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People who help us


To finish off this terms learning the children in year R came to school as somebody who can help us. We were impressed to see such effort put into all their outfits, thank you for the support from the adults at home to put these together- we think you’ll agree they all look great!






Healthy Lunch Box


Here at Westlands Primary School we, and our caterers Pabulum, actively promote a healthy, balanced diet and the dinners they provide offer high-quality meat, poultry or oily fish, fruit and vegetables, and bread or other cereals and potatoes.

We would also like to encourage parents to provide a similarly healthy and balanced diet in their child's packed lunch box if they choose to have that instead of a school dinnner.

Please see the attached guidance on which items could be put in lunch boxes, as well as a list of items that are suitable for snacks at break time.




Officer Zampa To The Rescue!


Oh no… the children in EYFS were unable to find their name tags, fruit snacks and book bag boxes in their classrooms. Luckily we knew just who could help us solve our problems; Mrs Strachan called the Police, and Officer Zampa arrived with his four paws and fluffy tail.

Officer Zampa sniffed out the robbers following the clues and returned all of the children's belongings.

Well done EYFS for solving the mystery!






Food Technology


Year 3 have been busy taking part in forest school and food technology activities.

We have had so much fun!

Here are few pictures of us in food technology.



We watch a demonstration from Mrs Cope and listen to our instructions.







We then get our hands dirty and have a go!

This photo is of us mixing and kneading the dough to make bread.




We then get to bake our food to take home – OR we simply eat it!

This is us enjoying delicious scrambled egg on toast with sausages and a hot chocolate! Yum!


One lesson we designed our own pizzas. We chopped up all of our ingredients and baked our pizzas.



We have also been learning about keeping our kitchen clean and safe.

This is us washing up!
















































We also have lots of photos of us completing some outdoor forest school activities – these are on our website in the forest school section!





Flu Sniff


There is still time to get the nasal flu vaccination. 

Even though it's best to get vaccinated as soon as the flu vaccine is available, getting the vaccine later still can help protect against the flu virus. 

There are still a few months left in the flu season, so it's still a good idea to get vaccinated. The Kent and Medway Immunisation team is running clinics over the February half term, to book a clinic appointment please contact them on or 0300 123 5205




Attendance Matters Leaflet


Children are required by law to attend school 190 days per year and at Westlands Primary School every pupil’s attendance should be at least 96%, Click the link to find out more:

Attendance Matters Leaflet





Year 1 have been enjoying the most marvellous picture book, 'Chalk,' written and illustrated by Bill Thompson.  As there are no words we made up our own!  If you know someone in Year 1, ask them to tell you the story or how magical chalk brings things the children draw to life!

The story happens in a park - so we made our own model parks. We told the story then wrote it ourselves. 

Then we tried to see if we had any magic chalks.  We drew all kinds of things on the playground and can you see which one came to life?





500 Words Challenge


500 word challenge for website-page-001.


Year 6 website update


This week Year 6 have been working extremely hard, as well as normal lessons, they have also completed their practice SATs week. The children have worked exceedingly hard on their tests and have really pushed themselves. They should be proud of their achievements - as we as teachers definitely are!


When the children have not been testing, they have been completing work for our Topic display. This term we have been looking at Polar Regions. The children have been gaining knowledge on both continents, Antarctica and the Arctic. Throughout the topic the children have gained map skills by researching both locations. Whilst also deepening their knowledge about the animals that live there. We have also looked at how glaciers occur.


Have a look at their amazing work!


BONJOUR from Year 2!


Year 2 are at their second destination on their journey around the world. Last week they were exploring the United Kingdom and tasted some delicious scones, jam and cream. This week they stopped in France to sample some tasty Croissants, Pain au Chocolate and a sample of Brie! 

As you can imagine the first 2 items were gone in the blink of an eye but the Brie took some convincing! All the children were fantastic though and everyone did try a piece! 

Next stop.. China!



Year 5 Science


Our new science topic for this term is ‘Light’. Throughout the term, we shall be learning about the properties of light, but we started off our unit this week by exploring different light sources.We found out that some objects give out light, they are luminous, whereas others just reflect light from other sources.

We loved going in to a dark space to test whether an object was luminous, noting that ‘bright’ objects, like a hi-vis jacket or a tennis ball do not actually give out their own light. We had fun using the ‘dark room’ to explore how we rely on light to be able to complete many tasks, and how other senses can be used to compensate when we are unable to see.The children were very perceptive to notice that many light sources, such as candles, light bulbs and televisions, while luminous, can be turned on or off.





Friendly Football Match vs Milton Court


On Monday 13th January, we took a squad of Year 5&6 pupils to Milton Court Primary Academy for a friendly football match.

The whole team played fantastically well and had a brilliant time!

Westlands started the match strongly, scoring a flurry of early goals. Even though Milton Court began to find their rhythm, managing to the net on more than one occasion, Westlands continued to attack, in the end outscoring Milton Court 11-6. Our players linked up really well, with some excellent passing in the opposition half. Our defenders were committed and alert, making it very hard for Milton Court to get near the Westlands goal.

As always, every child from Westlands showed exemplary sportsmanship and were friendly and polite to the players and adults from Milton Court.





Parent Governor Vacancy


Westlands Primary School is looking to recruit a new Parent Governor to join the Local Governing Body.  

There is no requirement for you to have an understanding of the education system, just the necessary skills, character and time to contribute. 


Being a governor will give you the chance to make a difference to young people and give something back to your local community.  Anyone aged 18 or over can be a governor (but there are some exceptions) and to apply for this role you will need to be a parent of a pupil currently registered at Westlands Primary School.


If you are interested in putting your name forward as a Parent Governor, please write to Mrs Pettett, Head of School, with your expression of interest.  For further information about the role of a governor on a Local Governing Body in Swale Academies Trust, please click here.  

The closing date for expressing interest is Friday 7th February 2020.


We look forward to welcoming a new member of our parent/carer community to the Board.


Year 5 WW2 Day


Wednesday 11th December was World War 2 day in Year 5! 

The children and adults came in dressed in the most fantastic costumes. We had a mix of soldiers, evacuees, land girls, pilots and mechanics to name but a few.

Throughout the day, the children took part in three diverse workshops.

In one workshop, the children worked together to create a piece of drama set during WW2. The children acted in silence to a soundtrack of World War Two songs. Well done to the children for producing some excellent performances! 

Another workshop was based on the Battle of Britain, when the UK used their secret weapon, radar, to see the location of attacking German planes. Germany lost so many planes that Hitler had to cancel his plan to invade Britain.

The children learned about the principle of radar by locating objects using the concept of reflection.

They thought about shapes in construction to make their own radar towers.

Experimenting with aerodynamics enabled the pupils to make some effective paper fighter planes.

We also had an opportunity to try our hands at wartime cooking in our other workshop. Using only the simple ingredients available to families under rationing, we made the most delicious Scottish shortbread.








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