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Year 6

Platinum Class
Class Teacher: Mr Shepherd
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Titanium Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Burr
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Term 2

War Horse: creating wonderful writing

In English we have been studying the book War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. This has been helpful, as we are also studying World War I in our topic learning too. We made poppies and posters for Remembrance Day.

The children have become immersed in the world of Joey and the harrowing experiences he endures during the Great War. We have looked at working collaboratively and making the best possible use of the Working Walls in class, when creating our writing. The pupils are able to write together, talk, share ideas and plan out in collaboration, before they begin to draft on their own. Take a look at our Working Wall pictures from Titanium Class: essentially, the wall is a massive working document, which the children can access at any time.



War Horse has also been used for our Guided Reading - so the children have truly got to know the characters - their thoughts and feelings - and the intentions of the author, Michael Morpurgo.


The great jam sandwich challenge

Year 6 have also been testing their speaking and listening skills, culinary skills and writing skills - all in one go! As they had to write instructions - we thought that there could be no better way than to experience making something that they could write some instructions for. Therefore, to get us into writing clear and concise instructions, we undertook the jam sandwich challenge - with hilarious results. Some were actually edible at the end which was a bonus!

The children will now apply what they know about writing instructions, to writing a set of humorous instructions entitled: 'Teach your granny to skydive.' They are still drafting at present - but they look fabulous and pretty funny too.



Maths - Fun with fractions

So far this term we have been doing a great deal of work on fractions. Often, we are able to calculate easily with fractions, but it becomes a little trickier when faced with a reasoning problem and you are asked to represent your answer as a model. Therefore, as this has been added to the curriculum, the children have been using arrays to multiply and divide with fractions - to create a visual representation of the calculation. Have a look at some of their work and an example of the Maths Working Wall in Platinum Class.



In Science, this week we have been experimenting with parachutes and thinking about the link between air resistance and surface area. The children were resourceful in making their parachutes and managed to identify variables that had an impact on their testing.


Term 1

This term, we have been using the book ‘Once’ by Morris Gleitzman in literacy and to feed into our World War II topic learning. The children have become so engrossed in the exciting tale of Felix Salinger, that we are now reading the next book ‘Then’. Felix is a Jewish boy, who has been hidden in a Catholic orphanage by his parents in World War II, in an attempt to hide him from the Nazis and save him from becoming a victim of the holocaust. Felix is completely unaware of the plight being faced by the Jews  - and in his naivety, decides to escape the orphanage, to go in search of his parents. That’s when things get interesting!

We have used the text to write a diary entry, a formal letter, a description and an informal letter. We have also used our World War II historical learning to write non-chronological report about children during war time.

In Maths, we have looked at number and place value: particularly the value of digits and ordering numbers to 7 digits. The children have also looked at division (up to 4 digits divided by 2 digits) and dividing with decimals. Similarly, we have looked at written methods of multiplication: multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits and multiplying with decimals.

Try these Year 6 questions:

7261 ÷ 34         893.9 ÷ 17           7829.7 ÷ 6

8729 x 56         837.9 x 23            513 x 3.8


The last week of term 1 has been incredibly active! On Tuesday, Mr Clark came in to share some interesting stories, facts and equipment associated to World War One and Two. The children learnt about the cause of the wars and were able to have a close up look at some of the weaponry and equipment used during these times. There were stories about soldier in the war, including one about a brave baboon! Take a look at some of these pictures to see how fascinated the children were with all the things Mr Clark had to say and share.



On Thursday, the children ventured down to the White Cliffs of Dover to explore the Secret Tunnels which were used as a vital transmissions base during ‘Operation Dynamo’. The children were able to visit the underground hospital, spend time deciphering codes and also had some time to visit the historic Dover Castle itself.


Year Six have also worked incredibly hard all term to create some amazing and creative homework displays. All of their work was based on World War II and they were free to choose what particular area they focussed on. Some wrote diary entries, others created models, and others presented their learning on a PowerPoint show. Take a look at some of the pictures to see a small selection of their fantastic ideas.