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Monday evening: After all our activities it was time for showers before our scrumptious dinner of meatball and pasta - then off for our evening hike. The rain didn't put us off, we all kept going and felt we'd earned our hot chocolate and bourbon biscuit before getting ready for bed.


Everybody slept well last night and has woken up bright and eager to go - and the sun is shining, hooray! We've all enjoyed a selection of cereals, fruit and cooked breakfast.


Today’s activities will include a selection of the following - pushball, air rifles, team building, Jacob ladder, crate stacking, fencing, assault course, pedal karts and everyone tonight will be participating in ‘wide game’.


Our lunch will be chicken in a bun, wedges and sweetcorn, and dinner tonight is pork chop, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy.

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