start to the term! We had a visit from our lollipop person – Mr Bacon! We discussed how to cross the road safely and asked lots of questions too.

We also had visit from a lorry from Fowler Welch! Mr Watson, the lorry driver, drove his lorry to Westlands Primary School and Year 1 explored all around it, saw the engine and we were able to climb up into the cab and sit in the large seats!

We sat in the lorry cab and waved at our teachers from the seats!


Mr Watson told us all about the engine and how it works


We pretended to be lorry drivers and even saw the bed that Mr Watson has to sleep in when he drives a long way away!

180118_lorry_04.jpg 180118_lorry_05.jpg

We listened very well and asked lots of questions!


We even got to hear the extremely loud lorry horn as Mr Watson drove away!


Year 1 are very thankful to Fowler Welch for allowing us this brilliant opportunity. We have been talking about it in school all week!