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Year 2

Coral Class
Class Teacher: Miss Kierans
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mendham

Crystal Class
Class Teacher: Miss Delacey
Teaching Assistant: Miss Fitton

Jade Class
Class Teacher:Mrs Judge
Teaching Assistant:Mrs Fenn

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Year 2 Curriculum Term 2

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Term 1

On our doorstep…

This term Year 2 have been reading Oliver Twist in English and have done lots of different types of writing. They have retold part of the story, written diary entries as if they were Oliver as well as the most recent piece where they became newspaper reporters.

The teachers helped the children become the best reporters they could be by dressing up as Nancy and Oliver Twist then letting the children ask them questions on the kidnapping of Oliver. The children used their notepads to write down all the important facts.

Year 2 have also been spending a lot of time this term focusing on their reading. Our class text has been ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. The children have ended the term by watching the film version to see how it has both similarities and differences.

The school have also been trying out a new reading website called Lexia. The children are able to practise their sounds, reading and comprehension of different stories. The children really enjoy playing the online programme so much they get to do it every morning when they first come in.

After all that learning, they have been doing lots of relax their minds. Year 2 do PE every Monday and this term they were lucky to have a special visitor come in and do PE with them. They played Rock, Paper, Scissors in lots of different ways and even came up with new ways to play using their whole body!