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2020-2021 TERM DATES


We wanted to share with you the reason why we will only be having a one-week break in October next year, as opposed to the 2 weeks that we have had in the past.


Due to the August bank holiday being on Monday 31st August 2020 this means that we cannot come back early as usual. We will therefore be having the extra week during summer, and the October half term will be reduced to one week in length as a result.


Term dates 2020-2021




Miss Rowson wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the children for their fantastic efforts in making the scarecrows and also to parents/carers for taking the time to come into school and vote.


This year we decided to run our own in-school competition to help us determine 4 winners (one from each phase). These winners are then to be taken up to the Kent Show Ground, Detling, to take part in the annual Garden Show which runs across the bank holiday weekend. There is a further competition at the show that means our four winning scarecrows will go against other schools.


So here are the results from our in-school competition…


Early Years Foundation Stage: Emerald Class (Spiderman)


Years 1 & 2: Coral Class


Years 3 & 4: Onyx Class (Batman)


Years 5 & 6: Palladium Class (Skellig)


Well done, and good luck!


Once again, thank you and we hope you can make it to the Garden Show!




Mathletics Update


This term has seen an impressive flurry of activity on Mathletics. Amazingly, EIGHT golden certificates have been achieved this term, taking us up to a school record of twenty two golden certificates so far this year!

Here is the list of ‘Golden Heroes’ in full, including three children who have earned two gold certificates each this year already. The brighter colour boxes show the eight children who have gained gold certificates this term.

Mathletics Mania Results, Term 5


Each term we like to see which class has achieved the most certificates, with the winning classes being awarded one of our amazing trophies!


Years 1 & 2


Garnet Class have come out winners in both Terms 3 and 4, but can they do it again? Will another class  beat them this time?

Congratulations Garnet: winners three times in a row!


Years 3 & 4


Competition is tight in Years 3 and 4; the scores are usually so close that only a few certificates separate each class. Quartz were the winners last time, but who has emerged victorious in Term 5?

A huge surge from Onyx Class saw them rise rapidly through the standings and claim the top spot, well done Onyx!


Years 5 & 6


Years 5 and 6 always manage to accumulate a huge number of certificates, with Tourmaline earning the most in the whole school last term. Scores are always close in Years 5 and 6, so who triumphed this term?

Congratulations to Tourmaline Class, winners for the second term in a row!


Whole School Top 5


Fantastic work from Years 3 and 4 this term, with three classes in the whole school top 5! In addition, the runaway winners this term were Onyx, who set a new school record for the most Mathletics certificates earned in one term! Congratulations Onyx Class!





EYFS have been reading the story ‘Dear Zoo’.


The children have been busy writing letters to the zoo, they have asked the zoo to send them their perfect pet.


Jack wrote a letter asking for a pet tiger, he said in his letter that he has plenty of meaty food for the tiger to eat and a bed up high in a box with a pillow and a bed sheet for him to sleep and night. He would take the tiger to the park and play on the slide.


The next day a delivery arrived at the school office with a label; FROM THE ZOO, FRAGILE AND DANGER!!


We received two elephants, two snakes, three monkeys and two giraffes!


One cheeky monkey escaped out of one of the boxes. Mrs Strachan found him helping himself to the jelly and ice-cream in the kitchen. Then he started helping himself to David’s lunch box. David must have been hiding something yummy in that lunch box! Johnlee let the monkey have a little taste before he was send back to the Zoo. Lacie opened her lunchbox and found a SNAKE!!


Meanwhile, there was trouble in the office; Miss Bruce had to rescue Mrs Powell as she found a snake on her chair!! Luckily Miss Bruce knew just what to do! She used her mighty strength to catch the snake and she called the emergency zoo helpline and sent the animals back safely.


Phew… let’s hope that we receive our perfect pet soon!







Year 3 have started learning about different creatures and their habitats in preparation for our Science. Each class is nurturing caterpillars which have now developed their cocoon and we now have to wait for them to change into butterflies. (We are really hoping that this doesn’t happen over Half Term and we miss it!) This is a fascinating process and is called METAMORPHOSIS.


Our topic for this term is learning about our local environment and we are going to be creating our own maps of the school, investigating features of Sittingbourne and planning a trip through the town next term. We even wrote to Mr Payne using our wonderful persuasive skills, to ask for a range of equipment which will make play times even better than they already are!


Knowing that we will soon be Year 4s, we have been showing our best work in all lessons. We love ‘Wicked Writing’ every afternoon and have really been working hard on using a range of good vocabulary, sentences and detail. Have a read of Laila’s description - we think it’s amazing!





This morning when Mrs Strachan arrived at school there was a delivery that had arrived, and it had labels on it saying "FROM THE ZOO", "DANGER" and "FRAGILE".


She's not quite sure what to do with it and so is going to ask the children what they think we should do.


We all need to look out for a cheeky monkey though, as he has escaped out of one of the boxes!


The children have been writing letters to the zoo asking for a pet, however I'm not sure the pet they have asked for has arrived!!!!




EYFS had a wonderful start to their animal topic this term ‘animals’.


We started the week learning about the types of animals that live on a farm.


On Friday morning the children were very excited to hear the sound of lambs and ducks travel through the school corridors.


Leon was very helpful setting up the animal enclosures. There were lambs, hens and ducks, and baby rabbits! Sarah from Creepy Claws brought with her a few other surprise animals; a baby owl (owlet), guinea pigs, with hair and one without hair (a skinny pig!), and Fidget the tortoise.


Sarah explained the importance of her farm and how she cares for all her animals. The children noticed how the owlets head kept bobbing up and down, Reed commented ‘"he owl is dancing!" and Freddie said ‘the lamb is so soft’.


Sarah explained that this is because the owlet is leaning to capture sound waves and judge its position and distance of thing around it. Lexie really enjoyed holding the rabbit and wanted to take it home.


The children were very lucky to be able to get close to all the animals, what a brilliant day!


Well done EYFS and thank you Creepy Claws!





We are delighted to confirm that the next health and well-being drop in session will be held on Thursday next week (23rd May 2019).


This free session will be held in the main school hall from 8.45am – 10am, and you will be able to:


• Enjoy a cup of tea/coffee;


• Look through the unclaimed lost property and take items that you may need (all items have been washed by us);


• Choose from non-uniform clothes and shoes donated by other parents;


• Take advantage of the food bank items donated to us by a local supermarket;


• Pick up some healthy eating advice;


• Receive advice on head lice and personal care.



We look forward to welcoming you to this school community morning.





Last Thursday EYFS were lucky enough to have a day out at Wingham Wildlife Park to support our topic this term all about animals.


The children impressed us all with their brilliant behaviour and super listening all day. The day started with an exciting coach ride to Wingham, and for many of the children it was their first time on a coach. We had fun spotting the sights out of the windows.


Once we arrived at Wingham, the fun really started. We began the day with a workshop where we learnt all about snakes and spiders. We asked lots of sensible questions and were extra quiet so we didn’t scare the animals.


The children set off with their classes to explore the park. Amber class were so excited to see the dinosaurs. They even got to hunt for dinosaur bones and eggs. Alfie said ‘I liked hunting for the dinosaur eggs, we found them hiding in the sand’.


We were not going to let the rain spoil our fun and it didn’t seem to bother the animals. We were lucky enough to see lions, chimpanzees, snakes, flamingos and penguins. Khloe told Miss Arthurs ‘The penguins are my favourite, I want to swim all day like them’. We even had chance to watch the penguins being fed.


The trip has inspired some brilliant work by the children who have been busy writing about the day and producing their own Wingham inspired maps.


Well done to all the children in EYFS, you made us all very proud of you by showing us your sensible behaviour and great listening on your first school trip!

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We are pleased to announce that the Walking Bus will start again on Monday 20th May 2019.

Please see the map attached for the collection points and times.





Aquamarine have been reading Wild Boy during their English lessons. It is a very interesting book, that all are enjoying.


We have been writing lyric poems this week from Wild Boy’s point of view. They are full of emotion! Here are just a couple of examples.


Parents of Year 5; if you want to see more, we have our drop-in session from 2.30pm on 17th May!






You may remember a short while ago that we were considering the possibility of changing the uniform for Years 5 and 6 from a blazer to a v-neck jumper.

Having seen samples and acquired some quotes for pricing, we have made the decision that it would not be in the best interests of our community to make the change at this time.

Please note, therefore, that Years 5 and 6 will continue to wear the blazer and blazer badge, tie and white collared shirt.

We look forward to seeing our current Year 4 pupils wearing their new blazers when they go up to Year 5 in August.





In the reception classes last week, we were reading and retelling the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


We have been exploring mini beasts that we find in our outside area as well as all the fruit and vegetables that the caterpillar eats.


Caterpillars have arrived in our classrooms and so far we have seen them grow bigger and bigger in their little pots of special food.


We have been learning about their life cycle, so we know that they will be preparing their cocoons soon, when we will move them to their bigger nets.


We can’t wait for them to change into beautiful butterflies!





Year R made some dinosaur eggs, and they were so realistic that the dinosaurs have been and taken them!

We need dinosaur detectives to help us find them!!


Keep checking back for an update .....

Dinosaur eggs 2.jpg Dinosaur eggs.jpg


London’s Burning!!


…Or WPS Forest School was on the last afternoon of term!


Children in Year 2 have learnt everything there is to know about the Great Fire of London this term and they rounded things up by recreating the tragedy.


All the children built a house during their Art and DT lessons and when they set them up, they made sure that they were all packed tightly together and were placed in narrow rows just like it would have been in 1666.


There was even a few gusts of strong wind, just like during the real thing!


The children had great fun watching their creations burn and even got to explore the ash afterwards!

image4_1.jpg image2_1.jpg image3_1.jpg


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