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Sports Day!


With sunshine beaming down on the 19th and 20th June, Westlands Primary School had sports day. We couldn’t believe the amount of parents and carers who came to support their children and it was a lot of fun – thank you!

We had a carousel of activities and your child’s teacher did a fantastic job of moving them around to each station. The children spent 5 minutes at each station, split into three teams, trying to score points for their class against the rest of their key stage.


KS1 – Sapphire

KS2 –Titanium


There was a wide variety of activities, with a few variations between key stages; javelin, zig zag rubgy, races, shoot, long jump, bean bag throw, triple jump and handball. Due to the heat, we also implemented many rest stops to ensure the children had enough to drink.

We would like to make a few more thank yous:

Wayne Drew – he supplied the PA system for both days

Westlands Secondary school – supplying us with some students who helped run each station

Mr Kemp – for helping set up and run the days

Westlands Primary Staff – making the day run smoothly


Thank you again for coming and supporting your children

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