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Return to School in September 2020


Children's school reports are being sent home by post today, and so you should receive them early next week.  Inside the envelope you will find details of who their teacher will be next year.


All children are expected to return to school in September, and further details about what schooling will look like will be shared with you all before the end of this term.


We have created a new transition website for you all to see introductions from your children's new classroom staff, details of the curriculum that they will be studying, and a "getting to know you" form for your children to complete so that their new classroom staff can learn about them too before the start of term.


The trantision website can be found here:  or by going to our website and selecting "transition 2020" from the 'links' dropdown menu.


We very much look forward to seeing all of our pupils returning in September.

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