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Argent Class


This week, Argent Class have been learning about the structure of the Earth.  They used an afternoon to model the Earth out of plasticine, taking care to include all of the appropriate layers.   Once they had finished they cut out a quarter of their sphere to create a cross section model. What a brilliant job they have done!



Year 6


Welcome back to term 3!

Upon our return, Year 6 have been working incredibly hard with a particular focus on their writing. This week the children have been creating their own critical review of their Christmas dinners. 

The children were asked to describe in great detail what they were served as their meal. This involved using their five senses to add powerful adjectives to their review, whilst including a switch between formalities to embed humour into their critical analysis.

During the process, children were asked to share their experiences, which they thoroughly enjoyed as did we! Once the children had completed their first draft, they went onto edit and improve their work and also their fellow peers.



Eggciting News!


This week the children in EYFS have been working hard preparing the chicken coop for the arrival of their new pet hens.

The children have named the hens Emerald, Amber and Ruby. They can be identified by the coloured tag on the hen’s leg (Green, Orange and Red).

The children have enjoyed feeding and caring for the hens, they have laid 3 eggs already. This is eggciting news for the children showing us that they are happy in their new home.



Ewan's Park Run


New Year’s Day was a special day for Ewan, he completed a double parkrun, Maidstone parkrun 5k and an additional 5k to celebrate his 50th and 51st milestone at his home parkrun Sittingbourne, running a total of 10k. What a fantastic way to celebrate the New Year.

Well done Ewan!



Elmer Day


EYFS have enjoyed retelling the story Elmer, they had great fun celebrating Elmer’s day creating their tie dye t-shirts and milk bottle Elmers.

What a special day we all had!

Well done EYFS



Born in Bethlehem!


We are all very proud of how hard the children worked remembering all their lines, actions and words to the songs.

All the children were very brave going on to the stage in front of such a large audience showing of their fantastic acting and singing skills. A big thank you all parents and careers for your support with costumes, helping the children learn their lines and coming along to support on the day! What a fantastic start to Christmas! 



Year 5 and 6  Basketball Tournament


Year 5 and 6  Basketball Tournament, Wednesday 28th November

With excitement clearly on our faces, 11 members of Year 5 and 6 went to Oasis Academy on the Isle of Sheppey to compete in a Basketball Tournament.

Once at the site, we learnt the courts we would play on and who against. At the tournament were 12 other teams!

Team A came 10th. Connor was a real team player, he earned ‘player of the match’ due to his quick skills! Molly and Lucie worked together to get the ball across the court, which gave Liam and Jack the opportunities to score! Great work!

Team B came 8th and were on Pitch 2, they were fantastic as a team, Blake did some incredible throw ins which allowed many opportunities for Bianca, Luca, Charlie, Oliver and Summer.

Here are some quotes from our fantastic players :

“I liked the high hoops, it was fun because we worked as a team and was fantastic sportsmanship!” Summer, year 6

“ I enjoyed everyone taking part and everyone was a fair sport, shaking hands at the end of each match” Luca, year 6.

“I like that we all worked as a team and we were all  very encouraging” Oliver year 5

“ I was nervous at first but as we all got into the game, it was very fun working together!” Lucie, year 5



Taekwondo Workshops


On Tuesday and Friday the children were lucky enough to have Laszlo from Sly Taekwondo in, to demonstrate his amazing techniques. The children got to watch and learn a variety of impressive skills!


Laszlo runs a club in Sittingbourne and has given us leaflet for a free trial session, which should be going home with your child. For more information visit

For Terms 5 and 6, Laszlo will be running an after school club from 3.15 - 4.30 on Tuesdays, this will be £4 a session payable through parent pay. We hope your children will come along and enjoy!


World War II Week in Upper Key Stage 2


The week began with learning about rationing and working out what clothes they would get with their ration of 60 coupons. They found that it was quite tricky to get everything needed for the year from so few rations.

They then had a go at making some rock cakes, a recipe which was commonly used in WWII. The children had fun mixing and measuring - as well as getting pretty sticky along the way! They found that with rock cakes, a little ingredients went a long way and they were able to make ten cakes with just a little mixture. This helped them to understand that rationing was all about; making sure everyone had the same and the skill was in making the most of what you had.



The Workshop Visit!

Both Years 5 and 6 had visits from the historians of Folkestone Museum. The workshops had the themes of ‘Propaganda and Communication’ and ‘The Home Front’. It was a fantastic experience for the children, as they were able to handle real items from WWII, such as typewriters, cameras, clothing, helmets and even guns (empty of course!). They certainly enjoyed listening to the information, viewing the artefacts and asking lots of insightful questions



Evacuation day!

The children looked amazing as they filed into the village hall (school hall) on Friday morning. There were some amazing costumes, complete with props such as suitcases and gas masks. The children were sent to line up with their new teacher for the day and then went off to find out where they had been evacuated to and to find out what teaching was like in a WWII classroom.

In class, the boys and girls sat separately for lessons and in the afternoon boys and girls were split into different classes. The girls having a go at needlework and the boys trying their hand at some carpentry and making a toy.

To keep them on their toes - they also had to keep their ears open in case of an air raid. Each time the siren sounded, they found themselves ducking for cover under the desks, where they carried on their learning.



Let’s celebrate.


In EYFS this term we have been looking at different celebrations such as Remembrance Day and fireworks night. Last week we focused on Diwali. The children enjoyed retelling the story of Rama and Sita, baking their own Diwali sweets and making Diva lamps. The children liked experiment with the different smells, textures and colours.


We look forward to learning about our next celebration- Elmer day and Christmas.


Westlands Primary Remembers


On Friday 9th at 11 am we all took time to remember those who have fought in World War I, World War II and all the subsequent conflicts around the world.
The whole school gathered around the newly planted Remembrance Tree, which will be a lasting memorial to commemorate 100 years since the ending of the Great War. Every child made a poppy in one form or another. We laid some of these down at our tree, whilst others held theirs.

Afterwards some of the poppies were then used in a second display at Holy Trinity Church for their Remembrance Day service on Sunday.
The veterans at the church were very impressed and quite touched that the children had remembered them.


Snap, crackle, pop!


To kick off our week on fireworks the year R children enjoyed a story and a smore around the fire. The children followed the important safety instructions and stayed behind the fire circle.


The children listened closely to the crackle of the fire, spoke about the smells of the burning wood, they waited patiently for Mrs Tatham-James to toast the marshmallows and watched closely at the flicker of the fire.


Gangs workshop - Years 5 and 6


The pupils in Year 5 and 6 took part in a workshop this week about staying safe from issues such as gangs and staying safe on the streets. The workshop was delivered by Excelsior CEO, Mark Pearson, who served for 30 years in the police force. The children enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss these topics.

Pupils listened to Mark tell them about Josh's Story. It helps them to build their resilience to saying no to gangs, drugs and violence and helps them develop the thinking skills to better understand the risks they may well experience and to make the right positive choices.

This was explored through the personal experience of 'Josh', his family and his friends.

The session covered the following areas: -

  • Friendships
  • Always being truthful
  • Exploring and understanding the risks associated with drugs
  • Raising awareness of Peer Pressure and the impact of Group Violence
  • Better appreciating the consequences of wrong decisions being made
  • Appreciating the importance of positive support from Peers and Adults

The session was informative and well received by the children and Mark will be back in the future to deliver an assembly too!


Buster’s Book Club


Many children have been remembering to fill in their bookmarks with their number of minutes read every Wednesday evening - ready for us to enter the class total reading minutes on Thursday each week. Whilst we aren’t doing too badly - some classes are definitely ahead in the reading stakes! In Key Stage One, Sapphire Class achieved the most minutes of reading with 1160 in total in term 1. In Key Stage Two, the champions are Amethyst Class, with an impressive 2495 minutes of reading.

There are prize tokens to be won - which give free child entry to various attractions around Kent. Last year, one of our Year 1 classes managed to be the best reading class in the whole of Swale - and we were able to send two children along to Leeds Castle for an award ceremony and photo-call. Obviously, we would love Westlands Primary School to replicate this success - so please encourage your child to record their reading minutes every week, on a Wednesday evening and hand them in to the class teacher or TA on Thursday morning.

Westlands Primary School has been awarded the gold standard for Literacy - an achievement of which we are proud of and would like to congratulate the children on their commitment to improving their reading and thank you for your support in this too.


This week we have celebrated our Harvest Festival.


This week we have celebrated our Harvest Festival.

Thank you to everyone who helped with this, including everyone who donated  the food for the foodbank.

Look how much we collected!

We also donated a staggering £530 to them, which came from the profits from the Harvest Fair.

We couldn’t do it without your support. Thank you




Term 1 Newsletter is now available in the letters home section, here.


Minterne School Fireworks Display


We are please to announce that we are able to sell tickets to our parents and carers for the Minterne School fireworks display being held on Friday 9th November.

As well as fireworks there will be food, drinks, sweets, and glows to light up the night!

If you buy your tickets nice and early (before 1st November) they will be at a reduced rate as follows:

Family ticket (2 adult and 2 children)
£17 before 1st November
£20 after 1st November

Adult ticket
£6 before 1st November
£7 after 1st November

Child (under 16) / Senior (over 65) ticket
£3 before 1st November
£4 after 1st November

The school will receive 10% of ticket sales purchased via your Parent Pay account.

If you would like to purchase some tickets, please log in as soon as possible. Once we receive notification from Parent Pay that your payment has been made we will send your tickets home.

We hope lots of you enjoy the event.




Was your child born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015?

If so, why not consider Westlands Primary School as the best choice for them?

New entrant tours are taking place at 9am every Tuesday and Thursday from Tuesday 31st October to Thursday 13th December.

If you would like to book a place on one of these tours please contact us as soon as possible as places are limited, and we can only allow 2 adults per child on the tours.

Please telephone 01795 47862 or email us on [email protected]



Grab Bag Lunch - Tuesday 24th July


Please note that the school dinner on Tuesday 24th July (the last day of term) will be a 'grab bag' of sausage and chips that the children can take to eat outside. They will also have a small tub of ice cream, and carrot/cucumber sticks and fresh bread will also be available.

If your child would like a school dinner on Tuesday please don't forget to book it using your ParentPay account.



No School For Pupils


Please be reminded that school is closed to pupils tomorrow (Friday 29th June 2018) for a Staff Development Day.

We hope you all enjoy your long weekend and look forward to seeing you back by 8.45am on Monday 2nd July.


Sports Day!


With sunshine beaming down on the 19th and 20th June, Westlands Primary School had sports day. We couldn’t believe the amount of parents and carers who came to support their children and it was a lot of fun – thank you!

We had a carousel of activities and your child’s teacher did a fantastic job of moving them around to each station. The children spent 5 minutes at each station, split into three teams, trying to score points for their class against the rest of their key stage.


KS1 – Sapphire

KS2 –Titanium


There was a wide variety of activities, with a few variations between key stages; javelin, zig zag rubgy, races, shoot, long jump, bean bag throw, triple jump and handball. Due to the heat, we also implemented many rest stops to ensure the children had enough to drink.

We would like to make a few more thank yous:

Wayne Drew – he supplied the PA system for both days

Westlands Secondary school – supplying us with some students who helped run each station

Mr Kemp – for helping set up and run the days

Westlands Primary Staff – making the day run smoothly


Thank you again for coming and supporting your children

27062018_sportsday_1.jpg 27062018_sportsday_2.jpg


Cookery Workshop


On Tuesday 19th June, EYFS and Key Stage 1 took part in a cookery workshop, where they were able to look at different fruits and then create their own fruit salad.

When the children arrived in the dining hall, they were welcomed with a huge display of different fruits. Quentin, our chief, had an in-depth discussion with the children about different fruits, including their names and had further discussions about the natural nutrients which they give us.

Children were then able to come and select their fruit for own fruit salad, with some children experimenting and trying new fruits.



The Mason Mile finishers!


On Sunday 17th June some children from Westlands Primary School participated in a race at Milton Creek Country Park, ‘The Mason Mile’. Each finisher received a coloured wrist band for running as fast as they could for one mile.

Each Child received a small cash reward, £2 for completed a mile in under 8 minutes, £1 for under 10 minutes and a 50p for participating.

What a great way to start to a Sunday, well done for your super sprinting efforts Westlands Primary!




KNEX Challenge!


Over the past two weeks, Year 3 and 4 have been taking part in a KNEX Challenge. The workshop has been running throughout the school morning where the children have needed to work together as a team and construct a model, made out of KNEX.

At the beginning of the session the children were shown a variety of different structures and models that they were able to make.  When working in partners, they then needed to design their creation. They were given time to complete their master pieces which were then shown at the end of the session.  

The workshop enabled the children to develop skills in technology, teambuilding, creative thinking, decision making and also to work to deadlines. The children had an enormous amount of fun and there were a lot of creative structures and models that had been built. At the end of each session a winning team was chosen.

Well done to all these who took part!




Outdoor Classroom Day


On Thursday 17th May the whole of Westlands Primary School took part in Outdoor Classroom Day. The event took place across many countries around the world giving children the opportunity to bring their learning outside.


EYFS Outdoor learning day –

We have been watching our little caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies and on the morning of ‘Outdoor classroom day’ we released the butterflies to fly free. We had to be really careful not to touch their wings.  We then went on a bug hunt around our outside area to see what other bugs we could find.

In the afternoon we played maths parachute games it was really fun, we had to follow instructions and work as a team.



In Year 1 for our outdoor learning we completed a maths trail where we estimated and counted how many steps, cubes and shapes it took from various points. Below is the trail we followed look how amazing we did!

15062018_outdoorclassroom_4.jpg 15062018_outdoorclassroom_5.jpg

Year 2 really enjoyed their outdoor learning day this term. We made Rangoli pictures using chalk which looked really colourful.

Year 3 had a fantastic time learning outside. We were learning all about angles so went outside and drew the different types on angles with chalk on the playground.


For English we finished off our lesson outside, running from one side of the field if we thought the sentence was formal or the other side if it was informal


Year 4 spent the morning outside completing a scavenger hunt filled with tasks that could only be completed outside. For example, we had to travel between trees without being spotted by birds, build a tower out of rocks found and use what you can to create a moustache!

We had a lot of fun completing these activities, I am pretty sure you can tell by our faces!


Year 5 had great fun during Outdoor Classroom Day, their lesson was co-ordinates and they created a huge grid on the ground and had children play a game of battleships.


Year 6 went out and did drawings of the outside world. We also had a lot of fun using twigs and cut grass to make little designs, some girls made a hobbit hole and some boys made a bird hotel in a tree. We all had lots of fun!



Congratulations Mr and Mrs Pettett


We are delighted to let you know that Mrs Pettett gave birth to a new baby son called Joseph Arthur James at 5.06am this morning, and he weighed in at 7lb 2oz.

Both Mummy and baby are doing very well.

We are sure you will join us in sending huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Pettett.

Baby Boy (1).jpg


Year 2 Trip


On Tuesday this week, Year 2 were lucky enough to finally go on their school trip to Chessington World of Adventures. The day started rather early but the children didn’t mind as the excitement took over!

During their time at Chessington they visited the sea life centre and the zoo where they saw families of gorillas, tigers, lions and sea lions! The children also had a chance to go on a ‘Zufari’ where they were in touching distance of beautiful giraffes, muddy rhinos and some very pink flamingos!

There was also time for the children to go on lots of rides whilst there. A favourite of both the children and adults on the trip was the Gruffalo River Ride. It was so fun going through the indoor river and hearing the story of the Gruffalo as we floated around.

It really was a brilliant day and although the children slept the whole way home, it was definitely worth it!




EYFS Chicks


On Monday EYFS received 10 eggs from the living eggs company.

We have placed the eggs inside the incubator to keep them warm, we are enjoying watching the changes each day.

On Tuesday morning we arrived at school to the sound of 3 chicks! The children were so excited to see them and have enjoyed observing them. We have made their new home warm and comfortable and they have started to eat the chick crumbs



Year 5 - Kent Test (11+)


Please be reminded that registration for the Kent Test (11+) is now open.

Please go to to register.

Children who are not registered by 2nd July will not be able to sit the test and will not be considered for grammar school education from Year 7.

If you do not have access to the internet please contact the school office who will send you a paper application which you must then send to KCC, to arrive by 2nd July.


Uniform Purchases


Please see the attached information sheet from Mapac for how to order uniform items in time for the start of the 2018/19 academic year (Wednesday 29th August 2018).

Uniform can also be purchased in person from Eastenders and Forsters of Sittingbourne.


Year 5 Girls


Please see attached details of some Highsted Grammar School activities and an open day/evening which you may find of interest.

Enquiries regarding these events should be made directly to Highsted Grammar School on 01795 424223



Privacy Notices


We have adapted our Privacy Notices in order to provide parents and pupils with clearer and more specific information regarding the processing of personal data.

Our new Privacy Policies


Class Photos


Please be reminded that class photos will be taken by The School Photography Company on Friday 8th June 2018.

You will be sent details of how to order prints of the photograph shortly afterwards.


Year 6 - Young Persons Travel Pass


Please see the attached flyer from KCC regarding the Young Persons Travel Pass for public transport to secondary schools.

Applications should be made between 4th June and 13th July.

The annual cost of the pass is £290, although discounts are available for half-year passes.

For more information visit  




As you are aware Westland’s Primary school have been extremely busy making scarecrows which will be on show at the Kent Garden Show, Detling, across the bank holiday weekend (26th-28th May).

We would like to invite you into school on Thursday 24th May to have a look at the completed scarecrows, before they are taken to the show. We will also be holding a voting station, so you are able to vote for your favourite scarecrow. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Thank you for your support, we hope to see you on Thursday 24th May.


Rugby Tournament – May edition!


Rugby Tournament – May edition!

Children from Year 5 accompanied Mrs Francis and Mr Kemp to a rugby tournament at Sittingbourne Rugby Club on Thursday 17th May.

We had enough players for two teams, each team playing 4 matches. Whilst waiting for their next match, the children practiced their throwing backwards skills and running in a formation.

You will notice that the children are wearing matching polo shirts. They were donated from Forsters of Sittingbourne. They look ever so smart so thank you very much for them!

The children showed good sportsman ship by shaking hands of the other players after each match and saying thank you to the referees.

Well done Year 5. Here’s to the next one!




We Are a Nut Free School


You may have noticed some new posters up around the school reminding everybody that we are a nut-free school.

Please can we ask that you don't send your child in with any nuts, or food items that contain nuts such as Nutella, peanut butter, nutty cereal bars etc.

We do have a pupil with a severe allergy to nuts and nut products, and we appreciate your help in keeping them (and others) safe against an allergic reaction.

Thank you for your support


Medieval Day Fun!


As part of our Castle theme Year 1 have been experiencing different aspects of medieval life. From banqueting, shield making, castle building, dancing and of course trying their hand at different pastimes. All the children have joined in and enjoyed a day back in time!  



Pabulum Parental Survey


Pabulum Catering have been working with our school to provide fresh, tasty school meals. This partnership has allowed us to encourage your children to enjoy healthy eating.

It is essential as part of the service, we ask for feedback from yourselves. We want to hear your views about the catering provision at our school; what your child/children enjoy and what you think could be improved.

Please click the link to submit your response. The deadline to complete this survey is Friday 25th May 2018.



Colour Me Purple Run


Last Sunday, 14 members of our school community went and got themselves covered in the rainbow at Milton Creek Country Park as they were running the 5-kilometre COLOUR ME PURPLE fun run in aid of Wisdom Hospice. They all had their own stories to tell for running (like Ashleigh, who runs to help with her medical condition) . Here is Emilia’s and Josie’s story from Platinum Class:

On Sunday the 29th of April 2018, we did a 5 km run around Milton Creek Country Park. During the run, we encountered rain and various types of colours such as purple, yellow, red, blue, orange and pink. These colours came in plastic bags to use before the run. At the run there was a radio station playing music. The support from everyone running and the marshals was fabulous and helpful. Hundreds of people in a variety of ages turned up [even dogs.] Music was playing while people were waiting for the run to start. During the run there were volunteers throwing powder paint at the runners. At the end of the run we received a medal no matter where you came, last or first. There were many photographers taking pictures of the event. There were also a couple of food stalls and the food was delicious. The run was in aid of Wisdom Hospice to raise money for them.
Well done to Grace, Chloe, Katie, Ewan, Noah, Emilia, Melissa, Josie, Ethan, Ashleigh, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Strachan and me.



When the park ranger came to visit EYFS


On Wednesday 25th April EYFS had a surprise visit from Mr Staples, the Milton Creek country park ranger.  Some children were already familiar with him and so he was greeted with a very warm welcome.  Mr Staples arrived with various tools and natural materials in a trolley for the children to construct a mini- beast hotel in our garden.

The children worked together to carry heavy wooden pallets, logs, and they learnt how to use a hand drills safely drilling holes into the logs for the mini-beasts to live in.


The children particularly enjoyed working with Mr Staples creating mud faces on the trees. Soil and water was collected and mixed together to make a big stodgy mud ball and then children stuck the mud balls onto the tree and created a face made using daisy’s, twigs and anything they could find in the garden. Mr Staples congratulated the children for all their hard work; he shook the children’s hands with his very wet and muddy hand! The children thought this was very funny.   Darryl, “I love getting muddy!”  Jax, “This is my face.  I need a mouth, I am smiling now!"


The children continued to search for mini-beasts and add them to our new bug hotel.

The children found spiders, worms, ants, woodlice and a cocoon!

Tyler “I found a worm I am going to put it in the bug hotel. I think it needs some water!”

We had a great time with Mrs Staples and hope he will return soon.

Well done EYFS!


Mobile Farm


EYFS had a wonderful start to their topic this term, ‘animals. This week the children have enjoyed learning about farm animals. We started the week learning about the types of animals that live on a farm and the important role of a farmer.  On Tuesday morning the children were surprised to see and smell a real farm on their playground, there was large pigs, goats, kids, lambs, calves, hens and ducklings!

The children were greeted by Farmer James and his two farm dogs ‘Flora and Teasel’. Flora the working Cocker Spaniel was showing off her talent to the children



The goats were munching on straw which was grown on their farm; we learnt that the pigs have a strong flat snout to dig into the ground for food, a baby goat is called a kid, and a baby cow is a calf. The farmer explained the importance of his farm and how different animals produce different products for us, including what we wear, eat and drink.  The children continued the conversation whilst eating their school dinner ….. chicken!

What a brilliant day! Well done EYFS for great learning


Royal Wedding Celebration Lunch



Flying to the Line



We are extremely excited to inform you that Year 4 have been entered into a Royal Air force Competition, which will be ongoing throughout the rest of this academic year. The competition is called ‘Fly to the line’, which means that the children will need to design and build their own glider out of chosen materials.

The children have already gained knowledge of the RAF and have also looked into what aspects are needed to make the ‘perfect’ glider. Throughout this term, the children have been split into smaller groups and have designed, built and in the process of testing their gliders.

Throughout this term the first stage of the competition will be completed in school. All groups will need to compete against each other and will test which groups glider will fly the furthest distance. Once one group from the year group has won, they will be the group which will be taken to Regionals. If we are successful at the next stage of the competition, then we would then make it to Nationals.

We will be writing to the winning group’s parents/carers nearer to the time to ask for permission to take these children to the next stage of the competition.

Good luck to all of our Year 4 students!

Miss Rowson, Mrs Francis and Mr Mojon.


Can you solve the riddle?


This week in Year 2, the children have been writing riddles in English. As our topic this term is about Nocturnal Animals we decided to write these riddles about their favourite animals. Why don’t you read them and see if you can work out what animal we chose?


Name the chickens competition!



Well done to all the children who entered our chicken naming competition. The chickens are so lucky to have such a caring environment to live in and they are happily laying eggs every day! Over the Easter holidays the chickens laid a total of 34 eggs!

Congratulations to Darcey for predicting the eggsact amount of eggs laid!

The children have kept the staff amused with their wonderful name suggestions for each chicken.

Congratulations to Vincent for the name Westie, Charlie for the name Hen Solo and Alfie for the name Rex.

The children each received a big hug from the chickens and a prize chocolate egg!

Well done!


Welcome back to term 5!


In Year 4, this term our topic is ‘Around the World’. We have chosen to study a different country each week across the term.

This week our chosen country was New Zealand. Throughout topic lessons, the children have learnt many facts about the country, including that you only have to be fifteen to be able to drive legally!

Below are some pictures of the children learning the traditional dance of the Haka! We have enjoyed learning about the Maori people and their war dance.



Last chance to book for Buster's Big Bash!


Book now for Buster's Big Bash on Saturday 12th May in Dane John Gardens, Canterbury. This is a free event with goody-bags, vouchers and prizes galore, as well as numerous fun activities and challenges.

 As well as taking part in our record-attempt walking bus crocodile through Canterbury, children will complete a series of physical and sporting challenges, learn circus skills, race space hoppers and enjoy the go-karts. 

Bring your teddy bears and join us for a picnic in front of the circus show. Some special guests are rumoured to be attending this year....keep your eyes peeled for Buster and his friends! 

Check out this link for more details and to book your free place: 

Places are first-come first served and goody bags will be allocated to the first 300 children checking in at 9.45am on the day. All children who complete the challenge activities will receive attraction vouchers. 

Please address any queries to: [email protected]


Westlands Pounds Shop


At the end of last term the children in year 1 – 6 took their Westlands pounds that they had earnt and spent them in the pounds shop.

It was full of different priced stationery items for the children to choose from and use their rewards.

Children can earn Westlands Pounds every day for good behaviour for learning in their classrooms. They save them up and then take them to the shop as an end of term reward.


Sport Relief


Well done to everybody for their efforts in fund raising for Sports Relief - we managed to raise an impressive £433.43 for the charity.

Thank you for your support.


Year one trip to the Zoo!


On the 16th March, Year 1 were blessed with the warmest day so far this year, as they went on their school trip to Howlett's Zoo.

It was a great day all round, but a special treat was had when Topaz got to see the Elephants being fed and enjoying the spring weather.

These trips are so important for the children’s education and independence so thank you to all the parents for their support.



Name the chickens competition!


Can you suggest a name for our chickens? The pupils who suggest the winning names will each win a prize.

The three chickens look the same (see picture below and on our website), just a little different colouring which was tricky to get in a photo. They didn’t listen when I asked them to stand still and smile for the camera!

To enter – fill in the attached slip with your suggested names for the chickens with your name, class and year group.

Return the slip before Thursday 19th April to your class teacher and we will vote and pick the winning names and we will notify the winner on Friday the 20th April. We will also post the results on the school website.

An additional prize will be given to the pupil who can predict how many eggs the chickens will lay over the Easter holidays!

Happy Easter


Eggciting news!


On Wednesday 25th March the children in the EYFS returned from their lunch break to the sound of happy clucking.

Look at what we have found!


The children were delighted when they discovered two hens in their garden they shared their excitement with the staff and their friends. The children learnt how to care for the hen’s everyday giving them food and water and learnt how to clean out their pen keeping them clean and healthy, teaching the children about animal life.

The hens are six months old and have laid their first egg.

“Look the chickens have laid an egg! Tomorrow we are going to have another chicken, the egg will hatch tonight and we will have three chickens!”  Sam

The children have really enjoyed welcoming the chickens into their new home, the EYFS team decided to make Sam’s idea come true, an additional hen was secretly placed inside the coop for the children to discover.

Teddy was first to spread the word across the EYFS and then he entered the chicken coop for further investigation. “How did this happen? Yesterday there was two chickens and now we have three!”


 The hens particularly like being fussed and petted and love a good cuddle.

We now have three hens that lay eggs which we collect daily and sell to raise money to support with food and supplies.



Who is who? A competition will be launched on Wednesday for all of the children in the school, they will be invited to name the three hens and have a chance of winning a prize for guessing how many eggs the hens will lay over the Easter holidays.

Over the weekend the hens have laid five eggs, eggciting!








Today is the last day for children, as we have a Staff Development Day tomorrow.

We hope you all enjoy the Easter break, and we look forward to seeing the children return on Monday 16th April.


Brilliant Boats for a great Boat Race EYFS!



On Wednesday 14th March the children in EYFS enjoyed a thrilling boat race!

They created their own boats from a wide-ranging choice of materials, including a set of flip flops! They thought very carefully about the materials they wanted to use ensuring their boats didn’t sink. The children tested their boats and thought carefully about how they might make them move faster across the water before they raced them.

After the children had created their boats they had the opportunity to race their boats against the children in their class in our swimming pool.

230318_eyfsboats_3.png 230318_eyfsboats_2.png

.230318_eyfsboats_5.jpg 230318_eyfsboats_6.jpg

 Well done Jax, Daniel and Georgia- Rose for winning 1st place in your class race.

230318_eyfsboats_7.jpg 230318_eyfsboats_8.jpg

EYFS have really enjoyed making their boats and racing them and continued their learning experimenting with their boats. Archie wrote about how he made his boat. And Millie wrote about her boat race experience. Well done Archie and Millie, fantastic writing!


Well Done EYFS!


Sports Relief Day


Don't forget that it's our Sports Relief day tomorrow (Friday 23rd March 2018) and children are encouraged to wear something red to school and make a donation of £1.

The children will be participating in the "Walk to Thorpe Park" whereby each child will walk 200m so that as a school we have walked the 61 miles.

We are sure they will enjoy taking part in this charitable event.


Year 5 Swimming Gala


On Friday 2nd February, nine Year 5 pupils took part in a swimming gala at the Sheppey Leisure Complex.  All children were great role models for Westlands Primary School, showing excellent sportsmanship.  In addition to receiving medals for participation, our Year 5 boys also won a medal for coming third in the relay race.  A great day was had by all!



Karate Workshop


On Friday 9th March, we were given an excellent opportunity from Karate Leadership UK to learn all about Karate and what it can teach us, both physically and mentally.

The day started off with an assembly to us all. Thankfully, they weren’t phased by being met with over 100 book characters!

Throughout the day, children from Years 3, 4 and 5 had a 30 minute workshop learning a new and exciting skills.

Each session started with a warm up, including some difficult stretches!

Next, we learnt how to block from above.

Sebastian, in the red jumper, attends the Karate Leadership club we have on Fridays after school. He was very good at showing others what to do! He even taught us the names of some of the moves!

Of course! We couldn’t have a Karate workshop without learning some kicks and shouting loudly!

The children had a great time and were excellent role models during these sessions. If your children enjoyed it and want to take it further, there is a club on Fridays, 3:15-4:15 in the hall. If you are interested but cannot make this, look on their website for more details.


This week in Year 2…


We have been busy all week making up for the learning we missed during snow week! In Maths, we have been learning about capacity. On Monday we braved the rain to go outside with buckets of water to measure different amounts of water. We were learning together how to read different scales on measuring jugs and cylinders.


There was also lots of time for some Art based on our topic ‘Dinosaurs’. We painted some colourful backgrounds and then created some dinosaur silhouettes to place on top. We can’t wait to get this up on display around the school so that everyone can see it!



Up, up and away!


Last week the children in the EYFS had a surprise waiting for them in the school field.

The children were very busy learning about air transport, they were writing and role playing the story ‘Curious George and the hot air balloon’.  Surprisingly, the children had not noticed a large hot air balloon drift over the school and land in the middle of our playing field. Fortunately, for the children the adults in the EYFS had noticed this strange vehicle land and so the mission began for the children to investigate what had landed and where was it going?

The children were curious to find out what was in the field and began to share their excitement with their friends as they approached the hot air balloon.

“Wow, look, can I go inside, will it go up?” Toby

“This is the best day ever!” Harry

“I think there are 100 balloons”. Cash

“The balloon floats when the fire goes in it” Riley James

The children enjoyed getting inside the hot air balloon, they shared ideas of where they would like to travel to and what they would see on their journey.


The children continued their learning creating their own hot air balloons and they wrote sentences about their journey.

“It was lovely to see the EYFS garden fill with colourful balloons bobbing up and down as the children went home at the end of their busy day”. Mrs Pettett


Kyran and Amelia wrote a fantastic sentence about a hot air balloon journey.

Well done EYFS for great work.


Colour Me Purple Run


The Friends of The Wisdom Hospice are holding their 4th annual Colour Me Purple 5k Run on Sunday the 29th of April 2018! Starting and finishing in Milton Creek Country Park, participants will complete two 2.5k laps whilst being showered in powered paint. The event begins with a huge blast of colour to get you on your way then run, jog or walk through vibrant coloured paint clouds as you pass each of our colour stations. 

Registration on the day starts at 10am followed by a warm up to get you ready, and the race kicks off at 11am. It really is a fun day for all the family of any age and everyone is welcome to come along on the day and cheer you on at our designated spectator station located by the start/finish line.

Early Bird places are on sale until the 2nd of April. Adults £10 Children £5. After the 2nd Adults are £15 and Children are £7.50. All runners receive a medal for taking part. Participants under 16 will need adult supervision and spectators and dogs on leads are welcome to attend. There is no minimum sponsorship, but we do encourage all participants to raise as much as they can, every penny of which goes towards continuing to provide vital hospice care for Medway and Swale.

If you would like to take part, please ask the office for a Sign up sheet.

Good luck to all those who enter!

Mrs Francis


Spring Celebration Menu


To celebrate the start Spring, Pabulum will be offering the choice of chocolate cookies, carrot cake, or chocolate nest for pudding on Tuesday 27th March.

If your child would like a school dinner on that day please remember to book it at Parent Pay, even if they are entitled to free school meals


World Book Day 2018


Once again the children here at Westlands Primary (and their parents!) have wowed us with amazing costumes and some truly mind-boggling creativity. It has been fantastic to see them all coming in to school this morning, dressed as a book character or in something linked to our theme of 'Space'. Indeed, the range of costumes has been so wide, that we have seen everything from The boy in the dress, to Gangsta Granny and even the Solar System!


On Thursday this week, there was an hour of reading which involved year groups swapping around, so that younger children and older children shared books together. It was incredibly successful and the children were animated and enthusiastic in sharing their chosen books.

Thank you once again for your support - it has been a successful World Book Day - in spite of the snow! Don't forget - next week after school in the stair well of the red exit, there will a Book Fair each afternoon from 3.30 - 4.00pm. Hope to see you there.



My Mum


Children in reception, year 1 and year 2 have been busy drawing colourful pictures of their mums. This will be published in the Sheerness Times Guardian & Sittingbourne News Extra from the 7th March 2018 so make sure to read the ‘My Mum’ supplement to see the fantastic drawings your children have created!

Well done to all of the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. They look fantastic, your mums will be proud!



Swale In Bloom


Back in November numerous children from Westlands Primary School entered the Sittingbourne in Bloom competition to design a flower bed. The children created some amazing designs and we would like to say well done and thank you to all those who entered.

Following judging we received some exciting news to say that three children from the school had been chosen to receive a highly commended certificate for their brilliant designs. So a big well done goes to Amy, Tommy and Iyla, we are all really proud of you!


Violet’s Victory!


On Saturday 24th February, Violet Bing, from Platinum Class, competed in a Minithon at the Lee Valley Athletic Centre.  She has achieved 36th place in the UK for High Jump and broke a club record for Swale Combined Athletics Club, who she trains with on a regular basis, and achieved personnel best in the same jump. 

Violet competed in: 

  • Long Jump - Result 3.36 
  • High Jump - Result 1.25   
  • 60 meters hurdles 


Dwain Chambers, a British track sprinter, issued Violet with her medal. Violet also met Asha Phillip, English sprinter and former junior gymnast.

Violet, you have impressed us so much and we hope you continue to be successful and carry on competing.


World Book Day Dinner


Pabulum have confirmed that they will have their World Book Day Dinner on Friday this week to coincide with our dress-up day.

The menu is as it would have been on 1st March.

Please log in to your Parent Pay account to book your child's meal, whether you need to pay or are entitled to free school meals.

Thank you.


World Book Day Dressing Up


Due to our World Book Day dressing up day being cancelled due to the weather last week, we are inviting children to wear their costumes this Friday (9th March) instead.

We look forward to seeing every type of costume from Goldilocks to aliens and astronauts around school!


Parents Evening


Due to last week's parents' evening being cancelled we will be carrying the appointment slots over to next week.

Therefore if your appointment was, for example, 3.50pm on Wednesday 28th February it will now be 3.50pm on Wednesday 14th March.

If you can no longer make your appointment slot on the new date next week please contact the school office who can rearrange it for you.

Thank you


School Open as Normal


As the weather conditions have improved over the weekend, and the school has water, school is open as normal today (Monday 5th)


Phonics Workshop for year 1 parents



We will be holding a phonics workshop for year 1 parents to show you how we teach phonics at Westlands Primary School and discuss the year 1 phonics screening check with you.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 14th March at 9:00am. Letters will be sent home shortly for you to secure your place.


Tremendous Topaz Class are Swale’s best!


TOPAZ Class has won Buster’s Book Club’s 1st Spring Challenge Day for Swale district, which was held on Wednesday 7th February – very well done to them. We are proud that some of the youngest children in our school have managed to read so much and be the top class in the area.

Two children from Topaz Class will go along to a Challenge Day photo call where they will be presented with Westlands Primary School’s winners’ certificate and prize vouchers.  The children will be photographed with the Buster's Book Club mascot and sponsors of the schemes.


Buster's Book Club


This week’s winners:

In Key Stage 1 : Topaz Class – who have won every week

In Key Stage 2: Titanium Class – for the second week running


Hopefully, another class in Key Stage 1 and 2 can challenge Topaz and Titanium to take the trophy next week!




Regrettably we are experiencing some technical issues with our telephone system this morning and are unable to make or receive calls.

In an emergency please contact by email at [email protected] instead.

We are working to resolve this issues as quickly as possible, but in the meantime please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


World Book Day Menu


On Thursday 1st March Pabulum Catering will be laying on a special "World Book Day" themed menu.

If your child would like to have a school dinner that day, or any other day, please log in to your Parent Pay account to make the booking and payment.

Please remember that even if you don't need to pay for your child's meal you do still need to book it on Parent Pay so that Pabulum Catering know how many meals to prepare each day.

If you encounter any difficulties making dinner bookings please contact Pabulum Catering direct on 01252 360569




During the last week of last term, Westland’s Primary school had been focussing on Pancakes! Each class in Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to create and eat their own pancakes. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience with the help from Pabulum catering services. To help support their learning even further, the children learnt about ‘Healthy Eating’ and also about Shrove Tuesday.

‘’I really enjoyed it because you could oil the pan and cook by yourself’’ – Amy Taylor.

‘’I loved cooking pancakes and the actual pancake tasted like heaven’’ – Fiki Akinsanya



Harrison's Letter


Last term, Year 4 learnt about the topic of Water. During this topic there was a focus on litter pollution on our beaches. Children spent a lesson learning about the effects of litter on the beaches and how this impacts water pollution. They then went onto writing their own letter of persuasion to the local government to help stop pollution on our beaches.

One child in particular, Harrison Tong, was so inspired by this lesson that he took his learning that step further. He took it upon himself to write to the Prime Minister to express his views about litter on our beaches. His letter was so convincing that the not only received one reply, but two! He received one letter on behalf of the government and another from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

Westland’s Primary school would like to say a HUGE congratulations to Harrison.


Parents Evening


Please note on your calendars that our next Parents' Evenings will be held on Wednesday 28th February and Thursday 1st March.

Information letters will be sent home and the booking system will be opened nearer the time, however we wanted to give you the dates in advance so that you could put them in your diaries.

We look forward to discussing your child's current progress on one of these dates.


Christmas Jumper Day



We received a certificate from Save the Children today congratulating our pupils for raising £384.68 on Christmas Jumper Day.

Thank you to all of our pupils and their families for your continued support.


Pancake Day


Don't forget - Pabulum are holding their pancake day on Thursday 8th February.

If your child would like a school dinner that day please book in advance using your ParentPay account.


People who help us!


This term EYFS have been busy learning all about people who help us. We were very lucky to have Fire officer Neil and his team from Sittingbourne fire station visit, they even brought their fire engine in for us to explore.  


The fire officers were able to answer all of our questions and show us the equipment they use to keep us safe.  Some of us even got to hold some of the tools they use.


The children were so excited and full of ideas from the visit that they enjoyed role playing putting out fires and taking on the role of being fire officers. They also wrote some fantastic pieces of writing all about the fire service. A very busy and exciting week down in EYFS!



Time flies when you’re having fun!


This week in Year 3, we have been learning all about time! The children have been using clocks to show and tell the time to their partners and showing off their skills to all the adults. We have been very impressed with the whole year group and their time telling abilities.

We have learnt about the differences between analogue and digital clocks. Also recording the time using both words and numbers.

Why not ask these keen time keepers to check the time for you!



Pancake Day is coming to Westlands Primary!


On Thursday 8th February Pabulum will be cooking up some delicious pancakes with lemon, sugar, and syrup toppings.

If your child would like a school dinner on this day, please don't forget to log in to your Parent Pay account and book a dinner by no later than Wednesday 7th February 2018


Year 1 Lorry Visit


Year 1 have had an exciting start to the term! We had a visit from our lollipop person – Mr Bacon! We discussed how to cross the road safely and asked lots of questions too.

We also had visit from a lorry from Fowler Welch! Mr Watson, the lorry driver, drove his lorry to Westlands Primary School and Year 1 explored all around it, saw the engine and we were able to climb up into the cab and sit in the large seats!

We sat in the lorry cab and waved at our teachers from the seats!


Mr Watson told us all about the engine and how it works


We pretended to be lorry drivers and even saw the bed that Mr Watson has to sleep in when he drives a long way away!

180118_lorry_04.jpg 180118_lorry_05.jpg

We listened very well and asked lots of questions!


We even got to hear the extremely loud lorry horn as Mr Watson drove away!


Year 1 are very thankful to Fowler Welch for allowing us this brilliant opportunity. We have been talking about it in school all week!



Porchlight Charity


You may recall back in October 2017, for Harvest Festival, we asked children to make and colour in a cardboard moneybox and fill it with as much loose change as possible that we could donate to the charity 'Porchlight'

Fill them they did! We have just been presented with the certificate below thanking us for raising £718.82.

This is an incredible amount of money which will make a huge difference to vulnerable and homeless people in Kent.

Thank you, and well done.


Calling all Year 5 Pupils!


Highsted Grammar School are holding a Mad Science Saturday on 24th February 2018 for girls AND BOYS.

They also have a Year 5 Activity Day on Saturday 16th June 2018 to which they would like to invite girls to go along.



Year 6 Young Voices


Please be reminded that all coach and merchandise payments for the Young Voices trip to the o2 on 2nd February 2018 must be made by Wednesday 10th January 2018.

Unfortunately we are now no longer able to purchase additional spectator tickets.

Payments for Young Voices should be made on our old payment system at


Breakfast Club & Little Gems After School Club


Please be reminded that places at Breakfast Club and Little Gems After School Club must be booked on

When selecting Little Gems After School Club, please note that the "afternoon" relates to the early session only (3.15pm - 4.45pm £6.60) and After School Club (ASC) relates to the full session (3.15pm - 6pm £10).

Should you experience any difficulty when making your booking, or you cannot locate your login details, please contact our finance department on 01795 426091.


Thank You!


You raised a whopping £384.68 on Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children.

Merry Christmas to you all; we look forward to seeing you again on Thursday 4th January 2018.




Please be reminded that all bookings and payments should now be made on

If you are experiencing any difficulties please note the following contact details:

For school dinner enquiries please contact Pabulum Catering on 01252 360569

For all other payment enquiries please contact our Finance Department on 01795 426091 or email [email protected]


EYFS Nativity 2017


This week our youngest children performed their Nativity play to parents and the rest of the school.

It always amazes me how confident our youngest children are! They sung beautifully, the narrators all stood up and spoke confidently into the microphones and the children moved around the stage effortlessly.

A huge well done to all of the children involved and the staff who have taken time to work on this with the children.

Thank you to parents for the wonderful costumes that were provided and for practising any lines with the children at home. I am sure you will still be hearing the songs over the Christmas period!



The Mason Mile


Get running Westlands Primary School because The Mason Mile is coming to Sittingbourne.

On the 24th June 2018 and 9th September 2018, you will have the opportunity to run in the Mason Mile at Milton Creek Park, starting at 12noon.

There are many incentives to join in, such as all participants getting a wrist band and those who run a mile in under 8 minutes will earn £2.

Take a look below at further information and let us know if you are interested.

Thank you,



Year 5/6 Football match


With excitement clearly on our faces, 12 members of Year 5 and 6 went to Oasis Academy on the Isle of Sheppey to compete in a Football Tournament. The coach ride was long but that only fuelled their enthusiasm to get going.

Once at the site, we learnt the pitches we would play on and who against. At the tournament were a spectacular group of 36 teams! So many children and adults enjoying the games.

Team A were on Pitch 1 and won 2 out of 5 matches. Leoni Miller scored the first goal for this team and she was incredible! Ashton and Jake P had amazing team work covering all corners of the pitch without fear of the ball and Josh and Sepiso were incredible defenders, helping Jasper keep those goals out!

Team B were on Pitch 3 lost all matches but MY GOODNESS they were determined each time. “Even though we lost, we didn’t lower our heads. We kept them high!” Ashton from Year 6. Emily-May and Bianca kept the boys on their teams in check and continued to encourage each member. Enrique, the only Year 5, was fearless and was keen to try all positions on the pitch. Sam and Jake continued to show great sportsman ship by remembering to get the team to shakes hands with their opponents, what great representatives for our school.

“I had so much fun, I want to do it again.” Bianca said.


Christmas Jumper/Christmas Dinner Day


Don't forget - it's our Christmas Jumper and Christmas Dinner day tomorrow (Friday 15th December).

Please ask your child to give their donations for wearing a festive woolly to their teacher. The donation amount suggested by Save The Children is £1. Normal school uniform should be worn on the bottom half.

If you haven't already booked your child in for their school dinner please do so immediately on your ParentPay account so that they don't miss out. If you are experiencing any difficulty in doing so, please contact Pabulum Catering on 01252 360569.

We look forward to seeing as many children as possible wearing Christmassy jumpers and enjoying their Christmas lunch.


Forest School


This term we started forest school with Mrs Tatham-James and Mrs Cresswell. The children have really enjoyed it!

Make sure you have a look at the Forest school page under the parents page on the website, or click here


Year 4 & 5 Carol Service, Friday 8th December.


Please note that the carol service at Sittingbourne Baptist Church on Friday starts at 1.30pm ,and not 1pm as previously advertised.

We look forward to seeing as many parents and carers as possible coming to join us for the festivities


Marvellous Mathletics Day for Year 5!


Early in the freezing morning we went for a brisk walk to the brilliant Highsted Grammar School for a day filled with challenging maths activities. We (Ruby, Kris, Summer, Lana, Abby, Connor, Penny, Christian, Erin, Lewis, Alisha and Chanelle from Year 5) were all very excited.

After our arrival, we were sent to the Pod where two other schools were already waiting and we were put into groups of four or five children. We called our groups ‘Cells’, ‘Westies’ and ‘Quick Maths’. It was scary as the other schools brought far more children.

The first challenge was not just testing our times table knowledge but also our bravery. A member of each group had to leave the room and we were called back in one by one to answer a mixture of division and multiplication questions (from 0 to 11 and 20) in front of everybody watching.

We spent our break out on their sports court and we made some friends from the other schools, which made us feel better as they were just as nervous and excited as we were.

The second session was hard, and we mean ‘well hard’. Each group was given an envelope with a mixture of reasoning questions, some of which we had never heard off. The additional challenge was to hand over the answers to the Head of Maths; we were only allowed to give him one answer and only one person per group was allowed to line up. AND, if the answer was wrong we had to work it out again. Can you work this out?

...and then it started to snow!

Due to the freezing cold wind we had most of our lunch inside and only the bravest had a quick run-around outside.

In the afternoon we went to the PE Pod and were challenged to throw bean bags into hoops of different values. Easy? Think again! The beanbags had a mind of their own and never landed were we wanted them to. Was there Maths? Oh yes! Averages....Range....Mode....Median....Mean.... for each person and each group.


Following from a very competitive activity and a short break we settled down to our final Quiz: 60 different questions that even had the attending teachers puzzled.

What number is this?

What is the name of the number, a 9-year-old boy named Milton Sirotta invented in 1939, that has 100 zeros?

Finally we received our certificates and were awarded our places - we achieved Bronze and Gold. We went home very proud to have mastered Mathletics at Highsted.

Thank you to all the staff at Highsted who made us feel so very welcome.



Rocket Writing!


In Year 3 we have been looking at writing instructions. To help us in writing our instructions we looked at different types of instructions, from recipes to how to build . . . We also watched a video on how to build a rocket. Year 3 then took this idea and adapted it to make instructions on how to make a rocket.

The children then used their instructions when making their own rocket in the classroom. As we were following our instructions, the children realised they had missed out a step or two so using their Purple Polishing Pens they edited and improved their instructions.

Great job Year 3!




Big Me Day


Thank you to all of our children who came in to school wearing some wonderful outfits to show us what they would like to be when they grow up. It was lovely to see their dreams and aspirations come to life for the day.

You managed to raise a total of £239.67 to donate to Act!onAid, for which they are very grateful.

Thank you for your support.


Poppy Appeal


The Royal British Legion have sent us this postcard thanking us for our £211.65 contribution to their poppy appeal this year.

Thank you and well done for your support.


Play Equipment


You may have noticed the wonderful new play equipment that has recently been installed on the small playground.

For health and safety reasons this equipment is for use during school hours only as this means that it is supervised by a member of staff. Please, therefore, do not allow your child/ren to play on the equipment before or after school.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our children safe.


Taekwondo exhibit


Today we were lucky enough to have Gary and Lita from TSA Taekwondo in to demonstrate their amazing skills. The children got to watch a variety of impressive kicks, punches and acrobatics!

“There was really cool examples of how to protect yourself if ever you were in danger.” Giedre, Onyx class.

“I think that it was cool because we got to see all of the equipment.” Cariz, Onyx class.

“ I enjoyed the demonstration because we got to see the cool kicks!” Mae, Quartz class.

With lots of “Ooohs!” and “Ahhhs!” from the children, the demonstration had them all hooked. We hope your children tell you all about it and give Taekwondo a go!


Coming home tonight will be a leaflet advertising their club here in Sittingbourne. For more information visit


Flu Vaccination


Is your child in Year R - 4?

Have you misplaced the consent form for the flu nasal spray to be administered at school?

Don't worry - you can book to have it done online by clicking the link below.

The flu vaccinations are taking place at Westlands Primary School on 4th December.


Big Me Day!


It was lovely to see all the children dressed up on Friday for Big Me Day.  To see all of their aspirations in living form was a genuine pleasure.  We had a huge range of careers on show from vets to soldiers to You-tubers!  There were even quite a few teachers!

Many thanks to everyone who got involved, making costumes and generously donating money for the deserving cause of Action Aid.


IMG_9091.jpg DSCF3520.jpg

 DSCF3351.jpg IMG_9093.jpg





The Great Jam Sandwich Challenge


Year 6 have been testing their speaking and listening skills, culinary skills and writing skills - all in one go! As they had to write instructions - we thought that there could be no better way than to experience making something that they could write some instructions for. Therefore, to get us into writing clear and concise instructions, we undertook the jam sandwich challenge - with hilarious results. Some were actually edible at the end which was a bonus!

The children will now apply what they know about writing instructions, to writing a set of humorous instructions entitled: 'Teach your granny to skydive.' They are still drafting at present - but they look fabulous and pretty funny too.



Christmas Lunch



Westlands Primary Remembers


On Friday the 10th of November Westlands Primary School marked Remembrance Day a day early. The whole school came together for a two minute silence at 11am. The children stood in their classes and at the end of the two minutes the children listened as Mr Shepherd played the last post on his Euphonium.  

Many of the children had made poppies, wreaths and medals to remind them of the soldiers who had fought in wars. Some classes also learned about why we have Remembrance Day in their lessons throughout the week and were fascinated by everything they learned.


School Dinners


Pabulum Catering have today gone live with the changes relating to unbooked/unpaid school dinners, as per the letter they sent you recently.

If you have any queries regarding school dinners please contact Pabulum Catering directly on 01252 360569 as we no longer administer school meals.

Thank you




Thank you to all of our parents who attended parents evening and filled out a questionnaire. It was lovely to see so many faces, please remember, if you weren’t able to attend this time and would like to meet with your son/daughters class teacher then we can arrange a time that is more convenient.

We are currently going through them all and as always will use your feedback to help move our school forward.

We put all of the questionnaires into a box and pulled out one at random and one of our families have won tickets to the firework display at Regis Manor this evening.

We hope you have a lovely time.


Year R Entry, September 2018


Do you have a child who was born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014?

If so, now is the time that you should make an application for them to start primary school education.

Please go to the KCC admissions website to make your application here.

Applications must be made by no later than 15th January 2018.

We look forward to welcoming our new cohort of pupils in September 2018.


Important: Garnet Parents' Evening


Unfortunately Ms Huggens has been taken unwell and will not be able to attend Parents' Evening this week.

If you have already booked an appointment it will be carried forward to next week at the same time.

For example a 3.30pm appointment booked for Weds 8th November will now take place at 3.30pm on Weds 15th November, and a 4.20pm appointment on Thurs 9th November will now take place at 4.20pm on Thurs 16th November.

If you are unable to attend at the same time next week please see Ms Huggens upon her return on Monday to arrange a mutually convenient alternative date and time.

Please accept our apologies if this causes any inconvenience.


Harvest as Westlands Primary School


Over the half term, all of Westlands Primary School had been collecting ‘Pennies for Porchlight’. Their spare change was collected in the cardboard houses which then became part of a complex infrastructure of roads and cul de sacs!

The money that the children have collected will be donated to Porchlight, a charity based in Kent who support people who are homeless. A massive thank you to everyone who brought in a donation – big or small!

We estimate well over 300 houses have been returned so far, and many more are coming in each day. Once the money has been collected by Porchlight, we hope to announce a grand total of our donation.



Remembrance Day – Poppies for sale


In memory of those who have given their service, and in some cases their life, for our country poppies will be available to purchase in school this week and next.

If you/your child would like to purchase one please send your child in to school with a cash donation.

Our Year 6 pupils will be bringing the poppies around to classrooms throughout the next 2 weeks.

Thank you for your support.


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


School Uniform Sales


Please see the attached leaflet, here, from Mapac regarding school uniform sales.

If you register an account with Mapac you will receive a Black Friday voucher code in due course and this will enable you to receive discounts on school uniform purchases.

Please go to and either login or register, and then click "register" to take advantage of these offers


Firework Lunch


Pabulum Catering will be providing children with a special firework lunch on Thursday 2nd November.

If your child would like to have a school dinner on this day, or any other, please log in to your ParentPay account and book/pay for the day(s) required.



Sittingingbourne Fun Run


On a cloudy Sunday morning, children and staff from Westlands Primary School took part in fun run. Entrance to the race cost £2, with proceeds going to Demelza House. For taking part, all received medals and a goodie bag.

Violet Bing – Year 6 – “I enjoyed being supported by everyone and was impressed with how well it was organised as we all received a really nice medal, a goodie bag and also we received two trophies.”

Lisa Moyo – Year 6 – “Everyone had fun, I got to run with my friends and support them.”

Miss Arthurs ran 10miles and received a medal. Mrs Strachan and Strider bear supported the school children and her Strider team.

It is also worth noting that our runners could also represent the school, with the top runners earning points for our school. Out of all the children and families that entered, Westlands children scored the most points and we won the event!

Well done runners!


 101017_run_5.jpg 101017_run_6.jpg 

 101017_run_2.jpg 101017_run_4.jpg


Magical Fairy Potions


Year 2 have been playing Fairy Godmother this week.

In Science last week, Year 2 learnt about what happens when you mix different ingredients together. We were able to get some vinegar, washing up liquid, food colouring and some bicarbonate of soda and carefully threw it all into a jar!

Then we sat back, sprinkled some fairy dust and glitter and watched the magic happen!

It was so much fun, we are going to do some more magic this week!



Rugby festival


Thursday 5th October saw a group of Year 5 and 6’s take part in a Rugby festival at Gore Court. The team have only had one training session and they were fantastic. They really did us proud!

By Violet Bing

Game 1 – In the first game we lost 5-3 but we were ready for anything.

Game 2 – We were so close! We held our own against South Avenue but in the end we lost 5 – 4 but now nothing could stop us, we were on a role!

Game 3 – Yes! 2-2! We drew with Regis Manor. Now we wait for the last game with our game faces on!

Game 4 – Yay! We won 5-0! Victory was ours! After shaking hands with the players from Kemsley Blue, we celebrated our win! Hooray!



Persuasive writing in Year 2


This week in English in Year 2 we have been looking at the story of The Little Mermaid. After listening to the story we all agreed we would really like a pet fish so we decided to write letters to Mrs Hopkins to try and persuade her to let us have a pet. We included persuasive language, time connectives and questions to impress her with our learning.

Just look at some of our fantastic writing!

We really do work hard in our English lessons!


We have also created pictures of mermaids with fish to show Mrs Hopkins just how amazing we are in Year 2.


We are hoping Mrs Hopkins liked our persuasive letters and pictures and we are waiting to find out if we can have a pet fish. Do you like our letters? Do you think we deserve a pet fish?


Mathletics – What’s next?


Mathletics Mania may be over for the term, but there are still lots of reasons to keep logging on and earning points. Mathletics is a fun way to practise the skills that we teach in lessons. As a result it can help immensely in increasing confidence and fluency in maths.

As well as Mathletics Mania, there are three other ways that we can recognise everyone’s hard work on Mathletics over the year:


Golden Heroes:

Each pupil can earn one certificate for gaining 1 000 points a week. Most of these certificates are bronze, but the 5th, 10th and 15th are silver. The 20th certificate is a gold! That means that a gold certificate can be achieved after only twenty weeks of Mathletics activity. Last year we had five children reach this milestone, but I am confident that many, many more will do it this time around. The good news is that any certificates received last year roll over, so someone with five last year would only need to gain another fifteen, for example. Will we see our first ever double gold winner?


Points Marathon:

Mathletics keeps a record of every single point earned. Who will have the most at the end of the year? The number of points you can gain in a week is unlimited so those who dedicate the most time to Mathletics will be celebrated in Term 6. Well done to these children who currently have the most points:

Tolowa (Quartz) and Millie (Argent) have over 10 000 points each so far this year!

Amazingly, Ayse (Tourmaline) has managed to earn a whopping 19 528 points and we are still only in Term 1.

 Abbie (Tourmaline) has generated a jaw-dropping 46 626 points to date; imagine her final total if she can keep up her outstanding work!


Class Award:

Mathletics also keeps track of how many certificates a class gains over the whole year. Last year, Opal Class achieved a respectable 126 certificates. Without a doubt, that record will be beaten this year. Only a few weeks in, many classes are well on the way to overcoming that total. Current high scores are:

Tourmaline        33 certificates

Argent and Platinum       27 certificates

Titanium              26 certificates

Onyx                     23 certificates


Mathletics Mania Final Results!


The final results are in and this term’s Mathletics Mania has proven to be the closest and most exciting yet! It seemed like whenever one class gained a certificate, so did their rivals. There were late flurries of activity, with classes appearing to come from nowhere to mount a challenge for the trophy. In total, an amazing 196 certificates have been achieved over the two week competition!

Firstly, congratulations to Coral class, who tirelessly continued to earn a steady stream of certificates throughout the competition. By the end, they managed to build up a good lead despite the fantastic work from Crystal and Garnet classes.


Amazing results in the Years 3 and 4 contest. These six classes were so close that only five certificates separated Onyx in first, with Diamond in sixth. In fact it was so close that three classes share third spot in our final results table. Well done to Onyx!

Titanium made a late bid for victory, earning a whopping seventeen certificates in the last week of the competition! That was enough to see them squeak past the other classes to claim top spot in the Years 5 and 6 table. Congratulations to everyone in Upper Key Stage 2 for earning such an enormous number of certificates over two weeks!

Coral, Onyx and Titanium get to keep their special trophies in their classrooms to remind them of their fantastic achievements until the next Mathletics Mania event in Term 2.


Volcanic Activity in Year 5


As part of our topic for the term, Year 5 have been fascinated to learn about volcanoes. We were intrigued to look at maps showing where volcanoes occur around the world, discovering that most are located where two tectonic plates meet.

We took inspiration from an artist called Margaret Godfrey who uses a combination of painting and gluing paper to make striking images; we were especially interested in her work showing volcanic eruptions! Take a look at some of our fine creations:


We have also embarked on an ambitious project to learn some of the Disney song ‘Lava’ on the ukulele! Great fun is being had learning how to strum a ukulele; we are even starting to move on to chords. Everyone is so proud of how hard the children are practising.

Thank you also to all of the children who have brought in their amazing volcano homework already; many have chosen to build excellent lava-laden models:



Open Mornings



Sittingbourne Strider Fun Run


We have been invited by the Sittingbourne Striders to take part in an inter primary school fun run on Sunday 1st October at Highstead School in Sittingbourne.

The race will start at 9:30am and there is an entrance fee of £2 per athlete which will go to Demelza House. Registration will be from 8:00am, giving parents’ time to register.  For taking part, all runners will receive a medal and a goodie bag. There will also be prizes for younger children who do not go to school so bring the whole family for a fun day out.

If you want to take part, you can run or walk, with friends and families but make sure you mention you are from Westlands Primary School so your time can count towards the school team.

A School team will include all pupils attending from each school, with the top 5 runners from each school scoring towards the shield. As runners finish, they will be handed a token with a number on it. Make sure you give this token to the person who is in charge of Westlands Primary School because the school with the most amount of points will win a shield to take back to their school.

There will also be refreshments such as burgers and ice creams available on the day as well as entertainment.

Date 1st October 2017
Venue : Highsted Grammar school
8:00 -9:15: Registration opens
9:20: Group warm up
9:30 : race started by a Demelza representative
10:00 approx: prize giving presentation



West Ham Under 9s Competition


Jobie Farr, Year 4 Onyx class, has recently competed in the Under 9s Premier League competition with his team West Ham. He travelled three hours away to stay in a hotel with the team and managers.

He played against 51 other teams including Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Man City and Leicester and came an almighty 4th!

Jobie works really hard to be part of the team. He takes part in training every Saturday in London and has matches every Sunday and loves it! He is always keen to talk about his training so if you see him around school, ask him about it.

Well done Jobie, we are all really proud of you!


Mathletics Mania update!


Mathletics Mania update!

The first week of Mathletics Mania is over and the children have been gaining certificates at a furious rate! The scores are extremely close, meaning that each certificate counts going in to the final week of the competition.

Mathletics is new to our Year 1 children, but they are starting to build up some momentum in the KS1 competition. Coral class currently lead the way with 6 certificates:


The competition in Lower Key Stage 2 is tantalisingly close. Onyx lead by a whisker:


In Upper Key Stage 2, a late flurry from Platinum Class saw them streak to the top of the table, with half the children in the class earning the 1 000 points needed to gain a certificate:

Special mention should go to Abbie in Tourmaline Class who has earned an incredible 30,000 points so far in this school year!

There is one week left of the competition, which ends on the 24th September. As it is a new week, anyone who gained a certificate last week can now earn another!

Fantastic work Westlands!




Please be reminded that from next week (Monday 18th September 2017) swimming lessons will be as follows:

Year 2 - Tuesday afternoon...
Year 3 - Thursday afternoon (Diamond and Opal only in Term 1)
Year 4 - Tuesday morning
Year 5 - Thursday morning
Year 6 - Wednesday afternoon

Please ensure that your child brings a full swim kit into school. Swim hats may be purchased for £1.10 from the School Money site, and not the school office.

School Money



Music For Schools


Mr Summers paid Westlands Primary School his yearly visit to demonstrate a variety of musical instruments to children and parents. Your child has the opportunity to play the clarinet, flute or trumpet for an affordable price.

For more information about Music For Schools, and enrolling your child for music lessons, please visit their website here.



Room on the Broom and The Three Little Pigs.


This term, Year 3 have been working extremely hard on their writing. They have focused on the stories Room on the Broom and The Three Little Pigs.

During their English lessons, the children retold the stories through creating story maps and also through role play.  The children particularly enjoyed acting the roles of The Three Little Pigs in front of the class.

Along with their amazing acting skills, the children were very good at applying time conjunctions throughout their speaking.



We have been very impressed with the confidence of the pupils.  Well done!


Materials That Fly!


As a year group we decided to find out what material would be best to fly!

We all made planes, some with paper, card, tin foil, tissue paper, wallpaper and even a tube!


All of us went outside and gave it our best shot! We measured how far we could get our plane to fly and we had a winner from each class.

Coral - Lillie

Crystal - Issybelle


Lillie was the overall winner and she managed to fly her plane 4.5 meters


Starting School


All our new Foundation Stage children have started this week in Amber, Ruby and Emerald Class.

The children in Foundation Stage have been learning inside and outside this week in many different ways.  We have been mark making using chalks, paints, pens, crayons and pencils.  We have been creative with painting, playdoh, collage and glue.  We have been active with our bikes, balancing equipment, throwing and catching as well as bouncing on our hoppers.  We have looked at numbers through counting, matching numbers to objects, using computer games and singing counting rhymes.  We have read stories about starting school as well as our favourite stories.  We have made train tracks, farms, houses.  We have role played in the house, with dinosaurs, as doctors, as humpty dumpty and using stories.  We have enjoyed eating snack and drinking our milk.

It has been a great first week at school.  We have loved our school dinners.



Here are some of the things that the children have said about their first week at school.

“I like to play on the bikes and pedal with my friends” – Emily

“I like to slide down the hill and race on the bikes, but my wheel goes out of control so I have to slow down.” – Tyler

“My favourite thing is outside playing with the sand.” – Aaryan

“I like to do writing and play with the dinosaurs.” – Rianna

“I love the bikes, the sandpit and playing in the water.” – Raymond

“I love being at school and at home.” - Georgia


Mathletics Mania is back!


It’s a brilliant competition for all classes from Year 1 all the way up to Year 6.

The rules are simple: the class which earns the most certificates on Mathletics over the next two weeks wins.

To earn a certificate you need to get 1,000 points on Mathletics in a week. You get 1 point for each correct answer in Mathletics Live, 10 points for each correct answer in a lesson activity and 20 points for a correct answer in a test.

It’s a team competition. Each pupil can earn one certificate a week, so it’s the classes with the most children earning certificates who will win.

Just log in to the Mathletics website or download the app!


Year 1 – A Super Start!


Year 1 are settling back into school very well. We are especially proud of the wonderful smiling faces that greet us on the gate each morning!

We have been looking around our school and learning the routines for our classrooms. The children have especially enjoyed the role play and book corner areas along with a wide range of free flow activities.

We have also been completing some mathematics and writing in our very own books! Grown-ups will be able to see our books and all of our hard work at parents evening!


We have been exploring our school and walking around to find different places and where each year group is based


We have been role playing in our very own toy shop!


The children were finding one more than the number shown.
Linking chains! That’s one more than 12!


Look at how many rockets Oliver worked out. Wow! I can find one more.


We are looking forward to many more fun activities throughout the term!

Well done Year 1!



Miss Huggens, Miss Rayner, Mrs Williams


Home Learning


We have recently produced a new and up-to-date guide to home learning at Westlands for all our families. Please take a moment to familiarise yourselves with what will be expected of pupils this year. 

Home Learning


Nut Allergy


It has come to our attention that a child in our school has a severe nut allergy.  From Monday please do not send in food which contains nuts – this includes whole nuts, Nutella in sandwiches, peanut butter or chocolate bars with nuts in (such as Snickers). 


Thank you for your support in helping to safeguard our children.


Letter from the Headteacher


Click here to read the letter from our Headteacher, Mrs Hopkins.



Drew's Golf Tournament


Many congratulations to Drew in Year 6, Platinum Class.  He successfully beat 34 competitors to qualify for the final in a golf tournament.  It was a tough day for Drew as the course was extremely difficult.  Drew was the youngest person competing on the day!  Drew says that he enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.  He rounded off the day with a meal and a presentation ceremony.  Thank you to Drew’s dad for the photos.

Drew says that he enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.  He rounded off the day with a meal and a presentation ceremony.  Thank you to Drew’s dad for the photos.

Congratulations Drew!


School Dinners


Lots of our children thoroughly enjoyed their school dining experience yesterday, provided by Pabulum Catering.

If your child would like to have a school dinner please don't forget to log on to and book them in.

Your child no longer has to stay with their choice of packed lunch or school dinner for a whole term - they can decide on a weekly, or even daily basis!

All you need to do is log in the day before at the latest and book a meal for the next day. Of course you can also book several in advance if you know that your child would like to have them regularly.

Meals cost £2.30 per day (so £11.50 per week) unless your child is in Years R, 1 or 2 in which case they are free! Pupils in Years 3-6 may also be entitled to free school meals if their parent/carer is in receipt of certain benefits - please go here to check your eligibility.

If your child usually has a packed lunch, then why not let them try a Pabulum Catering dinner as a one off to see if they enjoy it?

We look forward to seeing many more happy, smiling faces after another healthy and extremely tasty dinner tomorrow


New Year R Parents


Please take your child straight round to their new classroom on Monday morning where their teaching staff will be waiting to meet them.

Thank you


Schools Dinners


During the summer holidays our new catering company, Pabulum, sent letters to parents of the new Yrs 1-6 regarding booking and paying for school dinners as follows:

Yrs 1 & 2: Your child is still entitled to receive a universal free school meal, however they do need to be booked using the ParentPay system so that our chef knows how many meals to prepare each day.

Yr 3: Your child is no longer entitled to receive a universal free school meal. If your child would like a school dinner they must be paid for, unless you make an application for and are entitled to means tested free school meals. To check eligibility please go to All meals, whether paid for or free, must be booked using the ParentPay system so that our chef knows how many meals to prepare each day.

Yrs 4-6: You should continue to pay for your child's school dinner using ParentPay, unless you are entitled to means tested free school meals. To check eligibility please go to All meals, whether paid for or free, must be booked using the ParentPay system so that our chef knows how many meals to prepare each day.

If you are unable to make payments online please ask the school office to order a PayPoint card which will allow you to top up your ParentPay account for school meals at any local shop displaying the PayPoint logo.

School meals cost £2.30 per day, and so a week's worth of meals will be £11.50.

Your letter from Pabulum enclosed your username and password for logging in to the ParentPay website.

If you have any questions relating to school lunches or setting up your account please call Sharon Martin at Pabulum Catering on 01252 360569.

New Year R parents: You will be receiving your login details from Pabulum shortly.


Pabulum Catering



Times Table Challenge


Over transition week we held our final Times Table Challenge of the year. This is a great opportunity for the children to show off their fantastic learning by answering times table questions within a set time limit. The children can earn either a purple, bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificate depending on how much of their times tables they have learnt so far.


As well as individual certificates, trophies are awarded to the classes who have progressed the most in learning their times tables since the last competition.

Well done to Topaz Class who impressed everyone by winning the whole school award for the biggest improvement in their times table knowledge!

Diamond class also did fantastically well, making great progress in their times tables to be crowned the Year 3&4 champions for Term 6:


Congratulations to Amethyst Class who used their considerable times table knowledge to claim the Year 5&6 prize:

As this was the final Times Table Challenge of the year, each teacher presented a special medal to the two children in their class who had demonstrated an outstanding attitude to learning their times tables. Here are just some of the winners:


September 2017 Class Map



Spelling Bee 


On Tuesday 18th July, Westlands Primary took part in a Spelling Bee against Regis Manor. The children were incredibly brave and also showed that they have been learning their spellings amazingly well!

I am pleased to say that Westlands Primary won the overall competition with 77 points to Regis Manor's 51.

The year group winners were:

Year 2 - Oscar, Regis Manor

Year 3 - Rhys, Regis Manor

Year 4 - May , Westlands Primary

Year 5 - Jasper, Westlands Primary

Year 6 - Kian, Westlands Primary


Highest scorer for Westlands  Primary was George in Year 2. The highest scorer in the whole competition was Oscar for Regis Manor. The year 2 spelling was of such a high standard in both schools that I had to give children spellings rom the Year 5 and 6 list! Similarly, Kian in Year 6 had to be given words from the secondary Key stage 3 list!

A huge well done to all of the children who took part.


Golfing Superstar


This is Drew. He is an amateur golfer at the weekends. Drew is kitted out with all the best equipment, such as a yardage measurer – which is a device that helps you to measure how far away your ball is to the hole.

When Drew was 3, he received his first set of plastic golf clubs from his dad for his birthday.  Since then, he rarely puts them down. Even in the garden you’ll find Drew practicing.

His first competition was March last year in Rochester. Here, he came 1st in a group of under 9s. Drew has been in many competitions following the success of Rochester, coming in various places but this hasn’t stopped his love of golf and continues to compete.

The most recent competition was 15th – 16th July, the regional final of Rolex, held in Surrey. On the driving range, he was hitting his irons and woods well and came 7th out of 200. Coming up in August, Drew has a handicap competition and a Kent County competition.

He is a very busy man and needs all the energy he can get! Hence the banana and Lucozade!


Tranistion Week Classes


Please find attataced, a map of where the classrooms will be during transition week. You will have a letter in with your son/daughters school report informing you of their new class teacher and the name of their new class.

On Monday the 10th July the children will spend the week with their new teachers. On Monday morning children will need to go to their new classrooms, there will be lots of staff on the playground to help if needed.

We look forward to the children having a great week with their new teachers to get ready for September.

Thank you for your continued support.


Summer Reading Challenge – District Schools Trophy 


Summer Reading Challenge – District Schools Trophy 


There are a variety of events on this summer at our local libraries. It would be fantastic if our pupils could carry on reading throughout the summer. We have now had one child, Jaimee in year 6, achieve her 150 Westie Reading Challenge reads! Many children have reached a hundred reads this year already too – so it would be great to keep up their reading enthusiasm throughout the holidays!

The reading challenge this year is called ‘Animal Agents’. This runs from 15 July – 16 September in all Kent’s libraries, and enables children to have fun reading over the summer holidays. They receive a special folder which introduces the mystery and the Animal Agents who are trying to solve it. They collect stickers for reading books, and receive a medal and certificate when they have read 6 books.

This year, there will be the Swale District Schools Trophy. This will be awarded to the school with the highest percentage of pupils participating in the Summer Reading Challenge. It would be amazing if we could win it here at Westlands Primary!


To celebrate the theme of Animal Agents and to encourage children to participate in the Challenge, there will be lots of activities across Swale district libraries.

Feline facts, cat care and crafts

Go along to Cat Protection's FREE, interactive talk about how to look after cats and understand their behaviour. Then take part in fun feline-themed craft activities.

The sessions will be at the following times:


Thursday 27th July at 11am to midday at Sittingbourne Library
Thursday 3rd August at 11am to midday at Faversham Library
Tuesday 15th August at 11am to midday at Sheerness Library

No need to book in advance, just show up.



Family Fun Days

Go along to one of the following libraries, where they will be promoting the Summer Reading Challenge with activities for all the family.

Wednesday 2nd August 10am to 1pm at Sittingbourne Library
Crafts, sign up to the Challenge, Sittingbourne Heritage Museum and maybe even a special visit from the Fire Service!

Friday 4th August 10am to 1pm at Sheerness Library
Crafts, Elmley Nature Reserve and sign up to the Challenge.

Tuesday 8th August 1pm to 4pm at Faversham Library
Crafts, sign up to the Challenge and maybe even a special visit from the Fire Service!

ZooLab – animal magic at Sittingbourne Library
Tuesday 1st August 3pm to 4pm
£3 per ticket – booking required.


Join the Summer Reading Challenge fun and meet the team from ZooLab with their amazing creatures!


River’s Rodents and Reptiles
Friday 18th August 11am to midday at Faversham Library


Booking required - details coming soon!

Children aged 7 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


We hope that your child takes part in this challenge, or takes the opportunity to take part in one of the many events being held by Swale Libraries this summer. Happy reading!


Westlands Victorious!


Congratulations to all Year Six pupils who represented our school in a tightly contested football match on Monday.  Our team travelled with Mr. Pettett to South Borough Primary School in Maidstone and came away with a well-earned 9-7 victory.  Both teams played very well and showed great effort, teamwork and sportsmanship. A special mention is deserved by Nathan Clark, who scored four goals!

Well done Westlands!


The Lighthouse keepers Lunch


This week the children have been inspired by the story the ‘Lighthouse keepers lunch

The children have beeen making the lighthouse keeper ‘Mr Grinling’ a delicious picnic for his lunch. They have prepared some very interesting sandwiches to trick the theiving seagulls who keep returning to steal all of Mr Grinlings picnic.

The children have enjoyed preparing Mr Grinlings sandwiches filling them with raspberry Jelly, salad, pasta, cucumber and they have wrapped the sandwiches in tin foil, and carefully added to the picnic basket which included iced buns and fairy cakes.

Watch out Seagulls…the EYFS have a plan!



Mathletics Golden Heroes


Mathletics Golden Heroes

Mathletics is a brilliant website where children can have a huge amount of fun practising their maths skills. Pupils are awarded a certificate every week when they earn 1000 points online. It starts off with bronze certificates, building up to silver. When someone has been on Mathletics for twenty weeks, they receive the biggest prize of all: a gold certificate!

At Westlands Primary we are lucky to have five fantastic children who have had immense fun securing that top prize. We really wanted to recognise the dedication of these five golden heroes by presenting them with medals to honour their achievements:


A massive well done to Samuel, Nifemi, Toluwa, Oliver and Darasimi!

The challenge is on for next year - will you be our next golden hero?


Mathletics Mania Final Results


Our exciting competition has ended and the final results are in! Mathletics Mania was a competition to see which classes could earn the most certificates on Mathletics over three weeks. As each week passed the contest seemed to get closer and closer: no-one could be sure who the winners would be until the final results were announced on Monday! There were three prizes up for grabs for the classes with the most certificates in Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6. As the Year 6 classes missed one week due to their residential trip, the winner of the Year 5 & 6 contest will not be known until next week.

Here are the final scores:

Years 1 & 2

Years 3 & 4

Well done to everyone for an amazing effort, especially Crystal and Argent classes! They will get to keep these beautiful trophies in their classrooms:



Shiver me timbers!!!!


The children had to follow clues in the outside area and collect letters that spelt out Amber Class. This last clue led them to a pirate, sitting in the boat in the role play area, eating their apples from the snack bar!!

The children worked together to follow the clues, showing lots of enthusiasm and great excitement. Once they found him they asked him lots of questions about how he got to Westlands Primary School and they discovered that his favourite food was chips! This made the children worry that he was going to go and take their lunch from the dining hall as it was chip day!

The pirate was so full after eating their snack that he stayed away at lunchtime so all was safe!



All aboard at the Chatham Historic Dockyard!


The Year 3s thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Chatham Historic Dockyard on Wednesday 14 June! There were so many interesting things they did - going inside a submarine, doing a rope making workshop, building and shooting off rockets, building boats and racing them! What a treat! Here are some highlights.


IMG_8625e.jpg  IMG_8675e.jpg IMG_8678e.jpg IMG_8704e.jpg IMG_8646e.jpg


Getting hands on with capacity!


Year 3s have been busy with hands on learning in Maths. Capacity is best learned through making estimations, pouring and measuring which is exactly what they spent time doing recently!



Mathletics Mania


With only one week left of our exciting new competition, the race for first place has really come alive! In Years 1 & 2, Coral and Garnet Classes have begun to earn more certificates, meaning that it is all to play for in Key Stage One throughout the final week.

The contest in Years 3 & 4 has become exhilarating, with Opal Class just managing to stay one step ahead of Pearl Class. Watch out for Argent Class however, who have come streaking out of nowhere and currently sit just a few certificates behind the two leading Year 3 classes!

The competition now ends on Sunday 25th June, so there is just one week left!

Here are the current leader boards. As the competition in Years 3 & 4 is so furious, their chart shows every class in the phase.



Year 2 on the hunt for minibeasts!


In term 6 the year 2 classes will be collecting information about minibeasts that can be found on our local grounds. We are studying different habitats so we will be exploring a wider variety at Capstone Park in July.

This week in ICT we were very excited about studying our local environment and finding many different arachnids and insects! Once we found some red ants, we quickly realised that we should be extra careful! We discovered that though we were searching hard we couldn’t find any worms or snails as the weather has been far too dry recently.

Once we collected our insects and arachnids we were able to identify them using binary questions. We are very much looking forward to collecting more information soon and creating charts to show our data!



The Rainbow Fish


This Term EYFS are learning about what lives in the ocean.  The children have enjoyed reading the story ‘The Rainbow Fish and have made their very own rainbow fish, they have discussed with their friends their feelings and have shared great ideas about what makes a good friend.

Florence decided to include two hearts because the rainbowfish has lots of love to share.

Olivia shared a good friend is kind and gives lots of hugs.

Well done EYFS for being a caring, friendly and polite year group.


Mathletics Mania Update



The excitement is starting to build in Mathletics Mania! There has been a flurry of activity in the first week of the competition, with lots of children logging on to Mathletics and earning certificates. The scores are very close in each phase, with a friendly rivalry developing between Pearl Class and Opal Class in Year 3. This is where the classes currently stand:

Mathletics is excellent because it’s fun for the children, but really helps them with their maths at the same time. It gives them questions that are at the right level for their age and covers the whole maths curriculum. It awards a certificate to everyone who achieves 1000 points in a week.

I am excited to reveal the fantastic trophies that will be awarded to the classes with the most certificates in each phase (Years 1&2, Years 3&4 and Years 5&6):

Keep up the great work everyone!


Positivity challenge


Year 1 have been busy impressing the teachers with their phonics. We have been busy practising our sounds ready for the phonic screen next week.

We have enjoyed including our topic this term of the beach into our phonics lessons; we have been writing words in the sand, finding sound in the sand and getting outside to shout them out!

The year 1 team are very proud of all the progress the children are making- keep it up!



Westlands enjoys Sports Day in the sunshine!


We hope that friends and family members enjoyed Sports Day as much as the staff and children did! The variety of events meant that pupils got to challenge themselves in different ways. But mostly, they just had a blast! Thank you to everyone for sharing the event (and the sunshine) with us. Here are some highlights of the day, including visits and workshops by GB athletes.



It's the KS2 Sports Day today


Gates will be open to parents/carers from 1.10pm - 1.30pm.

However please note that due to Ashdown House being used as a polling station today the Johnson Road entrance will remain closed. Access will be via Homewood Avenue only.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this afternoon.


Sports Day 2017: GB Athletes come to Westlands Primary School!


The time has come for 2017’s sports day!

Over the next two days, Westlands primary school will welcome four GB athletes! Yes four! They will be holding an assembly and then teaching each class a PE lesson related to their own sport. The children and all of the staff are extremely excited about this amazing experience and cannot wait to tell you all about it!


Introducing: The Athletes…

Richard Buck

(double Olympian and former 400m European champion) 


Yasmin Miller

(Team GB 100m hurdler, England champion, competed at a World and European level)


Ryan Raghoo

(Team GB para –longjump T36 with cerebral palsy. Former World champion, current British champion and world junior record holder)


Sarah Davies

(Team GB weightlifter, British champion, European champion, and 4th for England at the commonwealth games)


Westie’s Olympic Carousel

After a morning of sport with a GB athlete, your child will be taking part in their own Olympic activities on the field. Parents/adults are invited to attend from 13:10pm. Activities will begin at 13:30.

We cannot wait for the next two days!


Scarecrow competition


Westlands Primary School entered a scarecrow competition at the Kent Garden Show across the May bank holiday weekend.

We are delighted to inform you one of our scarecrows, an astronaut, secured second place in the competition. Well done to Emerald class!

We are going to use the money we won to develop a garden area on the top field.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of the children for their participation and enthusiasm with the competition. Thank you also, to our parents who donated clothing for scarecrows and also for voting.




Despite today's miserable wet weather the forecast for the next couple of days is good and so we plan to go ahead with our sports days as planned.

We will check the ground on the morning of each sports day, and if we do have to postpone for safety reasons we will let you know as soon as possible.

Please remember that children will be bringing their PE kits home from school the night before their sports day, and should come to school wearing them the next day. Children may wear trainers or other suitable footwear. EYFS children do not have PE kits and so they may wear any suitable clothes and footwear to school for the day.

The dates are as follows:

Wednesday 7th June - EYFS and Key Stage 1 (Years R-2)

Thursday 8th June - Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

Parents and carers are invited to come and watch the events from 1.10pm.

Please ensure that your child has sun cream applied before they come to school in the morning, and that they bring water bottles and sun hats for throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing you.





Mathletics is an internet-based education program Westlands uses to extend children’s learning and completing modules online earns points, and thus certificates, for successfully completing modules.

And now we have a competition on the go for all children from Year 1 all the way up to Year 6.

The rules are simple: the class which earns the most Mathletics certificates over the next three weeks wins.

To earn a certificate you need to get 1,000 points on Mathletics in a week. You get 1 point for each correct answer in Mathletics Live, 10 points for each correct answer in a lesson activity and 20 points for a correct answer in a test.

You can earn one certificate a week, so the most successful classes will be the ones with the most pupils achieving certificates. One person will not be able to win this on their own, it is a team competition!

Just log in to the Mathletics website or download the app!

The competition is three weeks long, ending on Friday 24th June.


Swimming Lessons


There will be no swimming lessons this week. Instead the children will have a water safety lesson from the RNLI.


Half Term


Happy Half Term to all of our families from Miss Chant

We are now at the end of Term 5, which has seen all of our children work extremely hard.

I am always so proud of each and every one of our pupils and this term they have shown us how dedicated they are to their learning. Year 6 have sat their SATs and the organisation from their teachers meant they sat them in the best possible conditions. Breakfast club was a huge hit that week! Year R have been on their school trip and the teachers have told me how well behaved and enthusiastic they were throughout the day and Year 1 had a fabulous Medieval Day led by their teachers. There have been lots of other fantastic things happening this term so make sure you have a look at each class page on the website!

The whole school have got involved with a scarecrow competition this term and today we sent off 19 Scarecrows to the Kent Garden Show that is happening at Detling showground over the Bank Holiday weekend. The children have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved with this.

We hope some of you will be able to attend and vote for our school!

Have a lovely half term break and we look forward to welcoming you all back in Term 6 where we have lots of exciting things planned.

Miss Chant


Westlands Primary school attended a tag rugby tournament.


On Thursday 18th May, a team of Year 6 children from Westlands Primary school attended a tag rugby tournament. They travelled to The Grove in Sittingbourne and took part in Sittingbourne Rugby club’s annual school tag rugby competition. They managed to score enough points to win a medal each and a trophy to go in the school cabinet!

The children were a credit to Westlands Primary as they were encouraging, sportsmanlike and incredibly competitive. They played incredibly well and their teamwork was particularly enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, due to the rain, the tournament finished early with no overall winner.

The children who took part were: Jermaine, Georgia, Danielle, Alyssa, Ashleigh, Kian, Faizaan and Bradley. They should all be incredibly proud of themselves! Well done!


Sainsbury's Active Kids



Pupils enjoy spending their hard earned Westland pounds!


Throughout every term, children across the school earn Westlands pounds by showing good behaviour and commitment to learning. The good news is that every day is a chance to start with a clean slate and earn that pound! Towards the end of a term, the Westland shop comes around to classes and the children get to spend their pounds on little bits and bobs of their choosing. Here's Year 3 enjoying the spending spree!


Year 1s immerse themselves in Medieval times!


Year 1s loved celebrating their Medieval day yesterday. It was well-deserved after spending the term on this topic. They dressed up, enjoyed a banquet of food tasting, learned a Medieval dance and made the most of the sunshine by playing games like apple bobbing, juggling and javelin. We loved the pupils enthusiasm and thank you to the Year 1 staff for all their efforts!

IMG_class wconsent_1.jpg

IMG_8396e_1.jpg IMG_8369e_1.jpg IMG_8387e.jpg


Non-School Uniform Day


Non-School Uniform Day – Friday 26th May

Please don't forget it's non-school uniform day on Friday 26th May.

In return for wearing non-school uniform we are asking that the children bring in items for the tombola at the PTFA Summer Fayre which is being held on Friday 30th June.

Years R and 1 - please bring in chocolate this Friday

Years 2 and 3 - please bring in gifts this Friday

Years 4-6 - please bring in bottles (eg bubble bath, drinks) this Friday

We would like to thank you in advance for your support in helping raise funds for our school.



Year 2 Australia


As part of our topic this term Year 2 have been looking at Australia, we have made comparisons between where we live in Sittingbourne and Sydney Australia.  To help us with this we have paired up with a school in Australia, St Luke’s Grammar School, Dee Why.  Mr Boyle is Miss Brooks’ cousin and his Year 5 class have written letters to Year 2.

2405117_4.jpg 2405117_5.jpg

The children of Blue and Gold Class at St Luke’s have written to the children in Year 2 and have told us what it is like to live in Australia and the things they like to do.  We are writing letters back to them asking questions and responding to some of their questions as well as telling them all about ourselves, the town we live in and our school.

As part of our topic we have also produced some non-fiction work on Australia in the form of a booklet.









Improving their Maths Skills


Year 6 have enjoyed practising some of their mathematical drawing skills this week. They have had to follow some incredibly complex steps to complete some beautiful geometric patterns. It looks easy – but we can promise you that it was much trickier than it looks. To achieve these designs, they had to draw on many mathematical skills, such as:

  • Using a pair of compasses accurately
  • Reading a protractor accurately
  • Drawing accurate angles
  • Measuring accurately with a protractor
  • Measuring accurately with a ruler
  • Knowing the parts of a circle such as radius, diameter and circumference


The children had a lot of fun making these – even if they had to concentrate incredibly hard. It was a nice change from SATs Maths work and they got to apply all of their recent revision work in the process.



Making our Scarecrows


Year 3 have all been getting ready for the big scarecrow competition at the Kent Garden Show on 27th – 29th May. We have carefully produced a range of designs and chosen our favourites, thinking about which materials we might need and effective ways to decorate them. Each class has now skilfully stuffed their scarecrows and are ready to add clothes and accessories. Soon the scarecrows will be ready and you will be able to visit the garden show to see:

Opal Class – Annie the flower girl.

Pearl Class – Patterned Polly.

Diamond – Dingle Dangle Diamond (like the dingle dangle scarecrow song).


Year 5 has green fingers!


With the weather warming up, the students at Westlands Primary School have been inspired by spring and the new changes of the recent refurbishment. Many classrooms have large flower boxes outside that are full of floral potential that serve as an excellent way for children to gain hands-on learning about many aspects of plants and the environment. Even more importantly, pupils foster pride in their learning environment as they tend the flower boxes themselves. Year 5 pupils spent last week tackling their class garden boxes and the efforts were headed up by four green-fingered young ladies - Kalina T, Lisa M, Lacey B and Josephine C. Well done for your efforts, girls!


Whatever Next!


This week we have focused on air transport.

The children in EYFS have enjoyed roleplaying the story ‘Whatever next’. The children have been inspired by the story so much that the children invited their friends to travel to the moon and share their snack with the characters from the story, owl, baby bear and mummy bear.

Brook and Lola’s favourite part of the story was when baby bear had a tasty picnic on the moon.

Tyler’s favourite part was when baby bear was wearing a sieve for a helmet and when it rained he got wet.

The children talked about more exciting adventures in their rocket and where they will go to enjoy their snack. Whatever Next?


Castles in Year 1


In year 1 are continuing to explore our topic of castles. Last week we learnt all about the people who worked in the castles. We were really interested in the role of the jester so made our own hats and entertained each other with jester jokes. 



History in Year 5


Year 5 have been celebrating and promoting inclusion and diversity, focusing on the global nature of the war.

We have been learning about the ‘scramble for Africa’ and what happened during the pivotal Berlin Conference of 1884. Each class were split into 6 groups, each becoming one of the European Powers wanting to expand in the face of rising opposition. After considering information about their country and a list of resources they needed for victory, they had to plan which ‘African territories’ they were to take during their Berlin Conference. Each group wrote speeches and action plans ready to say their piece to get what they wanted from Africa.

Having their own Berlin Conference, the children were inspired, motivated and engaged completing many problem solving and public speaking challenges along the way and most, if not all, triumphed!  It was a day full of learning, communication and understanding of Imperialism.

I am sure we will have members of year five working for the UN in no time. We are very proud of you year 5, well done!



Year 1s celebrate their learning with old traditions


The Year 1s have been learning a lot about life in historical times building castles, learning about St George and customs and traditions of that time. They really enjoyed learning about maypole dancing which formed part of festivals and celebrations. They were naturals!


Westlands Primary wows in local fun run


Westlands Primary pupils did the school proud on Saturday 13 May in the Sittingbourne Invicta 2km Race held at Westlands School. Swale Combined Athletics Club has organised the race for the last 7 years, aiming it particularly at primary school participants. Twenty two Westlands Primary pupils and staff took on the challenge. While Westlands currently has a running club as an after school activity, which meets on a Friday afternoon, the pupils that took part over the weekend were from a variety of year groups, the youngest being in Year R!

Mr Pettett, Westlands Primary’s PE Subject co-ordinator, who took part along with fellow staff members Mrs Strachan and Mr Kimber, recognises the positive impact running has on pupils. “It improves fitness, impacts their mental agility and helps foster a general feeling of well-being and focus,” he said. In addition to this, the race brought about a lot of camaraderie amongst pupils from different primary schools in the area.

The number of Westlands Primary participants has exploded compared to last year’s race and we hope that even more will take part in 2018 as the school will be entering the race again next year.

Well done to all the runners and thank you to their parents who brought them along to take part in the race!


Soccer Schools


Mr Kemp and Mr Cannon would like to invite the students of Westlands Primary to next half term’s soccer schools! We look forward to seeing some of you there!




Westlands looks to the future with a time capsule


Recently, Westlands Primary decided to produce a little piece of history for the pupils and staff of tomorrow. Containing pieces of writing by each year group, the capsule was buried during our time of refurbishment which marks an important time in Westlands history as the school prepares for changes and growth in many ways. This is the first time capsule of its kind and we hope it will be dug up in a very different time to show what school life was like in 2017!

Miss Chant added,"The school has gone through a massive physical change over the last 18 months and we now have a wonderful refurbished school for children to learn in. The children in the school have reflected on what school life is like in 2017 and with the builders we planted these pieces of writing in a time capsule, in the hope of somebody digging it up in the future."


Scarecrow competition



Staff Car Park


Please be reminded that the car park is for staff use only.

Parents/Carers should not enter the car park in their vehicles, unless prior permission has been given, as the increased traffic puts the safety of our pupils and their families at risk.

Please park outside of the school site and walk in via the pedestrian entrance gates.  This includes dropping off at Breakfast Club and collecting from After School Club.

Thank you for your cooperation so that we can keep our children safe.


Year 6 SATs are over!


As a reward for working so hard during SATs week we will have a bouncy castle in school for our Year 6 pupils tomorrow.

Please ensure that your child is wearing socks, and girls who usually wear a skirt might like to bring in trousers or leggings to change into.

Children can also bring in games or puzzles, but no electronic items please.

Please note that children do not need to bring in party food.

Well done Year 6 for your efforts.


The Great Westlands Boat Race


This term EYFS have been learning about transport. Each week they have focused on a different type of transport, land transport, air transport and water transport.

The children in EYFS have created their own boats using different materials and then they took them into the school swimming pool for a race!

Children thought carefully about the materials they wanted to use so their boats didn’t sink and then thought about how they might make them move faster across the water.

EYFS have really enjoyed their topic this term and their continued hard work has meant they have made lots of progress. Well done EYFS for great learning.



Rotary Club Fun Run


On Sunday 14th May there is a 2 kilometre fun run being held at Westlands secondary school for primary school children. This is a charity event organised by the Rotary Club of Sittingbourne.

This is a great chance for your child to represent Westlands Primary School; children from several different primary schools in Sittingbourne will be running too. It would be fantastic to see as many children as possible take part.

If this sound like fun, then please come along!

  •          The race starts at 9:45.
  •          The race costs £2.50, payable on the day.
  •          Register on the day, just arrive between 8:30-9:30 to sign up.
  •          As the race is not organised by Westlands Primary School, please stay with your children as Westlands staff will not be responsible for them.
  •          Everyone who runs the 2 kilometres receives a medal!
  •          The school with the fastest four runners win an award.

Our school teams will include all pupils attending our schools, whatever year group, the fastest 4 runners only from each school team will score towards the shield. As runners finish they will be handed a finishing number token which they will give to their Team Manager (Mr Kimber) who will write their name, race number and finishing token on a form supplied by Swale Combined AC. This will then be handed to the race scorer with the collected tokens. The team with the lowest finishing score wins i.e. 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th will score 15points

There are also refreshments on sale such as burgers, cakes and drinks as well as entertainment from a live broadcast from the local radio station.


Date: Sunday 14th May

Venue: Westlands Secondary School

8.30-9.30am registration

9.30am group warm up led by Swale Combined Athletics Club coaches and leaders

9.45am 2km race starts

10.45am approx presentation of awards


Healthy Snacks



Late Collections After School


Please note that due to the high number of children who are picked up late after school finishes, including those collected by taxi, we will now be sending them to After School Club and the parent/carer will be charged for this childcare provision.

Our school day ends at 3.15pm, and unless your child has an extra-curricular after-school club or pre-arranged booster session you or your nominated representative should be on site ready to collect your child at this time.

If you are sending somebody who is not on your usual collection list to collect your child please call the school office on 01795 470862 as soon as possible to notify them of the change.

Thank you.


"Westlands shows they care this Red Nose Day


Thank you to parents and pupils who supported Red Nose Day last term by wearing something red and making a donation to Action Aid. We raised over £300!


Year 1 at Diggerland


Diggerland was the best way to spend the last day of term 4 for our Year 1 pupils! Children got to drive and operate a variety of heavy duty vehicles as well as have fun on the rides. Thank you to staff and children for a very successful day!


Check out the Westlands PTFA!


Students had a blast at the school discos towards the end of last term and we have the PTFA to thank for it. The PTFA is made up of volunteer parents and staff members who work to improve the school in many different ways through fund raising initiatives throughout the year like the recent film night, which helped make school outings for Years R, 1 and 6 possible!
If any parents would like to join the PTFA, please ask the front office for contact details.


Westie’s Champion Update


Westland’s Primary School is pleased to present its newest Champions! Abigail and Isabelle have taken their first steps towards becoming Olympic gymnasts!

Abigail was interviewed and said:

“I loved the competition! My favourite part was, well, everything! I enjoyed competing and also watching other people compete.
The competition was in Hastings and we had to wake up at 5:00am! We arrived at 6:45 but I didn’t have to compete until 8:15 with club 1. I really enjoyed my day of gymnastics!”

Abigail and Isabelle have both been presented with Westie’s Champions certificates and they have certainly earned their space on the Westie’s Champion wall!

Well done Abigail and Isabelle 


Easter Break


On behalf of all of the staff at Westlands Primary School, I would like to wish all of our families a very Happy Easter.

We hope you all have a lovely break and come back refreshed, ready for all of the fun learning that your teachers have planned for term 5.

Just a reminder we come back to school on Tuesday 18th April. We look forward to seeing you all nice and early.

Miss Chant



Healthy Snacks



A new Arrival


We are very excited to announce that we have a new member of the Westlands Primary School family!

On 18th March 2017 Mrs Hopkins gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

All of the family are doing well and we hope that you will join us in saying "congratulations", and we look forward to meeting her very soon.

Stork 2.jpg


Weather Vane Design Competition


In the first half of the school year, a design and technology competition was held to develop a new weather vane for Westlands Primary School to go along with our new buildings.

The talented winner was Diamond in Onyx class and the time had finally come for her to see her creation come to life. Construction company Kier, who are undertaking the construction and refurbishment of our school, worked alongside Medway Fabrications to make the project possible.

Site Manager Gareth mentioned they had come across an old weather vane when beginning work on the school was pleased to present a brand new one to Mrs Hopkins and Diamond.

We are proud to have this new addition to the school!


After School Clubs Reminder


If you haven't booked your child onto ONE of the £1 extra-curricular after-school clubs but would like to, please do so by the end of today.

Next week the last few remaining spaces will be opened up to everyone who may then book a second club if they wish to.

PLEASE NOTE: Any multiple bookings before the remaining places are opened up will be deleted. This is to ensure that as many children as possible have the opportunity to join a club of their choice.

Only the external clubs (karate, street dance, and animal club) may be booked in addition to a £1 club.

Thank you


Year 1 Trip - Help Required!


Are you available to help with the Year 1 trip to Diggerland on Friday 31st March?

If so, please contact your class teacher at the end of the day.

The trip is within school hours, and so collecting siblings will not be affected.

We are limited to the number of helpers we can take with us, and so names of volunteers will be drawn from a hat.

Thank you for your support.


Year 1 Parents: School Trip


Please remember to return our school trip permission slip and money contributions for Diggerland to school as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Miss Huggens and Miss Arthurs


Westie Reading Challenge and Buddy Bear


A huge 'well done' to our pupils who have continued to read regularly at home. It has been fantastic to see children sharing books with Buddy Bear in Foundation Stage and Year 1, as well as children showing that they can read more regularly in Years 2 - 6 and proudly wearing their lanyards and badges.

Indeed, there are now a few children who have managed to reach 50 reads since the scheme has been launched - a huge congratulations to them! A few of them are pictured here. These children are positive reading role models; encourage your child to read to reach their very own 50 badge.



It is extremely important to read as regularly as possible, as it broadens not only their understanding but also their vocabulary, which in turns aids all areas of development and learning. Thank you for your continued support - we hope to see many more children achieving their 10, 50 or even 100 badges before the end of the year.


Westie’s Champions: The First


‘Westie’s Champion’ is a title reserved only for those who show exemplary attitude towards any physical activity, inside or outside school. The Champions’ photos will be displayed outside the school hall and they will receive a certificate and a badge as a reward. Children become ‘Champions’ after nomination by their peers or teachers.

Molly-Mae and Nicole were nominated by two teachers, Mrs Collins and Mrs Brooks due to their outstanding attitude during swimming lessons and their brilliant technique.

Molly-Mae and Nicole were interviewed by Mrs Brooks:

“We went swimming and Molly and I showed Mr Cannon how fast we could swim. I could do dolphin without a life jacket!

Then Molly and I started to have races and I won eight and Molly won 7. So we actually got to stay in the pool when the others got out.

Later, we even got to swim in the 3, 4, 5 and 6 pool bit! My friend Nicola and me went to the end of the pool because we swam really well so we got to move our names up!”

Well done to both our Champions! We encourage all children to aim to be the next Westie Champion!



World Book Day


What a fantastic day we had last week celebrating World Book Day! I'm sure you'll agree the children made a lovely effort. Thank you to all parents and children for making it a memorable day!


Save The Children Fundraising


We have received a certificate from Save The Children thanking us for the £364.20 raised on Christmas Jumper Day.

The certificate is proudly on display in the school office reception.

Thank you and well done to everybody who took part.


Year 3 and 4 Film Night!


If you have purchased a ticket for your child they will be taken straight to the film night from their class after school today.

Please collect them at 5.15pm from the main hall.


Emerald Class Swimming



For the parent/child swim on Thursday this week please drop your child to class by 8.45am as usual and then make your way to the main school office where you will be collected at 9am.

Thank you


PTFA Summer Fayre


The PTFA need help with running the Summer Fayre on Saturday 8th July this year.

If you are able to help please let the school office know by Thursday this week (9th March).

Thank you


EYFS’ Brilliant Bikes!


The children in EYFS have been enjoying their new bikes! They love racing around the track in the outside area.

Erin said “I like riding it [the bike] because it is fast! The pedals make it easy to ride!”

We all look forward to following Erin’s future cycling career and maybe one day we will see her in the Tour de France!


My Park Run Experience


Park run is when you run 5k with lots of other people. It is tiring because you need to run two whole laps! It happens every Saturday morning.

On the 25th of February, it was the park run’s 1st birthday and there were 230 people running. It was cold but not for long as I soon warmed up. Whilst you run, you get clapped by volunteer marshals. I ran at Milton creek Country Park because it’s near where I live, it is fun and everyone is really friendly. It also helps me with my training at the Swale Combined Athletics club.

The creek starts at the gate and finishes by the playground. You can even bring your dog! I enjoy going home to see my results online, when I receive my results it boosts me to beat my last personal best. You need to have paper tickets for them to scan at the end. When we get home we do are stretches.

When we got to the end we received chocolate. I came 135th and 4th out of my age category finishing at 30minutes, 58 seconds. To see the results visit this link

Park Run

By Ewan, Year 4.


Year 6 SATs


All Year 6 parents are invited to attend an information meeting about the SATs at 2.30pm on Monday 6th March.

SATs week starts on Monday 8th May 2017 and attending this meeting will help you prepare your child for them, and will also give you the opportunity to look through past SATs papers so you can see what is expected.

If you are attending please send back the reply slip on the letter that was sent home with your child.


Year 3 Learn All About the History of Medicine


Diversity House visited Year 3 last week to share a message of the history of medicine, particularly the invention of the smallpox vaccine. The children were really engaged in the information and completed their activities with enthusiasm. Thank you to the Diversity House Team who will be visiting us again over the next few months.



Westlands Primary's School Games Blog!


Welcome to Westlands Primary's School Games Blog!

As part of Westlands Primary School's on-going commitment to providing quality physical education and competitive sport, you are now able to access our School Games profile and blog! Our first entry has been written by Mr Pettett and will be continued by the children.

So far this year we have attended and held a number of sporting events and the blog will let you know all about the fantastic work undertaken by Westie's Champions (the children chosen to represent Westlands Primary School).

Just follow this link and start enjoying the exciting journey of Westie's Champions!

Your School Games

We look forward to sharing the rest of our sporting accomplishments with you!




We are delighted to be announce that the water heating issues in the swimming pool have now been resolved and all swimming activities will therefore start up again from Monday 27th February.

Years 2-6 Please remember to send your child in with a full swimming kit on their designated swimming lesson day.


Year 6 Platinum Class


We will be walking the children from Year 6 Platinum Class to Westlands Secondary School on Wednesday 1st March to visit their library as part of book week.

This will be during school hours, and therefore there is no change to collection points or times.

If you DO NOT consent for your child to walk to Westlands Secondary with the rest of the class please speak to Mrs Lonergan.


World Book Day


World Book Day is on Thursday 2nd March this year. We will be celebrating this as an entire week of book-based learning, between 27th   of February and 3rd of March. It is a great week to encourage reading at home.

Book Week activities:

Dress up Friday!

On Friday 3rd March, we will be dressing up as a favourite book character. In the past, we have seen some mind-blowing efforts and I am sure that the children will look just as impressive this year. It is a wonderful day and the children enjoy the fact that they can have a Literacy or Maths lesson, which is taught by Snow White, Harry Potter or even an Oompah Loompah. We look forward to seeing just how creative you and your child can be.

Extreme Read

Perhaps your child could read (maybe even to Buddy Bear if they are Foundation Stage or Year 1), in an unusual place? Send in a photograph and we can display it in our library. Past extreme readers have been snapped on the back of a motorbike (obviously one that is parked!), sat under a tree and in the back seat of the car. Where will your child be photographed? We would love to see them reading at home


Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamp Design Competition


This year, for only the fourth time in their history, Royal Mail is running a fantastic national art competition for primary school children to design their own Christmas stamp.

The theme for this competition is ‘What does the Christmas season mean to you?’

There will be two lucky winners of this national competition who will see their design made into one of the 1st or 2nd class stamps for 2017. In addition, winners will also win a cash prize for their school and vouchers for their family.

Westlands Primary School will be providing all children with an entry form for this competition so that every child in the school can participate if they wish.

Please look out for the entry form that will be sent home with your child shortly, and remember to return all completed entries to school no later than Friday 10th March 2017.

Previous winning designs.




Years 4, 5 and 6 will start swimming again this week. Please ensure that you send your child in with a full swim kit on the following days:

Tuesday afternoon - Year 5 Aquamarine

Wednesday morning - Year 4 (all classes)

Thursday afternoon - Year 6 Platinum


Year 5 & 6 Dodge Ball Tournament


On Wednesday 8th February, Westlands Primary School children from Years 5 and 6 attended the Sheerness and Sittingbourne School Sport Partnership dodge ball tournament. Sixteen schools attended totalling to a huge thirty six teams!
e1cc055360577a5 preview.jpg

With Mr Pettett and Mr Kemp, they travelled to the Oasis Academy. In the first and second matches they were finding their feet, tactics and settling nerves but after a break they threw themselves into winning ways by picking up an amazing 10 points out of 10! In the next match, they added another 3 points to their total and in the final game scored another 4 points.


It was a mind-blowing performance from all of the children who attended, and they all really enjoyed representing our school. The team consisted of Jade, Elsie, Safia, Keira, Scott, Harley. They all deserve a huge round of applause to go with their certificates!


Year R Dresses Up - People Who Help Us


Today Year R embodied their topic of People Who Help Us by dressing up as their favourite helpful member of the community including firemen, policemen, vets and nurses as well as the odd superhero or two.


It was lovey to see the staff get involved as well as the children to cover this exciting topic.

What a great way to start the half term break!


Safer Internet Day


Today is safer internet day.  This week the children will be learning more about how to keep themselves safe online.  The theme for Safer Internet Day 2017 is 'Be the change: Unit for a better internet'.  This is a good opportunity to speak to your child about how they can keep themselves safe online, and how you can help.

These are our top tips:

  1. Be the change - Play your part in making the internet a better place. Be positive, show respect and help people if they are upset.
  2. Be sensible - Always tell a trusted adult if you are ever worried or upset by something that happens online. They are always there for you to ask for help if you are unsure about anything you see online.
  3. Be careful - Keep your personal information safe and check with an adult before you share anything online. Personal information includes your email address, phone number and password.
  4. Be aware - Make sure you know the rules about how to behave and stay safe on the sites, games and apps you use. Look out for buttons that let you block, mute and report other users who aren’t behaving.
  5. Be a detective - The internet is full of brilliant things to watch, explore and learn from but not everything or everyone online can be trusted. Think carefully by checking at least three different websites for your information and talking to someone about what you have seen to see if they agree.
  6. Be safe - Never agree to meet up offline with someone you only know online. No matter how friendly they might seem or how well you think you know them, they are still a stranger. Always tell a trusted adult if someone online asks to meet up.

Click the links to watch useful videos with hints and tips to keep safe on the internet, or to play games that help children learn about internet safety:

Top Tis for under 11s

For 5 – 7 year olds

For 8 – 10 year olds

There is another area for older children if older brothers or sisters need a safer internet update.  Just go to the website and follow the links.

If you are a child and you see something you don’t like on the internet, or if something makes you feel unsafe, then tell a trusted adult at home or at school.  You can also click on the ‘CLICK CEOP’ button on our website to report your worries safely.


Science in Action!


Recently, Year 4 and 5 wondered whether or not they could set money alight and for it not to burn.

They found out that money will actually burn if you dip it into a pure alcohol solution.

To keep it safe, the secret, of course, is the addition of water to the mixture.

 Well done to Mrs Oswald for being so brave in volunteering £5 to test it on!


KS1 get ready for Mothers Day


Mothers Day is coming up soon and the KM newspaper group is running a ‘My Mum’ feature where children from Year R to Year 2 submit hand drawn pictures of their mum.

A booklet of these entries will be distributed along with the newspaper issue on 24 March. With over 21 000 entries submitted last year, we are excited to have our children’s work be a part of this community-wide initiative.

Westlands looks forward to celebrating Fathers Day in a similar way as we approach June.


Year 3's Fiery Experiment


Year 3 turned up the heat last week as they spent time learning about chemical changes in matter. Using alcohol, water and a mixture of both, children had to predict how each substance would affect a piece of paper when it was lit.

Mr Kimber donned the necessary safety gear to carry out the experiment safely and children loved watching the results.


Year 5's Entrepreneurial Spirit!


This term Year 5 are working towards setting up their own small businesses. Virgin Money are doing a "Make £5 grow" scheme were children are given £5 to spend and make it "grow."

The children have now chosen their product they wish to make and sell as well as write a product review, conduct market research on whether or not it is suitable and finally, they pitched their business idea to Mrs Hopkins and Miss Chant on Monday and impressed them with their presentation skills and business savvy.

Look out for the entrepreneurial event later this term!


Lorry Visit


Year 1’s topic of Transport came to life when Mr Watson the lorry driver brought his lorry to visit them at Westlands Primary.
Children had the opportunity to have a good look at the huge vehicle, ask the driver questions and, most importantly, climb up into the cab.

This was a fantastic experience for the children and it showed on their smiling faces; their eyes wide with surprise when the rumbling engine was started.

Thank you to Mr Watson and Fowler Welch for making Year 1’s day!


Weather Vane Design Competition


Recently, Westlands Primary students were challenged to design a new weather vane to match the lovely new buildings of the school.
Students across the school spent time at home and in class working on their design. They had to consider creative and technical elements to include in their design that represents Westlands Primary the best. Construction company Kier very kindly offered to build the winning design to be displayed on the Westlands Primary rooftop for all to see.

The competition was tough due to the high quality of entries so well done to all the students for their effort. Congratulations to Diamond of Onyx class (Year 4) who produced the winning design. We look forward to seeing your creation soon!


Karate at Westlands


Last week Westlands Primary was visited by Karate Leadership UK lead by the enthusiastic Sensei Master Marsh and Sensei Jensen.
Classes from Year 1 right up to Year 6 got to experience their very own 30-minute karate workshop that introduced them to the principles and philosophy of karate. Master Marsh explained how karate trains the body to also train the mind, adding how self-discipline and respect were the core principles of karate. 

Children also got to experience the physical elements through drills of stances, punches and kicks at the command of Master Marsh, whose bellowing voice really motivated the children to do their best. Karate Leadership UK currently have an after-school club at Westlands Primary which is full up! 

Spaces will hopefully become available in future and we encourage those interested to get involved! 
Thank you Master Marsh and Karate Leadership UK for sharing something unique with the school. 


New year, New Start!


A new year a new start for the children in Emerald, Ruby and Amber class!

The children have moved into their new classrooms and are enjoying their new space. The children still have their own classrooms but there are internal doors that are opened up for the children during their ‘free flow’ time. This gives the children the chance to mix with children in the other classes and further develop their social skills.


The children have really enjoyed having a different outside space and are quickly learning the new rules and routines. We can’t wait to invite you all in to have a look.



Christmas Cheer at Westlands


Westlands Primary spread Christmas cheer this week at multiple Christmas Assemblies held at Sittingbourne Baptist Church. The children spent many hours rehearsing songs and preparing props for their performances. It was lovely to have family members and friends attend the assemblies in the church listening to a variety of hymns and Christmas songs sung by year groups as well as individual classes. I'm sure everyone will agree it was a festive event that set the tone for the lead up to Christmas.

A particular thank you to Mrs Boweman, our music teacher, for all her hard work preparing the children for this very special event. Well done to all the staff and children for their efforts!


Year 2 Great Fire of London Topic


We are learning about the Great Fire of London as part of our topic work.

The website is a fabulous website to support the children's learning and we have used it in class.

Please be aware that this website does have a Minecraft experience, which we have not used in school.

It would be great if you could log onto this website with your child for some extra support to their learning of this topic.


Christmas Assemblies


If you haven't already done so, please ensure that you complete and return the consent slip for your child to walk to Sittingbourne Baptist Church for our Christmas assemblies.

The dates are as follows:

Year R - Friday 9th December

Year 1 & 2 - Tuesday 13th December

Year 3 & 4 - Wednesday 14th December

Year 5 & 6 - Thursday 15th December

All assemblies will start at 2pm and finish at 2.40pm. You are welcome to join us at the church, and if you do you will be able to take your child home from there rather than them walking back to school.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for our afternoon of Christmas celebrations.


Black History Day at WPS!


On Friday 11th, Year 3 pupils from Westlands Primary School visited Phoenix House in Sittingbourne to take part in a learning initiative with the local charity Diversity House. The initiative is a focus of the charity; keen to highlight the importance and brilliance of Black history and culture throughout the world, especially by teaching the young. The Year 3 children were not sure what was about to be encountered as they walked from their school in Homewood Avenue, but were quickly delighted by the passion of the Diversity House instructors as they got stuck straight in with the learning fun. Split into groups of 4, each group rotated between the 4 activities provided by Diversity House.


One group sat at a table and chairs, sitting fascinated by the teachings of Black History, in particularly the use of hair and braiding in Black cultures throughout the world and throughout history. The second group took part in the most elaborate of dance sessions! Beginning by breaking the ice with some hilarious party games, the session then moved on to teaching some traditional African dances, which further engrossed the children as the move-set was reminiscent of “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”! Whilst some were at first a little nervous to perform, eventually all joined in with dancing smiles too. The next group enjoyed a quieter moment in which they investigated Black cultural fashion in history, building to the point at which they constructed their very own fascinators to be perched upon their heads! Each fascinator was made from a great variety of fabrics and the bold and vibrant colours intrigued the children even further. The final group took part in what was by far the loudest of all the activities laid out by Diversity House, indeed as the wondrous music that came from it emanated out to all the other groups in separate rooms! The African Drumming session was a highlight for all, as the children sat around their Drumming Instructor for the day, Mr Roger Allotey, who introduced the excited children to the basics of rhythmic drumming, progressing to the point at which the Westlands Primary pupils could commit to call and respond rhythms and play to Roger’s command. The beat of the ensemble drumming caused the room to shake and the rhythm went through to the hearts of each of the children. By the day’s end, the children were utterly enthralled by the incredible work of Diversity House and the role that Black History has had on our world.


Christmas Church Assemblies


We would like to take the children to Sittingbourne Baptist Church for our Christmas Assemblies. They will sing lots of songs and, once again, perform as a class. The dates are:

Year R – Friday 9th December...
Year 1 & 2 – Tuesday 13th December
Year 3 & 4 – Wednesday 14th December
Year 5 & 6 – Thursday 15th December

All assemblies will start at 2pm and finish at 2.40pm.

We will be walking to and from the church and will be back at school in time for the usual home time. However parents and carers are warmly welcomed to join us in our celebrations at the church, and if you do then you will be able to collect your child directly from the church after the assembly. Alternatively, you can collect your child from school at 3.15pm as usual.

The PTFA will be there with mince pies available after the assembly for any parents who would like to stay for a while and enjoy a yummy festive treat in the church.

Please complete and return the consent slip that was sent home with your child and return it to the school office by no later than Wednesday 30th November 2016.

We are looking forward to our afternoons of Christmas celebrations!


Anti-Bullying Week!


As last week was Anti-Bullying Week, Westlands Primary has been looking into why it is so important to put an end to bullying.

We have been learning how to show victims of bullying that they can talk to people about stopping it, and why people bully in the first place.

To help raise awareness of bullying being a serious thing, Year 6 have made these tremendous anti-bullying posters, which can be found all around the school!


Not only this, but Year 6 have also been creating some pro-friendship posters too; showing off the best parts about being a kind and friendly person!


WELL DONE to Year 6 for such superb work and for setting a marvellous example as leaders of our school throughout Anti-Bullying Week!


Year 4 Get Experimental!


Year 4 were getting extremely experimental last week, as they involved lemons, potatoes and balloons in their learning!

Mr Pettett's class enjoyed learning about pressure and how we use it, in this case, to fire plastic pots across the classroom and potato chunks across the school field!


What a wonderful thing this was as the children delighted in the explosive-like booms which proceeded seeing potato pieces arc across the sky to the waiting and highly grateful seagulls below!


Mrs Oswalds class were fascinated by the strange sounds coming from the tools their teacher had gathered for them.

There was the straw which, when accurately cut, was give a whistle as it was blown, not to mention the eerie whizzing sound coming from the inflated balloon with a mechanical nut inside as it was whirled around, and of course there was the incredible wailing noise coming from the sound-tube as it too was whirled about! We're used to odd noises coming from the Year 4 corridor, but this was something else!

Miss Rowson meanwhile was sharing with her class the bright, and not at all sour, idea of using the acidic energy within a lemon to power (using lots of connecting wires and metalic clamps) a real lightbulb!


Fantastic stuff from all of Year 4 and certainly a terrific way to get into some practical science!



Westlands Primary Remembers


At 11am, on the 11th day of the 11th month, all pupils of Westlands Primary stood for the two minutes silence in remembrance of those who have lost their lives in conflicts throughout the world.

To read more about how dignified the pupils were in remembering the fallen, please click here.

Year 4 pupil Ryan wrote a magnificient poem dedicated to the event, reading:

"Remember them

Everyone will be remembered

Money given to help the people

Everyone lives

Money for poppies

But they live

Eternity is how long they live

Risks were made

And they may not have survived but they watch

Never gone

Can’t die

End is never the thing that happens. They still see you, they hear you, and they could be here right now; you just don’t see them"





Parents Evening Reponse


Westlands Primary would like to thank all our Parents and Carers for attending the Parents Evenings last week.

We were exceedingly pleased to recieve back the response forms from everyone, which featured overwhelming positive thoughts and praise, as well as thoughtful contributions. Thank you for taking the time fill these out as it helps us know your thoughts.

Attending a Parents Evening is a vital moment in the year, for the school, for you as Parents and Carers, and most importantly for the children as it gives them the opportunity to see how much we all care for their well being, education and future.

Thank you


Violet's Athletics Success!


Last Saturday evening, Violet was awarded several beautiful awards at the Swale Athletics Awards Evening!

With a Silver for Shot Put, a Gold for Long Jump (with a personal best of 3 meters and 10 inches - Violet was keen to tell me), and another Gold in the 75m Sprint; Violet sure is giving her all in athletics!

As well as this, Violet was awarded a very special trophy; the Best Girl Under 11! This was awarded for Violet's enthusiasm for athletics, working hard and attending every event and fun run!

Spectacular stuff from Violet and an inspiration to us all to do our best and showing up to do so!




Milk Bottle Elmers!


EYFS have not quite finished with their Elmer the Patchwork Elephant topic just yet; as an ingenious creative idea was discovered to help the children become further immersed in their learning!

With a very cleverly cut milk carton, a whole lot of tissue paper squares and, of course, two googly eye; it was left to the children to decorate their own creation and come out with their very own Elmer!

Stunning stuff from EYFS and their Elmers! Keep it up!




Important Notice


Please ensure that your child brings a pair of wellies in to school, as with the change of weather the fields are now quite soggy and muddy.

Thank you.


Important Notice


Please ensure that your child brings a pair of wellies in to school, as with the change of weather the fields are now quite soggy and muddy.

Thank you.


Year 4 Swimming


Please note that Year 4 will now be swimming on a Wednesday morning, not Thursday as previously advised.

Your child should bring in their swimming costume and towel every Wednesday morning.


School Photos


Your child's school photograph will be coming home in their book bag today.

Please ensure that all order forms and payments are returned by Wednesday 2nd November (that's Wednesday this week).

Unfortunately we will be unable to accept any late orders.

Thank you


Welcome Back!


WELCOME BACK to Term 2 at Westlands Primary School!

This term is due to follow the trend that we seek to set each and every term at WPS; that we will have even more exciting events, some thrilling and wondrous learning and a whole lot of fun!

Now, whilst this excitement is all set to be so and the joy of returning has been evident by the beaming expressions upon the children's faces, there has been something spooky going on at WPS, and as with all strange happenings; we look to EYFS (or Mrs Monticelli)!

Today the children were horrifically delighted to find their classrooms had been decorated terrifyingly well so as to celebrate the Halloween season!

With grinning pumpkins a'plenty, cobwebs and creepy crawlies all about, the EYFS pupils found the decor to suit them superbly as they began their writing, their devilishly artistic efforts and their TUFF spot work!

Yes, spooky though things may be today, Westlands Primary is looking forward to a wonderful Autumn term!

Make sure you bring in your complete uniform (especially coats for the chilly weather) and are in school and ready for learning by 08:45 each morning!

Collection and drop-off times and places are the same as last term, as is our sincere gratitude to our school community for their patience as our school improves.