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Red Creations!


Last Friday, the children impressed everyone with their fantastic creations using their single piece of red card! Each class chose their winner and they were given a prize for their effort! These will be kept safe until they go on display at Parents Evenings next week. Make sure to have a look at them all.

Well done to everyone who took part!



All aboard!


Last week in EYFS we learnt all about trains. We enjoyed reading and retelling the stories ‘The train ride’ and ‘The magic train ride’.  The children were excited to imagine all the different places they could go on the train, some decided to go to Lego land or cake land and even party land.

We created trains in lots of different ways such a painting or building both inside and out. Then we finished off our week by baking and decorating train biscuits.



Car Park


Please note that in an effort to keep all pedestrians on site safe we will no longer be opening the main gates to the car park at any time throughout the day, including before and after school.

The car park is for staff use only. Parents and carers are kindly asked to park off site and walk in one of the pedestrian entrances.

Thank you for your understand and helping us keep our school community safe.


Science Week


This week key stage two have been joining in with all the fun of British Science week. We have performed numerous experiments this week and learned lots.

  We learned about sycamore trees’ helicopter leaves and tested out how they worked by making our own paper helicopters. The children loved this and thought really carefully about why their creations were spinning instead of just falling to the floor.

 We also put milk, food colouring and washing up liquid together and were astounded to see the food colouring disappear to the bottom of the mixture as soon as the washing up liquid was added. More food colouring was needed for the next experiment, in which we put two different colours of food colouring and water and put a paper towel between them. We then got to watch the two colours travel up the towel until they mixed in the middle.

 Perhaps the children’s favourite experiment was the home made slime. The children loved getting their hands messy and feeling the way the cornflour and water is sometimes solid and sometimes liquid.




Instructions - learning how to make ourselves clear!


Years 5 and 6 have been learning to write accurate and easy to follow instructions. We did this by firstly making jam sandwiches.

Initially, the wrote some instructions on making a jam sandwich, before they had made one. Then they had to use instructions written by another pair to make a sandwich...the results were - well - interesting! Take a look:


Erynn, Liam and David, all found that the instructions that they were following did not exactly work.

Next, they wrote a new set of instructions before making their final sandwich. These were much more successful and some sandwiches (which were actually edible) were the final result.

The children then used their instruction writing skills to write some instructions, on how to hold a lavish Hobbit dinner party. Their efforts - including some of their beautifully designed invitations and menus are displayed outside Titanium Class.


World Book Day 2019


A massive ‘thank you and well done’ to all of the children who took part in World Book Day. There were some truly superb costumes and one winner was chosen per year group - and a very difficult choice it was to make too! It was amazing to see such a range of creative ideas and the children really did enjoy coming to school as a book character for the day.

The best costume winners:

Muhammad in Year R, Samuel in Year 1, Olivia in Year 2, Kianna in Year 3, Gracie in Year 4, Anna in Year 5 and Katie in Year 6. All children received a certificate and a book as a prize.


Here are some of the other amazing costumes...

Shared hour of reading

Children across the school went to different year groups to share books for an hour. Some of our year 6 prefects even ventured down to the Nursery to share books with some of our youngest children. They very much enjoyed it - in fact, we had trouble getting them back to school! Lots of children brought their favourite books in from home and it was magical to see them listening intently and discussing the stories.




Walking Bus


Even in the rain, we still have fun walking to school!  

Hope you will join us on our walking Bus !! 


SIMS Parent Lite App


Have you downloaded the new SIMS Parent Lite app yet?

You can review and request changes to the data held on you and your child direct from your phone. Alternatively you can log in to the service at

In order to keep your information secure we will no longer be sending paper copies of the data collection sheets home for you to check.

If you haven't already activated your account and would like a new invitation code sent to you, please contact the school office on 01795 470862 to confirm your email address.




This week in the reception classes we have been learning about different kinds of boats for our transport learning this term. We have been wondering what makes a good boat and how a design, and its materials, can help it to float. We ended the week with a boat race in the swimming pool to test our boats. Most of them floated so we decided that it was due to the use of plastic, especially if our boat was hollow and full of air. We used the swimming floats to waft our boats half way across the swimming pool and we did heats to see who would be in our final five. Freddie won in Ruby class, Wayne from Amber and Tommy from Emerald. Well done boys!




World Book Day


Quartz Class thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day!  

Their costumes were amazing - thank you for your efforts



Road Crossing Patrol


Sadly, Mr Bacon will be leaving us after the Easter break and we are sure you would all like to join us in thanking him for helping us get to and from school safely each day. We wish him well for the future.

The advertisement for a replacement is on the KCC website - please share the link

Road Crossing Patrol


Rainbow Fish


EYFS thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ through dance with a workshop created by a professional actor from West End in Schools. The story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ was brought to life with the children’s imaginations, they loved jumping inside the book and acting out different characters from the story!

The children had so much fun and loved writing about the story when they returned back to their classrooms.

Thankyou West End in schools and well done EYFS!




All about Shape!


This week, Year 2 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes! We have learnt the names of all our 2D and 3D shapes as well as finding out how many vertices, edges and faces 3D shapes have! We ended the week by investigating how many triangles we could make using just 12 lollypop sticks. A few children even decided to show what they had learnt by making 3D shapes using sticks and blu tack!






On the the last Friday of term, 6 children from year 3 and 4 attended a dodgeball tournament in Faversham!

They were against other schools in Faversham and Sittingbourne. The children played fantastically, Miss Irving and Mr Kemp were extremely proud as they came 3rd in the group after a play off to the semi finals, unfortunately losing by one point!

“ I was nervous going into the playoffs but when we got started we played great and I really enjoyed it!” Oliver, Year 3

The children showed wonderful sportsmanship, shaking the other teams hand after the games.

Well done to our Westlands dodgeball team :)



Pabulum Special Menu Days


Pabulum will be serving up pancakes after school dinner on TUESDAY 5th MARCH 2019. If your child would like a pancake, with their choice of lemon, sugar, and syrup toppings, please book their school meal via Parent Pay. Unfortunately children who have packed lunches can not sign up for pancakes only.

On THURSDAY 7th MARCH 2019 there will be a 'World Book Day' menu of:

* silly sausage goes to school (sausage in a sub roll)

* BFG human bean burrito (mixed bean burrito)

* Where's Wally wedges (hand cut potato wedges)

* Jack's magic beans (baked beans)

* James & the giant peach crumble with custard

* Willie Wonka's whipple-scrumptious delight (chocolate mousse)

* Mr McGregor's fruit platter


Please remember that ALL school dinners must be booked in advance even if your child is entitled to a free school meal. This ensures that our kitchen staff can prepare the right amount of food.

If you are not entitled to free school meals please make sure your account is paid up to date, and remember that you are able to load 'credit' onto your account to pay in advance.

If you have any questions regarding school dinners or the booking/payment of them please call Pabulum direct on 01252 360569

We hope the children enjoy these special menus.



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