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Science Week


This week key stage two have been joining in with all the fun of British Science week. We have performed numerous experiments this week and learned lots.

  We learned about sycamore trees’ helicopter leaves and tested out how they worked by making our own paper helicopters. The children loved this and thought really carefully about why their creations were spinning instead of just falling to the floor.

 We also put milk, food colouring and washing up liquid together and were astounded to see the food colouring disappear to the bottom of the mixture as soon as the washing up liquid was added. More food colouring was needed for the next experiment, in which we put two different colours of food colouring and water and put a paper towel between them. We then got to watch the two colours travel up the towel until they mixed in the middle.

 Perhaps the children’s favourite experiment was the home made slime. The children loved getting their hands messy and feeling the way the cornflour and water is sometimes solid and sometimes liquid.



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