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Year 4

Argent Class
Class Teacher: Mr Mojon
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nwokenna

Onyx Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Francis
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Monk

Quartz Class
Class Teacher: Miss Rowson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Fenn

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Term 5

Another term over. Term 5 was filled with activities and lessons with the theme Around the World.

We’ve had a Mexican Hat dancing lesson, Haka lessons, Sushi lessons and research lessons about various countries. We are now equipped to travel the world!

As well as world geography, we have studied a novel called “Why the Whales Came” by Michael Morpurgo. We haven't finished it yet and are still unsure as to why the book has this title, we hope we’ll find out in Term 6! We’ve written arguments based on the main characters as well as poetry to celebrate this story.

We have also had a busy term in terms of sports. Each week, the children have teamed up with a Year 3 class to take part in a tournament or various sporting activities. From Football to Dodgeball, the teams have worked really hard to compete and show good sportsmanship.

We hope you enjoy your half term and we’ll see you next term!

Term 4

Term 4 is complete! What a term it has been!

We have learnt all about Vikings, decimals, persuasive letters, space and so much more!

Here is Oliver from Onyx using 0.1 and 0.01 counters in Maths to see the link between decimals and fractions in a place value table. This was a tricky concept for all to grasp initially but with the help of manipulatives, we all succeeded.

Here is Connor, Bethany and Ethan using food to create edible soil in a Science lesson. We looked at the layers of the Earth and used food to replicate it – yummy!

During Space Week we used paper maché to design and make space helmets, aliens, rocket ships and planets. It was messy, chaotic and fun.

As well as all this, we had a delayed World Book Day. It was great to use the Thursday to mix with Year 1 to read a book. All the children did remarkably well and were kind to one another listening to their partner reading.


We also took part in a Science Day to finish off the terms lessons. We moved between the three classes to enjoy three experiments and lessons. We learnt how to make our own ice cream, we classified rocks and we watched a documentary on our new Topic Ecology

We look forward to our Viking Enrichment Day and hope you do too!  

See you in Term 5!


Term 3

There goes Term 3!

Well done to all students in Year 4. You have all learned so much this term despite it being a short one. This term we have explored Crime and Punishment through the ages, worked incredibly hard on those difficult fractions and written some beautiful descriptive pieces of writing.

Here are some picture of the Year 4 students working together and overcoming some challenging problems.

We’ve also had the joy of having a day do make our very own pancakes and learn about healthy eating habits.

Year 4 have also been excellent record holders, regularly winning Walk On Wednesday and Buster’s Book Club awards!

Term 2

Term 2 complete!

Well done to everyone in Year 4. You have all worked so hard and are really beginning to develop your learning. This term we have learnt all about water, conquered area and perimeter and completed a whole school write on a film theme.

Here are some pictures of us taking on some group work to solve difficult problems. We have worked long and hard giving reasons to solve their problems.

You will also remember that we have Big Me Day during this term where the children dressed up portraying the careers they want when they are older. From Astronauts to Zoo Keepers, we had everything in Year 4.



We have also spent some time learning Makaton. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using their hands to communicate.


Term 1

WOW! What a term we have had! We think it is safe to say that all Year 4 are now experts in Ancient Egyptian and have had an amazing time showing off all they have learnt.

We have written two stories: one, as an archaeologist finding an unusual artefact. Two, a retelling of the Egyptian Cinderella. We have also written diary entries as if we were exploring a tomb and a non-chronological report, all about Egyptian gods and goddesses.

We have spent a lot of time making sure we have a solid understanding of place value as this will help us to understand all other areas of maths. We have used manipulatives, we’ve worked in groups, played games and even answered tricky reasoning questions.

In Topic we have learnt about Ancient Egypt and made headdresses that would make even the finest Pharaoh jealous.


As you can see, we have had so much fun and we’re excited to get started in Term 2.