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Last Thursday EYFS were lucky enough to have a day out at Wingham Wildlife Park to support our topic this term all about animals.


The children impressed us all with their brilliant behaviour and super listening all day. The day started with an exciting coach ride to Wingham, and for many of the children it was their first time on a coach. We had fun spotting the sights out of the windows.


Once we arrived at Wingham, the fun really started. We began the day with a workshop where we learnt all about snakes and spiders. We asked lots of sensible questions and were extra quiet so we didn’t scare the animals.


The children set off with their classes to explore the park. Amber class were so excited to see the dinosaurs. They even got to hunt for dinosaur bones and eggs. Alfie said ‘I liked hunting for the dinosaur eggs, we found them hiding in the sand’.


We were not going to let the rain spoil our fun and it didn’t seem to bother the animals. We were lucky enough to see lions, chimpanzees, snakes, flamingos and penguins. Khloe told Miss Arthurs ‘The penguins are my favourite, I want to swim all day like them’. We even had chance to watch the penguins being fed.


The trip has inspired some brilliant work by the children who have been busy writing about the day and producing their own Wingham inspired maps.


Well done to all the children in EYFS, you made us all very proud of you by showing us your sensible behaviour and great listening on your first school trip!

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