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Year 3

Opal Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Oswald
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Holmes

Diamond Class
Class Teacher: Miss Tucker
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lawrence

Pearl Class
Class Teacher: Miss Owens
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wright

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Term 1

This term, Year 3 have been working extremely hard on their Topic of the Stone Age. During lessons, we have looked at how the first people made homes, hunted and made art. Year 3 have also been taking their learning home and working very hard at producing these amazing pieces of homework! The children have made a variety of work from posters, PowerPoints, drawings and creating their very own model Stone Age homes! Very well done Year 3!



Year 3 have also been writing poems about autumn and the Harvest festival. To help inspire our ideas, we have been out and about collecting all things autumn from our playground and school field.  The children have so far written a range of poems from Acrostic, Haiku and rhyming poems. They were already poets and they didn’t know it! Excellent work Year 3!