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When the park ranger came to visit EYFS


On Wednesday 25th April EYFS had a surprise visit from Mr Staples, the Milton Creek country park ranger.  Some children were already familiar with him and so he was greeted with a very warm welcome.  Mr Staples arrived with various tools and natural materials in a trolley for the children to construct a mini- beast hotel in our garden.

The children worked together to carry heavy wooden pallets, logs, and they learnt how to use a hand drills safely drilling holes into the logs for the mini-beasts to live in.


The children particularly enjoyed working with Mr Staples creating mud faces on the trees. Soil and water was collected and mixed together to make a big stodgy mud ball and then children stuck the mud balls onto the tree and created a face made using daisy’s, twigs and anything they could find in the garden. Mr Staples congratulated the children for all their hard work; he shook the children’s hands with his very wet and muddy hand! The children thought this was very funny.   Darryl, “I love getting muddy!”  Jax, “This is my face.  I need a mouth, I am smiling now!"


The children continued to search for mini-beasts and add them to our new bug hotel.

The children found spiders, worms, ants, woodlice and a cocoon!

Tyler “I found a worm I am going to put it in the bug hotel. I think it needs some water!”

We had a great time with Mrs Staples and hope he will return soon.

Well done EYFS!