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Emerald class
Class Teacher: Mrs Strachan
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Beech

Ruby Class
Class Teacher: Miss Brooks, Mrs Tatham-James
Teaching Assistant: Miss Barnett

Amber Class
Class Teacher: Miss Arthurs
Teaching Assistant:Mrs Powel

EYFS Floating Teaching Assistant
Miss Soto

Term 1 Overview
Term 3 Overview
Term 4 Overview
Term 5 Overview
Term 6 Overview

Term 5

Amber, Emerald and Ruby class have been very busy in Term 5 learning about different animals.  We have had an amazing term of learning all about different animals.

Our chickens HenSolo, Rex and Westie have settled well into their new environment and we love looking after them.


We had live caterpillars delivered and we have watched them grow from tiny caterpillars to beautiful butterflies, before we released them into our Outside Area.


We had a visit from Milton Creek Park Ranger and he showed us how to add muddy faces to the trees in our outside area and we have set up a new bug hotel.  We loved this visit and have continued the work during out free flow activities.


A mobile farm came to visit us at school bring sheep and lambs, calves, chickens, goats and pigs.  We enjoyed learning about the different animals.



We have worked closely with our kitchen, and as part of our learning we made bread with the children and then baked them in the kitchen.

We have visited Wingham Wildlife Park on our EYFS School trip and loved seeing all the animals, having our lunch outside and exploring the Dinosaurs.

We have also included our parents in our learning with Stay ‘n’ Play sessions and Family swims.


The children have been working really hard on their writing this term and are proud to show off their work.


We are excited to be learning about the seaside in term 6.


Term 4

Amber, Emerald and Ruby class have been very busy in Term 4 learning about different forms of Transport.


We have been to space in a rocket… The children enjoyed reading and retelling the story ‘Whatever next’ by Jill Murphy. They also enjoyed designing and building their own rockets to go to the moon.


flown through the air in a hot air balloon..

travelled across water in boats… the children all made boats in class and then we went to the swimming pool to race them and to see which design was the most successful.  It was great fun.


and travelled through the countryside on a train. The children were excited to role play going on magical journeys using their imagination inspired by the story The magic train ride.


We also had the excitement of snow!! The children loved exploring the texture and feel of the snow. We even were lucky enough to even build snowmen in the classroom.


World Book Day on the Thursday of this week children came from around the school to share stories with the children in EYFS and on Friday we dressed up as characters from our favourite books.


And Sports Relief we wore red, had a 200m travel in the hall and learnt to dance to the 2018 Sports Relief song.  Harley was very good at the ‘Deep Sea Dive’ move!


Term 3

People who help us.

Wow what a busy and exciting term! Emerald, Ruby and Amber class have been busy learning all about people who help us. We have been very lucky this term and have had lots of visitors come to see us to talk about their exciting jobs.  In maths we have been busy looking at 2d and 3d shapes as well as solving adding and take away number sentences


To start the term we looked at teachers and people around school that help us. We then moved on to doctors and nurses where the children loved to role play fixing broken bones and bandaging one and other. We had a visit from Amelia’s Mum who is a nurse and she showed us how to put on bandages and told us all about the important job she does.


Next we learnt about the fire service. We were very excited to have a visit from Officer Neil and his team who let us explore their fire engine. The children spoke about fire safety and what to do in an emergency.


We had a visit from the police and even got to turn on the flashing sirens in the police car. We read the story ‘What the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donldson and had a fun time retelling the story


Finally we finished the term off with superheroes. We loved making our own superheroes and talking about their super powers


The early year’s team would like to thank all parents and carers for their support and hard work with the children’s projects this term. We have been blown away by the standard and imagination of all the finished projects.


We hope you all have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you back ready for a busy term 4!


Term 2

Julia Donaldson Books

Emerald, Ruby and Amber Class have been learning about the books of Julia Donaldson this term. We have been exploring our inside and outside learning environment during free flow.

Room on the Broom

We have been writing spells and retelling the story


The Snail and the Whale

The children looked at snails inside and outside in our environment and children made pastry snails to take home and cook.


The Smartest Giant in Town

The children enjoyed dressing up in different outfits and becoming different characters.  In mathematics we have been combining 2 groups together to find a total.


In the construction area they created the goat in the boat part of the story.

The Gruffalo

The children have really enjoyed this story and have created scenes from the story to use as backing for their own writing which is on display in the corridor.  They have created Gruffalo’s on bags and they created a Gruffalo biscuit.


The children went on a Gruffalo hunt outside in the school grounds.

Big Me

Amelia Wheeler’s mother came to visit us to discuss her role as a nurse, the children asked lots of questions and we all really enjoyed her visit.


We have made Christmas hoops to decorate the corridor and have made Christmas decorations to hang on the tree


Our Nativity

The children have all worked very hard to learn lines and songs for our performances.  We are all very proud of them and hope that you have enjoyed the performance as much as we have.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


Term 1

Emerald, Ruby and Amber Class have been learning about traditional tales this term. We have been exploring our inside and outside learning environment during free flow.

We started with The Gingerbread Man, we had lots of fun baking our own gingerbread men and decorating them. We went into the hall and the chef taught us how to make them really delicious.


We focused on our numbers to ten, we ordered Gingerbread Men and identified the numbers on Gingerbread Men. It was a busy week.

The Three Little Pigs was our next traditional tale. We built houses of straw, stick and bricks. Then we tested our houses to see if the Big Bad Wolf could blow the house down. We started our Read Write Inc sounds this week and began writing and reading sounds all around our learning environment.

 We acted out the story and sequenced pictures from The Three Little Pigs. Georgia’s favourite part of the story was then the sneaky wolf climbed onto the roof of the house of bricks. We made our own stew for The Three Little pigs cutting up vegetables and mixing it all together. We even made repeating patterns printing with the vegetables.

Finally we read The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have been busy building bridges and creating rafts for the Billy Goats to get across the river. The Troll even came to visit us in our classroom. He made a mess in our role play area because he was looking for food, he left us and letter asking for help to make some goat surprise.



Last week the children in EYFS were looking at the story, The Gingerbread man. We retold the story through role play in the classrooms and outside area, we created the house from the story in the wrokshop area and on Friday we were lucky enough to go into the school kitchen with the new chef from Pabulum and make our own Gingerbread men.


Chef Quentin showed us what ingredients we needed and then he mixed it all together.

We then had a piece of dough each to roll out and cut out our Gingerbread Man shape.


In the afternoon we decorated our Gingerbread Men and wrapped them up to take home.

A big thank you to Chef for a wonderful experience.

Foundation Stage Curriculum

Children are assessed throughout the year against 17 Early learning goals. The expectation is for children to be working within these Early Learning Goals at the end of their first year at school, to ensure they are ready for the progression into the National Curriculum in year 1.In the early years, teachers teach to the children's interests. We offer a play based curriculum in a safe and stimulating environment. Children are encouraged to use the inside and outside learning environment on a daily basis, to become independent learners.

The 17 Early Learning Goals include:

Personal Social and Emotional Development:

  • Making Relationships
  • Self-confidence and Self awareness
  • Managing feelings and behaviour

Physical Development:

  • Moving and Handling
  • Health and self-care

Communication and Language:

  • Listening and attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking


  • Reading
  • Writing


  • Numbers
  • Shape Space and Measure

Understanding of the World:

  • Peoples and communities
  • The World
  • Technology

Expressive Arts and Design:

  • Exploring using media and materials
  • Being imaginative

 To encourage children to become independent readers and writers we have a huge emphasis on Phonics in the early years. To support this we follow the Read Write Inc programme written by Ruth Miskin. 

Read Write Inc Programmes

These sessions are fun and interactive for all children and continue into Key Stage 1.


End of Year Expectations

Expectations for the end of Early Years


Parental Partnership

To make transition into school as easy as possible for children and parents we have worked very hard to ensure positive relationships between school and home.At Westlands Primary school we recognise that parents are the childrens first and influential educators.


Transition into school

In the summer term before your child starts school we hold open mornings for parents and children, this is followed by an evening meeting where parents/carers are given the opportunity to meet Senior Leadership, the SENCO and the teachers and teaching assistant that will be working with your son/daughter. During this evening you are able to sign up for a Home visit, where the teacher and teaching assistant associated with the class your child will be in, come and meet with you in a familiar environment. In the term before the children start school we invite them in for a morning to see their new surroundings and meet their teacher and TA.

During term 6 teachers will also be out and about visiting children at their nursery, parents/carers are welcome to be present on these visits.


Stay and Play Sessions

Once the children are fully settled into school, we offer stay and play sessions. The idea of these is for parents/carers to come into the classroom and spend the last hour of the day learning alongside their son/daughter. This is a great way for you to see how the children have settled into their new routines and see how they have become independent learners.   


Parent swimming sessions

As we are very lucky to have a swimming pool at the school we offer parent and child swimming sessions once a term. This allows children to become familiar with the swimming pool and gain water confidence before they start having swimming lessons in year 1.  Parents/carers are expected to get into the swimming pool with their child but there will be trained staff, poolside.


Library Sessions

We like to offer Library sessions for you and your children every other week starting in term 3. The idea of these if for you to come and collect your son/daughter at 2:50 and take them to the school Library with a member of EYFS staff, where you can choose a story and share it together. We feel this is a real positive experience for children as they love to share a story with their family.