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Year 5

Amethyst Class
Class Teacher: Miss Daniells, Mrs Smeeton
Teaching Assistant: Miss Hornett

Aquamarine Class
Class Teacher: Miss Reynolds
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cresswell

Tourmaline Class
Class Teacher: Mr Kimber
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Casey

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Term 3

This term, Year 5 have been learning all about fractions in maths. We have explored fractions that are related to each other, like halves and quarters, and have been comparing them, adding, subtracting and multiplying them and finding fractions that are equivalent.

Here are some pictures of us having fun investigating equivalent fractions:


In our topic, Year 5 have had a fantastic time as we have continued to learn about the Romans. We found out all about Roman Kent and loved making mosaics. Our recent trip to Canterbury Roman Museum was a big hit, including a range of exciting workshops and activities.

We tried on Roman clothes and armour:


We made Roman catapults to know over a block ‘wall’:



We even made our own Roman coins:

Term 1

Year 5 have loved reading Kensuke’s Kingdom this term. It’s a story about a child who is stranded on an island with an old man called Kensuke. We wrote fantastic diary entries based on the experiences at sea of Michael, the main character. This gave us an excellent opportunity to develop our use of paragraphs in writing, building our descriptive skills further by writing accounts of what Kensuke’s island looks like. Learning a range of persuasive techniques helped us to write very convincing letters to Kensuke. Take a look and see if you are persuaded by our arguments, by clicking here.


In maths we have been strengthening our understanding of numbers, addition and subtraction. We learnt to read numbers all the way up to a million and loved improving our knowledge of Roman numerals. Our skills are becoming so advanced that we are learning to add and subtract any numbers up to a million!


Our science lessons have been electric! We have started to learn about electricity and electrical circuits. Building up static electricity was a huge amount of fun, with the children rubbing trays on their heads to transfer as many electrons onto their ‘super sparkers’ as possible. Shocking!


Thank you to everyone who worked so hard at home to create these fiery volcanoes. We have had enough to create our own ‘ring of fire’, like the real one around the Pacific Ocean: