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Year 1

Garnet Class
Class Teacher: Miss Huggens
Teaching Assistant: Miss Branagan

Topaz Class
Class Teachers: Miss Williams
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Watson

Sapphire Class
Class Teachers: Miss Rayner
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mendham

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Term 5

In term 5 our topic was Castles.  Each class turned their role play area into a castle.  The children enjoyed turning themselves into princes and princesses who owned the castles.  We learnt about all the different people who lived and worked in a castle and decided that we would definitely not like to be gong farmers who had a very smelly job!  At the end of the term we held a medieval day when we came to school dressed as a person from medieval times.  We painted shields, made medieval purses and attended a medieval banquet!


Look at our shape castle? What shapes can you spot?


We reacted the story of George and the Dragon!

During medieval day we danced to instrumental music.

We built our own castles as part of our outside learning.

We also practiced our javelin as young knights.

We a castle and came under attack!

We took part in an outdoor learning day where we followed a maths trail!


We took part in an outdoor learning day where we followed a maths trail!


We practiced our aiming skills in the outside area

Term 4

In term 4 our topic was Animals, including humans.  We learnt to name the different parts of our bodies and name our senses.  Did you know we have five senses?  Ask us if we can remember all of them! We looked at lots of different animal features, how they move, what they eat and where they live. We also had a brilliant trip to Howletts Zoo, which allowed us to see some of the animals we are learning about up close!

In maths we have been learning about measures (length & height), understanding numbers, multiplication & division and fractions.

We also had some visitors to help us with our learning this term; we had Chalkwell bring a double decker bus into school for us to explore and board (while singing the wheels on the bus) and we had Victoria Gore (Mrs King’s daughter) come in from a local Veterinary Surgery to speak with the children and answer questions about animals.

What fun we have had - we really are hardworking busy children!

Here are some photos of us having lots of fun whilst learning:

We had fantastic weather for our trip to the zoo!

All of the animals came out to see us!

The children have had lots of fun with imaginative play in our class role play area zoo!

Where did Elizabeth and Shaylamai go?

We were lucky enough to see a real bus!

We also explored the inside and had fun ringing the bell!

During World Book Day, we had a paired reading hour with year 4 where we shared a book of our choice. Look how focused we were!

We all dressed up for world book day.

We did some fun creative activities.

Which one of us is the real willy wonka?

Look at us all wearing red to raise money for sport relief.

We needed a well-deserved break after completing our 200m fun run!

We are looking forward to more fun learning in term 5. Our theme will be Castles!


Term 3

In term 3 our topic was transport.  We had an exciting lorry visit from Fowler Welsh Lorry Company.  We all got to sit in the driver’s seat, saw where Mr Watson sleeps on a long drive and we even learnt the sign to get him to make the horn sound! We wrote thank you messages in our handmade created paper lorry card, as we had such a great time!  We also learnt about our local area and how to cross the road safely.

In maths we have been learning about time, number work, adding and subtraction. What busy little workers we are! 

The lorry was lots of fun and we were so excited to climb up the high steps and sit in the driver’s seat!

We asked Mr Watson lots of questions and he told us all about the lorry works and what it is like being a lorry driver.

We have been using our outside learning area to practise our writing.

We were busy using our outdoor whiteboard to design space rockets and label our pictures.

In maths, one week, we were learning about 10s and 1s. This group were working with Miss Branagan to make numbers using 10s and 1s counting sticks.

We have challenge boards or tables in our classrooms and we work together to solve mathematical puzzles and problems.

We also really enjoyed representing numbers we could go all the way up to 20!

We designed and made or own boats look how creative we are!

Wow! Pilot Florence. Well some of these homework projects were huge!

Lots of work and time went into our homework projects! Thank you to all who helped.

Also during term 3 Miss Williams got married and now Mrs King! Congratulations to Mr & Mrs King.

Term 2

In Term 2 we learnt about Diwali, Remembrance Day, Guy Fawkes and Christmas traditions. We are very lucky to be learning and performing a Nativity play, which the teachers are incredibly proud of! It is so much fun! In our free flow sessions we have been celebrating special events. We have been getting creative with practical tasks as well as practising our writing. The teachers are really proud of the children’s progress since September.

In maths we have been learning about number work, counting, adding and subtraction. What busy little bees we are! 

Here are some photos of us having lots of fun whilst learning:

During Diwali we made some beautiful rangoli patterns to welcome everybody into school.

We have been learning outside about lots of winter topics and snow!

We enjoyed learning about Autumn and comparing it to winter.

We then went outside and explored the winter weather!

We have been writing on our brand new outdoor table.

We used our outdoor role play stable, masks and full sized characters to act out the Nativity story.


We have also loved acting indoors in our role paly areas and dressing up!

We are very much excited to be performing a Nativity show for our grown ups.

We wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Have a great break and we will see you back on Thursday 4th January 2018.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Miss Huggens, Miss Rayner, Mrs Williams, Mrs Watson, Mrs Mendham & Mrs Taylor



Term 1

Wow! Term 1 nearly finished already!

The children have really impressed all of the Year 1 grown-ups with their hard work and positive attitudes towards our learning. We are also especially proud of how the children have been so happy coming into school each morning and how much more independent they have become, even in only a few weeks.  Well done to all of the children in Year 1!

We are busy learning phonics in the morning as well as maths. In the afternoon we are enjoying our free flow topic time.

We have learnt about toys from the past and how different materials can be used for different purposes!

Here are some photographs of the fun we have been having:

We retold the story of the three little pigs.

Oh no the straw has just blown away!

It is hard to build a house out of sticks! It can easily be knocked down.


Bricks make it look easy


In maths, we have been looking at how numbers are made.


We love looking forward to learning and trying new things!

Written and drawn by Lola Crouch.

We are looking forward to more exciting learning in term 2! If you would like more information on what we will be learning in term 2, please look at our Curriculum Newsletter.

Have a great break and we will see you back on Monday 30th October.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Miss Huggens, Miss Rayner, Mrs Williams, Mrs Watson, Mrs Mendham & Mrs Taylor