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Year 3

Opal Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Palmer-Horwood
Teaching Assistant:Mr Williamson

Pearl Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Clifton
Teaching Assistant:Mrs Mendham

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Year 3 and 4 Curriculum Overview


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Term 6

Year 3 have been creating!


We held a 'Drinks Academy' where children created their very own fruit cocktails. Each recipe made 300ml of their own mixture of juices and lemonade.


The children decided how much of each ingredient to use and measured everything so that the taste was just right! Delicious!



Term 5


Year 3 have started learning about different creatures and their habitats in preparation for our Science. Each class is nurturing caterpillars which have now developed their cocoon and we now have to wait for them to change into butterflies. (We are really hoping that this doesn’t happen over Half Term and we miss it!) This is a fascinating process and is called METAMORPHOSIS.


Our topic for this term is learning about our local environment and we are going to be creating our own maps of the school, investigating features of Sittingbourne and planning a trip through the town next term. We even wrote to Mr Payne using our wonderful persuasive skills, to ask for a range of equipment which will make play times even better than they already are!


Knowing that we will soon be Year 4s, we have been showing our best work in all lessons. We love ‘Wicked Writing’ every afternoon and have really been working hard on using a range of good vocabulary, sentences and detail. Have a read of Laila’s description - we think it’s amazing!




Term 1

Year 3 have made a great start to the year learning about the Ancient Egyptians.  We have learnt how to travel from Kent, England to Egypt, Africa and back in time.  Well, maybe not quite time-travelling yet but we are reading a super book called, ‘The Time-travelling Cat and the Egyptian goddess.’  We wrote diary entries imagining we were the main character trying to rescue his cat!

We watched a video about an intrepid explorer and his discovery of a pyramid - so we did some super writing imagining that we were him exploring through dark, dusty tunnels and finding treasures!

We are also learning about the Ancient Egyptian way of life through reading and looking at artefacts and we have created our own gods PLUS we painted our own life-size (as tall as us) sarcophagus.’

Take a peek at the photos below and enjoy!