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Forest School


This year we have developed a Forest School within the school site. This is a really exciting opportunity for all the children at Westlands Primary School.


Next year we aim to open up the Forest School experience to all children who have not yet attended and build on their skills each year as they go through the school.


Forest school allows children to take ownership of their own learning and experiences. We set up activities for the session such as den building or cooking over the fire but the children are free to explore and lead their own learning within the Forest School setting.


The Year 1 Garnet Class had a fantastic time at Forest school and they were so excited and embraced every new challenge.

‘We are going to toast marshmallow’s over a real fire, we are going to do it, the children, not the grown ups.’ said Rileyjames


The children built a new home for Eeyore as his house had been blown down. The children worked together to collect the wood and design the den to make it secure for poor Eeyore.

Another session the children had clay to create sculptures, this group of girls used one of the wooden stumps as a table to add water and develop their creations.


One week we had popcorn and juice at the end of our session, the children had to cook the corn over the open fire. It tasted warm and yummy!


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