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Year 4

Argent Class
Class Teacher: Miss Reynolds and Mrs Smeeton
Teaching Assistant:Mrs Farrant

Tanzanite Class
Class Teacher: Mr Kitney

Quartz Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Oswald
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Holmes

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Year 4 Cirriculum Term 2

Year 4 Cirriculum Term 3

Year 4 Cirriculum Term 4


Over Term 3, Year 4 have studied Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Over their lessons, the children have communicated their ideas, designed (with annotations) and constructed prototypes of their own chocolate factories.

Thank you for the junk modelling for their ‘real’ factories!

In Science, Year 4 have been learning all about plants.  They thoroughly enjoyed dissecting daffodils and exploring their different parts.  After this was completed, the children gained an extensive knowledge of the plant’s parts and their functions.



Within our music lessons, the children have been learning how to play the recorder,  They can now successfully play three tunes. Well done, Year 4!

When learning about The Shang Dynasty, the children were eager to try and write in Mandarin.  This was trickier than first thought – but they succeeded and produced some wonderful writing.


Term 2

For Children In Need, Quartz Class dressed up in spotty clothing to support the charity.  Have a look at how amazing they are!

In Science, Year 4 have been learning all about electricity. They have enjoyed making circuits using bulbs, wires, batteries, crocodile clips and switches.  They also learnt the importance of being safe with electricity.


For Remembrance Day, Year 4 learnt about why we wear Poppies and their significance.  We also attended a School Remembrance Service.


We designed and created our own vision of Poppies.  Have a look at these brilliant examples




Term 1

Year 4 have had a fantastic term learning about the Romans which we will be continuing in term 2. We have learnt about the Roman invasion and where the Roman empire began. We’ve researched the famous figures in Roman history, such as Julius Caesar and used different art techniques to design and make shields. Using our geographical skills, we have determined how far the Roman empire extended.

Our writing has improved as we have perfected writing a persuasive letter to Mrs Pettett requesting to be a year 4 buddy on the playground. We have loved writing Harry Potter themed poetry in our final week of term, particularly the nonsense poems based on the beloved poem ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’.

Year 4 have developed their understanding of place value this term, using this extended knowledge to add and subtract, including exchanging numbers. As we finish this term, we have shown a true understanding of our new knowledge by solving problems and representing answers in more visual ways. We have loved exploring maths manipulatives to show the place value of digits.