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Colour Me Purple Run


Last Sunday, 14 members of our school community went and got themselves covered in the rainbow at Milton Creek Country Park as they were running the 5-kilometre COLOUR ME PURPLE fun run in aid of Wisdom Hospice. They all had their own stories to tell for running (like Ashleigh, who runs to help with her medical condition) . Here is Emilia’s and Josie’s story from Platinum Class:

On Sunday the 29th of April 2018, we did a 5 km run around Milton Creek Country Park. During the run, we encountered rain and various types of colours such as purple, yellow, red, blue, orange and pink. These colours came in plastic bags to use before the run. At the run there was a radio station playing music. The support from everyone running and the marshals was fabulous and helpful. Hundreds of people in a variety of ages turned up [even dogs.] Music was playing while people were waiting for the run to start. During the run there were volunteers throwing powder paint at the runners. At the end of the run we received a medal no matter where you came, last or first. There were many photographers taking pictures of the event. There were also a couple of food stalls and the food was delicious. The run was in aid of Wisdom Hospice to raise money for them.
Well done to Grace, Chloe, Katie, Ewan, Noah, Emilia, Melissa, Josie, Ethan, Ashleigh, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Strachan and me.