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Year 2

Coral Class
Class Teacher: Miss Kierans
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nwokenna

Crystal Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Taylor
Teaching Assistant: Ms Hornet

Jade Class
Class Teacher:Mrs King
Teaching Assistant:Miss Fitton

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Term 6




Year 2 got up super early on Thursday this week to make their way to the Science Museum for the day! After what seemed forever, we arrived and the children couldn’t wait to explore - after they had eaten lunch of course!


The children explored all the different floors with pure excitement. They were able to visit the WONDERLAB where they were able to do their own little experiments and discover everything science. Some visited the garden where they used their senses to explore and others were able to climb on board a small plane to see how it works.


The children had a brilliant day but surprisingly weren’t tired enough to sleep all the way home!



Term 3

Year 2 have started this year by learning all about Great Britain!

We started the term by having a whole day travelling around the UK.

The children visited all 4 countries where they learnt about where the country is, what they eat, cultural activities they are well known for as well as tasting some food that is well know from there.

The haggis was an absolute hit with some children desperate to finish of the box!


We have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this term during our Reading lessons and the children did some fantastic writing describing both the inside and outside of Willy Wonka’s factory.

During our Science this term, we have been looking at the environment that we live in as well as worldwide! During our lessons, we completed surveys around the school to see what classes were energy saving by turning off the lights and computers when they had left. We also learnt about climate change and the importance of recycling and reusing.

During the last week of term, we celebrated Chinese New Year by trying some Chinese food as well as making some dragons and lanterns to use during our festival with the rest of Key Stage 1.

It has been a very busy term and we are looking forward to a nice break before we are back doing even more hard work!



Term 1

Year 2 have started the new school year full of excitement. To begin our topic of Space, the children in Year 2 were lucky enough to meet Mr. Starman. He visited the children, bringing with him a dome filled with stars and planets. The children found out how heavy or light a tin of baked beans would be on the sun, moon and some of the planets. Once inside the dome, the children were able to explore the universe, learning about the Earth rotating, different constellations and even what it is like when you are inside a rocket about the Earth. The children enjoyed themselves so much they came back to class, wrote about what they had experienced, got arty and made some class displays and even did an assembly on it.


In English, the children are reading some fun picture books that are linked to our topic and then retelling those stories before adding in extra bits. They are also doing lots of drama during our lessons.

During our Maths lessons, the children have been focussing on understanding place value and partitioning our tens and ones. They have used lots of different manipulatives to help show their understanding.