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World War II Week in Upper Key Stage 2


The week began with learning about rationing and working out what clothes they would get with their ration of 60 coupons. They found that it was quite tricky to get everything needed for the year from so few rations.

They then had a go at making some rock cakes, a recipe which was commonly used in WWII. The children had fun mixing and measuring - as well as getting pretty sticky along the way! They found that with rock cakes, a little ingredients went a long way and they were able to make ten cakes with just a little mixture. This helped them to understand that rationing was all about; making sure everyone had the same and the skill was in making the most of what you had.



The Workshop Visit!

Both Years 5 and 6 had visits from the historians of Folkestone Museum. The workshops had the themes of ‘Propaganda and Communication’ and ‘The Home Front’. It was a fantastic experience for the children, as they were able to handle real items from WWII, such as typewriters, cameras, clothing, helmets and even guns (empty of course!). They certainly enjoyed listening to the information, viewing the artefacts and asking lots of insightful questions



Evacuation day!

The children looked amazing as they filed into the village hall (school hall) on Friday morning. There were some amazing costumes, complete with props such as suitcases and gas masks. The children were sent to line up with their new teacher for the day and then went off to find out where they had been evacuated to and to find out what teaching was like in a WWII classroom.

In class, the boys and girls sat separately for lessons and in the afternoon boys and girls were split into different classes. The girls having a go at needlework and the boys trying their hand at some carpentry and making a toy.

To keep them on their toes - they also had to keep their ears open in case of an air raid. Each time the siren sounded, they found themselves ducking for cover under the desks, where they carried on their learning.