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Year 5 and 6  Basketball Tournament


Year 5 and 6  Basketball Tournament, Wednesday 28th November

With excitement clearly on our faces, 11 members of Year 5 and 6 went to Oasis Academy on the Isle of Sheppey to compete in a Basketball Tournament.

Once at the site, we learnt the courts we would play on and who against. At the tournament were 12 other teams!

Team A came 10th. Connor was a real team player, he earned ‘player of the match’ due to his quick skills! Molly and Lucie worked together to get the ball across the court, which gave Liam and Jack the opportunities to score! Great work!

Team B came 8th and were on Pitch 2, they were fantastic as a team, Blake did some incredible throw ins which allowed many opportunities for Bianca, Luca, Charlie, Oliver and Summer.

Here are some quotes from our fantastic players :

“I liked the high hoops, it was fun because we worked as a team and was fantastic sportsmanship!” Summer, year 6

“ I enjoyed everyone taking part and everyone was a fair sport, shaking hands at the end of each match” Luca, year 6.

“I like that we all worked as a team and we were all  very encouraging” Oliver year 5

“ I was nervous at first but as we all got into the game, it was very fun working together!” Lucie, year 5