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Breakfast Club

Term 5

We have welcomed a lot of new children into our breakfast club and was nice to see all the new faces, enjoying themselves.

Take a look at the new menu, the children have embraced all of the new foods and enjoy the variety we have on offer now.



A Selection of fruit juice, milk or water is always available, along with hot chocolate.

Fruit is either freshly chopped for breakfast toppings or eaten whole every day.


We’ve had lots of fun in Breakfast Club this term with our craft activities.  They have been proud to make lots of pictures for our spring display and they’ve been having fun playing together with a variety of toys which they help to select.


We have been enjoying the lovely weather, which has enabled us to get outside and play in the courtyard from skipping, bowling to playing tennis.


We have celebrated St George’s day with lots of activities.  The children especially enjoyed our St George’s day puzzles and drawing their own dragons


Birthdays have also been celebrated this term and have all received a little surprise from us.

We had a competition with the children to name our breakfast club.  All names were placed in a box and picked at random.  The winning name was ‘Gold Superstars’,

Our last term looks set to be exciting with our World Cup themes.  New foods from countries that are in the world cup will be introduced to our daily menu for the children to sample.




At Westlands Primary School we are passionate about supporting parents, carers and children to a great start to their day.  We believe that when children start their day the right way, they have more energy to learn throughout the day.  From cereal to fruit juice, we have everything you need to create a great breakfast club at our school.


This club runs from the beginning to the end of the school year during term time: 7.30am – 8.30am.  We aim to be flexible so we can help out parents/carers at short notice when needed, but please book in advance, whenever possible, so we can ensure there is enough food for everyone.

The different ‘zones’ set out each morning allow the children to either relax, catch up with friends, play games, solve puzzles, play social games such as learning new card games we’ve just introduced such as Go fish, Old Maid Crazy Eights and many more!  They also have construction, imagination activities with our new prompt prop cards and props, book corner, a variety of daily craft activities, plus they can keep fit with our sporty activities in the hall from 8am! 

Come along and enjoy our relaxing environment where booking has never been easier with your ParentPay account. Reserve your child(ren)’s place today. Everyone is welcome!

Price:   £2.00 per day


Our friendly staff are on hand daily to allow your child(ren) to have a great start to their day with lots of engaging activities.

Mrs Monk, Mrs Hardgraves, Mrs Peters, Mrs Dawson and Mrs Battrum.

Mrs Monk (Breakfast Club Leader)

Term 4

Sadly, we have said goodbye to Mrs Hawley who was a huge part of Westlands Primary School in her SENCo assistant and breakfast club roles.  Her calm and nurturing presence will be greatly missed and we will miss her dearly, wishing her well in her new adventures.  The children were very sad to see her leave and gave a heart-warming speech from them all.

Mrs Monk has now taken over this position and has been asking the children what fun things they would like upon their arrival and has started to put these in place. I think the photos speak for themselves with the fun they’ve been having!



The children welcome a variety of foods from our menu above.  New foods have been introduced, which have had the involvement of the children’s ideas for our ever-evolving new menu.  They have the chance to win prizes at the end of the week if they choose the ‘Westland’s Bear breakfast choice of the day’.  This has gone down a storm with everyone as they are enthusiastic when lining up and have been trying more healthier food options that have been introduced.



The children have been excited to decorate our themed display which is all about ‘Spring and Easter’.  They have produced some wonderful, colourful artwork for their display, taking pride and ownership to showcase their work. 



The children loved ‘World Book Day’ with fun, book themed word puzzles, socialising with all their book character friends with Alice, Queen of hearts and the Mad Hatter all creating a play, Harry Potter and friends creating spells on people and finding our ‘Where’s Wally’s’ whilst they hid!

Easter and St Patricks day have been celebrated this term with fun hands on activities where the children have enjoyed taking part, as well as Sports Relief where the children enjoyed some sporty activities in the hall for this wonderful charity who help so many vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries.

Birthdays have also been celebrated this term and models from our construction area showcased to the group before starting the school day.

Term 5 looks set to be exciting with celebrating St George’s day, continuing our spring activities and many more to look forward to.  We will also be asking the children to choose a name for our breakfast club, as well as introduce a new menu next term.

Mrs Monk thanks everyone for their continued support to breakfast club and in welcoming the exciting changes.