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Year 1

Garnet Class
Class Teacher: Miss Huggens
Teaching Assistant: Miss Branagan

Topaz Class
Class Teachers: Mrs Beechinor
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Powell

Sapphire Class
Class Teachers: Miss Rayner
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mendham

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Term 1
Term 2

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Term 2

It’s the season

We have been busy having fun in Year 1 preparing for Christmas with plenty of Christmas crafts, writing and decorating. We have learnt about the Nativity story, why we have Christmas trees and all about advent!

Look at these photos which show you all the fun activities we have had!

We solved some Christmas addition and subtraction sums.

We were busy helping elves prepare for Chrismas!


We played the part very well!

We showed our creative sides by decorating our Christmas tree.

Look how pretty it is looking!

We learnt all about the Nativity story and even acted it out!


Well done year 1 you have had a brilliant first term in year 1 and we cannot wait to see all of your continued hard work in term 2 in 2019

Have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!

The Year 1 team.

Term 1

Year 1 are going to be busy this term learning about festivals and celebrations starting with Diwali. They have learnt about why we celebrate Diwali, the story of Rama and Sita and that Diwali is the festival of light. They have made their own Rangoli patterns, designed their own Mehndi patterns and made some Diva lamps. Have look at how enthusiastic and creative we have been in the photos below.


Term 1

We are very happy with the children for their hard work and happy attitudes towards our learning at
the start of Year 1. We are also especially proud of how the children have been so happy coming into
school each morning and how much more independent they have become, even in only a few
weeks. Well done to all of the children in Year 1!

We are busy learning phonics in the morning as well as maths. In the afternoon we are enjoying our
free flow topic time.

We have learnt about builders and buildings and we have been busy constructing lots of structures.
We have experimented with lots of different materials and tested their properties.
Here are some photographs of the fun we have been having:

We designed our own houses for three little pigs.

We built a wall - The Big Bad Wolf could not blow it down!

We made sure the wall was strong!

We were busy carrying out building work in the building yard!

We designed and constructed some strong structures!

We had a look at some Harvest and Autumn natural materials.

We loved our role play building area!


We sorted different materials.


We explored the texture of materials and described them!

We are looking forward to more exciting learning in term 2! If you would like more information on
what we will be learning in term 2, please look at our Curriculum Newsletter which will be on the
website soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Miss Huggens, Miss Rayner, Mrs Beechinor & the Year 1 team