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Entry 2

When the weather is too bad for us to go to the woods we have been taking part in Forest School activities around the outside area at school. One session we went on a bug hunt and then took our findings inside to create observational drawings.


We have been lighting fires using strikers and deadwood we collected ourselves. It was really difficult to us the strikers but we did not give up and kept trying until we started our fire.


One session we decided we would like to cook some noodles and have a hot chocolate. Some children kept the main fire alight and cooked the noodles while another group boiled the Kelly Kettles.


To use a Kelly Kettle you have to gather some dry deadwood from the forest then order the wood into size order. Then we made a fire in the base of the Kelly Kettles using the deadwood and a striker to get the fire started. Once the fire was established we carefully put the chimney part of the kettle over the fire and continued to fuel the fire until the kettle boiled. It was really hard to keep it a light and we had to start again a few times but we had our hot chocolate in the end.





Entry 1

On our first week of Forest school we ate our lunch and explored the site. Sofia and Nicole found some flint to make sparks for our fire next week.

Neeko is fantastic at climbing trees, he was very careful testing the branches as he went.

Holly loved the tyre swing.

Daniel, Oliver and Nicole found a great place for a den.

Once we learnt the fire circle rules we had a fire to make some hot chocolate.

We worked together to build dens. There was some fantastic team work. At the end of our building we looked at everyone’s dens and gave positive feed back to our friends.

Nicole said ‘I like how original and unique your den is, there is lots of space it is a great design.’


Mercedes created a miniature den for the fairies to use. It was the perfect size.

On the next Forest School trip we wanted to work on our dens. Some of them were still standing even though it has been really windy. We brought tarpaulin and attached one next to our large den to create a dance floor. Karl attached the cord to the trees to pull the tarpaulin tight. Sofia and Keeley found branches to prop the middle of the shelter up, everyone worked together.

Holly and Oliver built their own dens. They worked really hard to gather all the resources they needed to create two fantastic dens.